Spartan Races Galore in Thailand — 2020!

I’m sitting in front of an executive at one of the biggest banks in Thailand and abruptly he says, “registration opens tomorrow!” It was a random comment at the time since we had been discussing the ever-so-annoying-coronavirus, but I shifted my attention to him and said: “huh?”

He said, “Spartan Race Thailand!”

I was in disbelief. I was in awe. I didn’t know what to say. Should I ask him where? How? When? What? Who said? What’s happening? I told him, “get the hell outa here! Show me!” He quickly went to his phone and there it was, three spectacularly magnificent dates of the race here in Thailand this year.

After going on a one year hiatus after the Spartan Trifecta in Hua Hin, people rambled about it having poor reviews, complaints, etc. I thought it was perfectly placed, but the mountains and going through 13km of hills was a daunting task for my joints.

2019 it was crickets. I had already opted out of races for the subsequent year because that 2018 ripped the soul out of me. I just felt, “man, f*** that! That was just soul-crushing. I damn near died!” Not only me, but another massive trainer (bodybuilder) by the name of Vishal, who works at the lab, was found by me….crouching over, eyes red beyond comprehension and gasping for life during the bucket carry towards the end of the Spartan Beast. However, that was a resurgence and gave me a ton of energy to finish because I said, “wow, I’m not in this condition and have about 25% of the muscle!”

I finished, stopped doing Spartan Races, then flirted with the potential of doing one in Vietnam this year (as a matter of fact, tomorrow).

I said, “man, I just don’t have it in me. I just don’t wanna do it. What are you trying to prove, Arsenio?”

Until I saw dates at Chiang Mai (not interested), but the ultra-gorgeous Krabi (beach camp) and a forest camp in GORGEOUS Songkhla!


Interviewee #026 – Moustafa Sano – The Marathon Man!

I brought Moustafo on a long time ago, and here I am bringing him on again because there was a particular pain threshold he passed that I’m very captivated by.  Being able to overcome the amount of pain, a rain storm, fatigue and other things is just AMAZING. Reminds me of David Goggins, so here is my Malaysian fitness entrepreneur again!

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Things we discussed:

Dieting before the race.

How much sleep before the marathon.

The entire experience of the marathon itself.

Body usage.

The moment you want to give up is the 40% threshold.

Individuals hitting that threshold, ultimately giving up during the race.

Eating and recharging after the marathon.

Pain thresholds.

Listen to “Interviewee #026 – Moustafa Sano – The Marathon Man!” on Spreaker.

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Change of Environment Is Essential In Physical Growth

First and foremost, I’m not a weightlifting junkie.  I don’t go for personal records, bulk, and consume 150 grams of protein a day.  I’ve always been an adrenaline junkie since my Track & Field days in high school and college; moreover, I love speed.

Since moving to the location I’m at about 3 years ago, I can’t help but notice a trend whereas I’ve fallen out of routines.  Now, why has this been perpetual for so long? Well, the first gym, which was family owned, had maybe 12 pieces of machine.  There was NOTHING I can do in there and it was rather boring after a few times going there.  So, I found out after a restructuring of the massive shopping center where I work at….came a small gym that I liked much more than the extortionist –  also known as Fitness First Thailand.

I’ve been working out there for about a year already, and just this past week I went there and it just wasn’t in me anymore.  This is what happens when you don’t challenge yourself and look at different ways to improve your workout routine.  Going there, doing the same exercises with the same equipment for a year has doomed my motivation of ever going there again.

After Spartan Thailand, I needed something to sustain my ability to workout heading into 2018 because without a race for the next four months – my fitness could take a serious hit.  So, I decided to join a class at a gym called The Lab; and with a 30 minute workout, I realized this was the place I needed to be out.  Surrounding yourself with people who have the same goals as you is CRITICAL to maintaining the motivation needed for your goals.

After that, I got a random message from someone at Virgin Active who was responding to an email that I sent somewhere between 2-6 months ago.  The universe is always conspiring, and that random message didn’t come without intention.  Therefore, with four classes a week and a new gym on the horizon, I’ve gotten my motivation back and I’m aiming for Melbourne or Angeles City for my next Spartan race in the dawn of the year new!

On my podcast I talk about how you can overcome the stagnation and lack of motivation.