Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Mini-Series – Self-Sabotage – Five Speakers from Around The World

So unbelievably grateful to be launching a new series (mini-series) on my podcast over the next five weeks that talks about self-sabotage. 

What is self-sabotage? That’s you making a poor decision which ultimately jeopardizes you from achieving success.  We make decisions all the time that are detrimental to all parties that are involved, so I wanted to inject five different accents, along with their perceptions of life, into my podcast.  I’m very excited about this and I hope you guys are, too!

Because my English language podcast is so diverse, I love bringing on amazing people to use the platform to spread knowledge to you guys (which probably isn’t available in your language)….so I’ll have England, Germany, Ireland, America and Russia coming on in a five-part series over the next five weeks (podcasts debuting on Saturday and video debuting on Friday).


The Enlightenment Series: S1 – E1 – Isabel Hundt on Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

As usual, Isabel Hundt never ceases to amaze me. A very hot topic that most of us struggle with was on point today on tv. I was able to rip the audio from it and put it in podcast form, so guys, this is the first time hearing her on my personal development podcast. I had brought her on before on my English language podcast.

Isabel, who’s an author, coach, sociologist, empath warrior, etc….is one of the most brilliant minds I’ve ever met. In this video/podcast she discusses an array of limiting beliefs, triggers, and a few other things to overcome them. If you’re suffering from intolerance and have a bias against a specific gender, creed, color, this is for you.

Here are the show notes.

Get in touch with Isabel Hundt of Germany


Things we discussed:

  • Introduction given by Isabel Hundt and about her work.
  • Millennials and how they can build a better world.
  • Entitlements and privileges among the younger generations.
  • What are limiting beliefs?
  • What is ‘labelling’? Her experiences growing up in East Germany and about racism.
  • How to overcome self-limiting belief?
  • Subconsciousness of racism and epigenetics.
  • Self-limiting is a form of security.
  • How to develop self-awareness?
  • Emotional awareness.
  • What are the steps to overcoming limiting beliefs?


Thank you for listening!

Thank you so much for joining me for this podcast. Please comment and ask questions! Please do share this podcast to your social media.


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Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: International Guest Speaker – Actress/Tedx Speaker Ariane del Melo of Brazil

Had the wonderful pleasure of bringing on an amazing human being. International Guest Speakers are back in action! Tune in for some great stuff and the show notes are down below.

Get in touch with Ariane del Melo, a TED Speaker.


Things we discussed:

Why the move to Germany.

Journalism, cultural differences, racial stereotypes and the flawed education system.

What the interviewee’s feeling about Germany is.

German language.

Sharing about teaching English in German kindergarten and being a salesperson in a German store.

The calling of ambition.

Entering the realm of theatrics.

A bullying victim and an experience in a German school.

What the advantages are of performing arts.

German and American performing arts difference.

Inner voice.

Advantages of facing death.

Her writing experiences.

How did the host earn herself a writing internship and a publishing contract? Learning German.

The beauty of Germany and the opportunities it has for foreigners.

Purpose of self-development.

Being yourself is important.

Being authenticity isn’t being creative but it is who you are.

Thank you for listening!


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TOEFL: Main Clause Structure; Partial & Complete Main Clauses

If a sentence has a subject, it must have a verb unless it’s a double-comparison structure.

If a sentence consists of a main clause and subordinate clause, each should have a subject and a verb.

The clause word is placed at or very near the boundary between the main and the subordinate clause.

Sentence Breakdowns

  1. Packet switched networks ___________ information so that it can be remembered.

a. organize

b. organic

c. organization

d. organizing


2. As some grow older, many children __________ bonds to living things such as birds, dogs, cats, and other animals (depending on the country).

a. forms

b. form

c. forming

d. a form


3. Always ____________ the necessary documents to their original place as soon as you remove them.

a. return

b. a return

c. it is returned

d. they return


4. According to a survey, test scores ___________ influentially in university admission decisions.

a. may figure

b. may be of figure

c. may be a figure

d. have a figure


5. ______________ are vibrations or a main accent in music or poetry.

a. It beats

b. Beats

C. There are beats

d. That beats



TOEIC Listening: Part II – Question & Response + Audio

Welcome back to my first ever listening listening lesson! I’ve gone over common distractors before, but now I want to do it with audio so you guys have a more thorough understanding.

The most important part about question and response is understand the five 5’w: who, what, where, when, why – also, the how much, how many, which, etc.

If you don’t know what is being asked, you might ultimately end up answering the wrong question.  It’s imperative to understand the first word in the recording.  Here are some distractors down below.


A. Same word unrelated meaning

If you hear the same word, be careful! It could be a distractor!

B. Related subject doesn’t answer the question

It may relate to one or two words but doesn’t answer the questions.

C. Similar Sound – Different/unrelated word.

Sometimes the incorrect choices use words that sound similar to the ones in the recording.

Q. Has the sale improved profits?

A. Yes, it is for sale.

Q. Where can I buy a cheap air conditioner?

A. I agree that it’s very cheap.

Q. Have you met the new staff?

A.  No, it’s not the same stuff.

YouTube – Please watch the video before looking at the recording script and downloading the PDF!



Recording Script (Spoiler)

  1. What are the arrangements for tomorrow?
  1. There are a range of goods.
  2. Yes, it’s tomorrow.
  3. We’ll meet at 10.

2) Who’s taking the minutes?

a. I’ve asked Steve to do it.

b. It takes about an hour.

c. Jim’s talking now.

3) Why did he say he was late?

a. The traffic was very light.

b. His alarm didn’t go off.

c. He got up on time.

4) How were her findings received?

a. Very positively.

b. She couldn’t find them.

c. The receiver is broken.

5) What company did you use to ship the parcel?

a. I sent it by ship.

b. There were a lot of packages to send.

c. We used freightstar as usual.

6) How can I change my computer password?

a. Yes, I think you need a change.

b. You’ll have to talk to the support staff

c. To keep your computer safe.


Question & Response PDF