How To Create A Band of Friends That Will Help Up-Level You

Set aside some time and make a list of people you would like to ask to mentor you. Tony Robbins Lisa Nichols Gary Vee Vishen Lakhiani Tom Bilyeau Les Brown Michael Bernard Beckwith Jim Kwik It will probably seem daunting at first to contact people and ask for assistance, but it's easier than you think. ... Continue Reading →


Ramble of Positivity: Episode XXI – On The Brink

Wow.  It's been a magnificent ride with lots of bumps and bruises along the way (also known as Character Building Moments). I'm very grateful for having the opportunity to teach in that particular area of Bangkok and develop the skills needed to get me to this juncture. You know, I kind of question myself sometimes... Continue Reading →

Darren Hardy: Multiplying Your Results

What if you can speed up the process and multiply your results? Well, I just realized this recently.  With my test preparation videos, I wasn't as consistent as I should've been last year.  I mean, even going back to the beginning stages of me uploading.  I launched two videos back in 2015 and stopping making... Continue Reading →

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