Introducing My Patreon: Silver Badge (ESL Learners) Sneak Peek #1

Boy, this has been a long-waited launch. Since the beginning of my podcast, which I’ll post at the bottom of the page, I always asked myself how can I give more and monetize? After listening to various opinions of people who have ALREADY BEEN THERE, I finally created a four-tier badge system on Patreon to deliver more tools and great things to my ESL learners!

For those of you who have been on my blogs as of late, some of you love viewing my ESL podcasts, but you probably want more. I’ve had a number of people ask me about additional material, moreover want to give me remuneration for me helping them. I’ve been very bashful about it all, but then finally without shoving down the faces of all of you — I’ve come up with a system that can accelerate your English learning even more.

The Silver Badge – $10 a month

This is the first of 4-5 tiers that I’ll be launching, and today is just the introduction. The silver badge is going to be priced at $10 a month and will require me to do much more work on three other podcasts for those who are looking for more material, videos, hints, tips and guides.

Sneak Peek #1 – Choosing Extended Material

What do I mean by that? Well, every Friday and on my Facebook page, I will put a poll of the podcasts for the upcoming week. On the poll will be groups of podcasts that I will cluster together and ask you, “which podcasts would you like me to feature on the Silver Badge this week?” You can vote, and if you want to switch a podcast over and put another on in the “no” category, you can. It all depends what you guys want for the week, so remember that.

I will make content for three podcasts per week.

Next Peek – Worksheets/PDF’s

That’s right. I want to add an additional worksheet to each debut so you guys have something you can practice, look over, and handy throughout your commute or additional material in general.

On my blogs, I normally write a couple of things, but not too much or additional material. On my patreon, which I will have links of on every blog starting next Friday, will have everything.

So, today is the official pre-launch!

Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Episode 57 – Pronunciation – Stress in Words with Suffixes (Part II)

Hello, everyone! We’re back with some great stuff this morning, and I’m even more excited to go back over stressing in words with suffixes.

-sion/-tion disCUSsion polLUTion
-cious/tious deLIcious ficTItious
-fic/-tic/-mic speCIfic athLEtic
-cial fiNANcial comMERcial
-ity aBILity comMODity

Repeat the words out loud, go to my facebook page, post the word and tell me which syllable is stressed!

  1. Academic
  2. Suspicious
  3. Necessity
  4. Artificial
  5. Protection
  6. Characteristic
  7. Consumption
  8. Superstitious
  9. Condensation

Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Episode 57 – Vocabulary Skill – Using Descriptive Adjectives

You can make what you say more interesting by not relying on the same adjectives all the time. Try to use more descriptive language. For example, instead of saying a room is very dirty, you could say it’s grimy or filthy. We have an immediate and clear image in our minds. Instead of just a cold day, perhaps it’s chilly, bitter, or freezing?

Add these words to the correct columns.

Words: awful, delighted, enchanting, gigantic, gorgeous, huge, joyful, sizzling, steaming, terrible

beautiful hot big happy bad
lovely scorching massive cheerful unpleasant
striking blistering enormous thrilled dreadful
stunning stifling immense ecstatic horrible

Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Special – TOEFL Idioms Part V

Welcome back, everyone! I’m bringing to you today another special — TOEFL IDIOMS! I haven’t done this in some time, but here’s the next round!

To do
something badly or to savesome time
The architect cut corners on the bridge’s construction, which is why it eventually collapsed.
To go easy on
I heard Rachel’s dad is sick, so we should
cut her some slack on this group project.
Feeling sad or depressed. Erika’s been feeling blue every since her
boyfriend broke up with her.
Finding needle in ahaystack Virtually
impossible to
These days, finding a job that doesn’t
require experience is like trying to find aneedle in a haystack.
Get some
shut eye
Sleep. I have a big exam tomorrow, so I need toget some shut eye.
Go the
Put in extra
Kelsey has the highest grades in our class since she always goes the extra mile with homework assignments.
Hang in
Be patient. I know it’s hard waiting for the exam
results, but you just need to hang in
Hard up Lack money. Ellie knew I was hard up, so she paid for
my coffee.



Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Episode 53 – Vocabulary Skills – Suffixes -ful & -less

Welcome back to another ESL podcast! I’m back with some more vocabulary today, and of course, your favorite type of skill….


Two common suffixes you can add to words to make adjectives are -ful and -less. The suffix -ful means “full of” (fearful = full of fear, cheerful = full of cheer) and -less means “without” (fearless = without fear). For some words, either suffix can be added. For others, you can use on suffix but not the other.

-ful -ful and -less -less
successful painful/painless priceless
beautiful hopeful/hopeless sleepless
stressful thoughtful/thoughtless jobless
  useful/useless homeless


Look at these word roots. which can take -ful and which can take -less? Which can take either? Make a diagram like the one above.

Words: harm, truth, power, point, beauty, care, help, worth

-ful -ful and less -less

2. Match the root word and correct suffix -ful or -less to complete these sentences.

Words: stress, home, fear, harm, wonder, point, success, power

  1. It’s _____________ to have come here. I’m so glad you invited me to come to this speaking engagement.
  2. A phobia is more than merely being _______________of something, like heights.
  3. You probably fear failure because it may be ____________ to your image.
  4. You feel ____________ when you’re in situations that you cannot control.
  5. Traveling can be very _____________ for a lot of us.
  6. After a lot of hard work, he was ___________in finally establishing himself as the CEO of the company.
  7. Her friends tried to reason with her, but it was _____________. She wouldn’t listen.
  8. In America, 1 million government workers are fearful that they may become _______________.

Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Special – TOEIC Listening – Part II

Welcome back, everyone! Just to let you know, this is more of a cheatsheet. This is the conversations and responses in written form, something you wouldn’t see on the actual test. Now, before scrolling down, make sure you tune into the podcast (which was done live last Saturday) so you can at least practice before reading the transcription of the audio.

Full Text

Spoiler: if you read the questions and answers down below, you will obviously know which is the answer. However in the listening portion of the TOEIC examination, you won’t have writing to look at — it’s all ears.

1)      Where the last train get in?

         A. Platform 6

         B. Is getting late.

         C. Around midnight.

2)      What you are doing for your vacation?

         A. Taking you with us.

         B. I’ll probably go to Miami again.

         C. No, I don’t know I’ll do it.

3)      Are you working tomorrow?

         A. No, I’m the boss.

         B. Yes, not until 10.30am.

         C. I saw that too.

4)      How do you do your exams?

         A. I don’t think so.

         B. Everyone did.

         C. Very well, thanks.

5)      Where are you going for lunch?

         A. With Sally.

         B. I haven’t decided yet.

         C. In a matter of an hour.

6)      Why does Erwin looks so tired?

         A. No, he wasn’t there.

         B. Yes, I’ve been really tired.

         C. He’s been working overtime.

7)      Are they any messages for me?

         A. Yes, just one.

         B. I like one too.

         C. It was very relaxing.

8)      Why you leave your job?

         A. Yes, he works hard.

         B. I wanted more responsibility.

         C. At the end of April.

9)      Do you know where the meeting will be?

         A. Yes, it is in Jane’s office.

         B. I know him quite well.

         C. No, this afternoon.

10)    What kind of food did they serve?

         A. I prefer lunch.

         B. I heard all about.

         C. Very good Italian food.

11)    Have you met the new manager?

         A. Yes, she seems very nice.

         B. Yes, I agreed.

         C. It’s completely flaw.

12)    How much are the repair is going to cost us?

         A. A week at least.

         B. A lot more they said at first.

         C. I hope so.

Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Episode 50 – Developing Vocabulary – Phrasal Verbs Connected with Sports

We’re back with some more phrasal verbs! Because these particular blogs and podcasts are very popular, I love to debut them weekly. Here we go!

  1. She took up a new sport because she was bored during the winter.
  2. You should always warm up before going for a run so that you can reduce the chances of cramping.
  3. The Baltimore Ravens knocked Pittsburgh Steelers out of the playoffs in Week 17, so the Steelers won’t be participating in the postseason.
  4. Hey! Are you from around here? Want to join in?
  5. I gave in while playing Danny in ping-pong during college; it was impossible to beat him!
  6. They really want to win so they’re going to go for the two-point conversion.
  7. She’s really fit because she works out at the gym everyday.


  1. Prepare for a sport or another activity by doing gentle exercises.
  2. Stop competing and accept you can’t win.
  3. Try very hard to win or get something.
  4. Start participating in an activity with other people who are already doing it.
  5. Start a sport or hobby.
  6. Do physical exercise.
  7. Eliminate somebody from a competition by beating them/make somebody unconscious.

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the phrasal verbs.

  1. I’m going to _______________ badminton. Tomorrow I’m going to buy a racket.
  2. Yesterday we played in the Final Four. We aren’t in the final because the other team _____________ us ______________.
  3. Why don’t you __________?
  4. She’s got the right conviction to become a champion. When she’s losing, she never ________________.
  5. It’ll be a hard race but she’s going to ______________ the championship.
  6. He pulled his hamstring because he didn’t _________________ before running.
  7. They’re really strong. They _________________in the gym, doing weightlifting.

Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Episode 49 – Developing Vocabulary – Collocations Related to Work

This is a two-episode week of developing vocabulary, which I think a lot of you may be looking forward to. Today we’re going over some regular collations with work.

So, to break it down, some verbs and nouns naturally go together. There are verb/noun collocations that are related to work, such as solve a problem, earn money, and schedule a meeting.

  1. Complete the sentences down below with the following words: earn money, go to a meeting, meet a client, schedule a meeting, send an e-mail, wear a uniform.

A. I’m going to _____________ at dinnertime. His name is Andrew.

B. Can you ____________ for 12.00 pm? I have great news for the coordinators.

C. Nurses in Thailand have to _______________; they’re an off blue.

D. I have to _________ in the afternoon at the United Center.

E. I need to _________________ to my client. Do you have his email?

F. We work because we need to _______________, but we like our jobs.


Cross out the word that doesn’t form a collocation.

  1. Ask for: Time off, fire, 
  2. Get: a meeting, paid, promoted
  3. Make: a phone call, a colleague, money
  4. Take: a day off, notes, a meeting
  5. Work: overtime, from home, boss
  6. Write: a vacation, report, an email

Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Episode 47 – Pronunciation: Rhythm

Welcome back, everyone! We’re entering a more difficult phase of pronunciation, and I’m happy to bring to you today the basis of rhythm in phrases and sentences.

  • Basic rhythm patterns in phrases and sentences.
  • The kinds of words that are generally stressed.
  • The kinds of words that are generally unstressed.

Every language has its own rhythm or beat. If you hear the Japanese language, it’s often described as a roller coaster. In Thai, intonation and tones mean everything — and Vietnamese, too.

One of the big problems is that when we learn a new language we unconsciously transfer the rhythm patterns of our first language into the language we are learning.


  1. rejected
  2. engineer
  3. convert (verb)
  4. presented
  5. permit (noun)
  6. civilization


He wrecked it.

He can hear.

She’s hurt.

He meant it.

Learn it.

He’s at the station.

What do you notice when you say the phrases? What do you notice about the rhythm and patterns of each pair? Tune into my podcast down below!


Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Episode 43 – Vocabulary – Collocations with Get

We’re going over get collocations today! Lots of words are paired with “get,” and here are some of them.

  • Get angry
  • Get in trouble
  • Get behind you
  • Get started
  • Get good grades
  • Get help
  • Get the message
  • Get upset
  • Get in shape
  • Get wet

Complete the sentences with an expression from the Vocabulary skill box.

  1. I think this woman has been hurt. Can you ________________?
  2. If you can’t help her, just say no. She’ll _______________.
  3. Please don’t ________________. I didn’t mean to drop your phone.
  4. I need to join a gym so I can _______________.
  5. Those two always ______________ when they play together.
  6. Let’s __________________ soon. I want to finish by 7 p.m.

Complete the opinions with an expression from the box.

Vocabulary: get a job, get engaged, get home, get lost, get married, get permission, get ready, get the impression.

  1. I think when you ________________, it’s important to have a big wedding.
  2. I think it’s impossible to _________________ with maps and Google maps on our phones.
  3. It shouldn’t take anyone more than 20 minutes to ________________ for the game.
  4. I usually _________________ around 6pm on weekdays by train.