Wheel of Life: April 2019 Edition – Overcoming Fake Hurdles

What a month it’s been! Yes, lots of amazing souls I’ve come across, lots of connections, plenty of crazy podcasts, and getting the ears of a lot of people. Things are beginning to get real interesting…and that’s to say the least.

However, because of holidays here in Thailand, the Wealth section had taken a big hit, leading to a couple of other mental hurdles that I had created within my own mind. These have become increasingly problematic and has stopped me from thinking clearly.

There were morning that I woke up anxious, wondering what’s happening with work allocation and the places I work at…and so then I told myself, “ok, how can I make more money?”

When you rely on one source of income, you’re doomed. This is why I’ve always covered my ass in terms of side projects in and around Bangkok because I know when one source fails, I always have one that has my back. If I had become reliant on THAT specific place that doesn’t have any work right now, I would be in big trouble. Having multiple sources is always better than one source.

So, tides have changed. I’ve launched great things and have focused so much on myself.

If this is your first time tuning into the wheel of life, rate yourself in the categories below — 1-10.

Personal Development

Physical Environment




Romantic Relationships

Fun and Hobbies

Family and Friends.

If you want to hear my stories, podcast is down below!


Wheel of Life: January 2019 Edition – The Calm Before Freedom

Boy, for a moment, I was scared as hell. After a huge scare at a job where a woman no longer wanted me to buy lunch, I overanalyzed the situation and scampered off without using their Grab taxi service, it taking 2-hours to get home…and it was a very good two hours because I was able to think things through.

On the train I reapplied for some jobs that I used to work for. After seeing one of the best jobs (a place where there were a number of mentors) advertising in the same area as my primary job, I quickly sent an email to the director, who I hadn’t spoken to in ages, and he responded in 10 minutes, completely ecstatic.

See, if you place all your eggs in one basket, such as what Americans do and have done for a long time, you could be in trouble. If I relied on the big job opportunity in February, only for it to not work, then what? I would’ve been defeated.

Don’t wait!

Wealth – 6

My goal this month was to create bigger opportunities. I was recently talking to a friend of mine and we chatted about having to work long hours to achieve so much, but now an achieve the same price in just an hour or two.

That was my motto this year. Stop chasing SHORT-TERM MONEY. I’m done making small money. I was willing to shove aside potential job suitors, extra jobs, and focused solely on one thing — the big opportunity.

Business cards made, powerpoint ready, enthusiasm checked, and if I land this, I’ll be able to go back to small money and say (here’s your alternative…16 hours a week or I walk).

Health – 8.5

It’s very flattering for women to approach me and say “omg, you have a six-pack!” Ok, that happens primarily in the gym when I’m gasping for air, but you get the point. Never have I EVER had anyone approach me or tell me that my physique was on par. I know exactly who I am so I don’t need the compliments, but I’m really starting to push myself.

Mental Health? I still have those moments where I become immerse into a very toxic society where women grip their purses firmly while walking by. Resets must take place. What did I do? Lisa Nichols’ Abundance Now AUDIOBOOK. That’s right. I found it and I’ve been listening to it for four days already…this quickly turned off that negative frequency and I’ve officially overcome THAT world.

Career – 10

I finished my first project of the year — creating the TOEFL project that pushed me to making my first revenue online.

Motivational Mentors is coming together.

Delivered all my material for luke Burrow’s Grow2Gether Academy.

Now doing live interviews on my English Language page to rack in more views. But if we talking about the bigger picture, I’ve actually delegated two mundane tasks that I simply didn’t want to touch. While listening to a Pat Flynn podcast during my commute last Friday, it dawned on me that I should probably delegate more things to my content writer, Jiun, so I don’t have to worry so much about the rest. This would improve my ebook process and give me more time to focus on other things.

Since I did that, I had her create a Trello account, which is great to put all of our tasks on and in one place so we know what’s next, rather than messages that get pushed down on a routine basis. Since then, efficiency has gone up significantly.

Find things that work better for you, people!

Personal Development – 10

I’ve not only been reading a lot, but now that I realize audiobooks are more of my thing, I don’t waste ANY TIME. Personal Development, as always, is pure fire.

Physical Environment – 9.5

Home life and work life. How are they? Where I live is never a problem, and my working environment, which is about 4 places, is fine. I could be dumping off another environment real soon to make it even better. If I start to travel while coaching and training, this could be the biggest transformation in my life EVER.

Romantic Relationships – DISASTER

At the beginning of this year, a relationship fell apart. In the last three years, three relationships have fallen apart, but all of them have taught me something. Other than that, this is going to be a “relationship free year” for me.

Fun and Hobbies – 8

YES! Now that I’m not teaching erroneous hours anymore that give me little pay, I’ve injected “play-time” into my schedule. Please, check this out on next Thursday’s podcast.

  • What are you doing for fun?
  • Do you have “me” time? Or are you constantly hustling?
  • What hobbies do you have?

Family and Friends/CIRCLE of friends – 8

I’ve created my own category called “the circle of friends” and this is because I don’t have family or friends. I have acquaintances on my outer circle and everyone else who’s of higher stature is in the inside because they’ve cemented their reliability.

All in all, people. I love doing this because it gives me so much awareness and I understand so much about myself in general — just because I’m able to to figure out what areas are hurting me. You should do the same, too!

Listen to “Wheel of Life: January 2019 Edition – The Calm Before Freedom” on Spreaker.

Romantic/Human Relationships: Goals for 2019!

Oh, yes! How can I become a better boyfriend!

I can’t. Lol.  I’m single and I’ll remain this way for a very long-time.  However, looking back on my past relationships, there were some areas of improvement. 

This is what relationships are about. Jack Canfield would ask his wife “how did I do today on a scale 1-10?”  She would give him a number and he would then ask, “how can I improve?” 

However, that’s a bad technique because you will always aim for perfection….but no one is perfect, right?  Although asking for feedback in very important, you might develop the “everything I do is still not enough” attitude towards someone. 

Another great technique I would implore to all of you would be what Darren Hardy does.  He actually sets an alarm for Friday at 6pm and then it goes off 48 hours later.  During these hours, he dedicates it entirely to his family.  That’s something that everyone is more than capable of doing, regardless of the workload. 

I’m more sided with the Vishen Lakhiani quote.  He said, “there’s a bullshit myth that life revolves around hardwork and hustling.  I think this is dangerous as hell to accept because it’s crushing families and lives all around the globe.”

Yeah, I’m not with the Gary Vee bullshit.  His book “crushing it” has toppled charts and helped me alot, but the majority of the things he says right now his so self-loathing and ignorant that I no longer follow him.  Not that his 10 million followers would care, but I’ve graduated from Gary Vee for the simple fact that he’s too “work and money centered” whereas if people with marriages actually believe the shit that comes out of his mouth, their marriage will ultimately end. 

For all of you out there who are in marriages/relationships…consider the following. 

  1. Are we growing or are we dying? (JUST BE HONEST.  Do you see yourself going anywhere? Or is it just the same s*** year after year? Are you fully content? Is this relationship you’re in holding you back from doing great things? Just ask yourself).
  2. What can I do differently? How can I be more loving, caring, and build more of an intimate relationship? 
  3. What messes have I not cleaned up? What did I repeat all year that she didn’t like (habits) and what should I do away with?
  4. What two things did I do everyday for the other half without being told to do it?

Me, relationships are a foregone conclusion.  I’m super content with my life right now, but maybe in the future someone will come about. 

Ask yourself these questions and see what’s happening and where you can improve. 

Listen to “Romantic/Human Relationships: Goals for 2019!” on Spreaker.

Wheel of Life: September 2018 Edition – Grateful!

Period! Need I say more? Man, just looking back on some things that have happened at the beginning of this year and last year.  You know, some time around December, I remember going to a fitness class in the heart of Bangkok and seeing two Australian Air Force personnel and meeting them.  They were so happy and content, and the first time I met them, I opened up about moving to Bangkok and sharing them my story in terms of dealing with all the shenanigans of my last job.

I recall sharing other stories with the likes of personal trainers and I was under such distressed, completely unaware of what was going to happen in the future.  After contacting Chilean teaching headhunters and other corporations, I decided to possibly venture out and get out of Thailand.  Going back and forth with a place that was barely giving me any work because the vindictive revenge that they had in mind, I needed to get the hell outa there.

I got some part-time jobs here and there.  Two women, who were nice at the beginning of the year, helped me with March-May because of teaching TOEFL iTP at their small testing center.  I accepted a contract that I thought was steep (initially but it ended up being complete bullshit) and worked way outside Bangkok with another guy that looks 89 years old.  I had another side gig at a place that I found quite enjoyable (teaching a doctor) in an area that was just beautiful (but takes 1.5 hours to get home).  You guys understand, now.  The beginning of this year was tough.  It was bleak.  I got two jobs through emails and then turned down because the students wanted a “white” teacher.  I began applying for jobs in Malaysia, Tunisia, France, Spain, etc.  Lots of different offers were coming in, but I kept at it and stayed strong here.  Guess what? It all paid off.

Nonetheless, I just want to review the hardships because that’s where the primary growth takes place.  I never learn from seemingly non-stop success.  So to see myself on what looks like the pillar of success, is the greatest thing that has ever happened.  I’m humble, but here’s my Wheel of Life.



Ramble of Positivity: Episode XXVII – Off to Hong Kong for Holiday!

Here we go! Number 5 and a lot has happened!

In my podcast, I talked about the journey yesterday that I went through; going for literally the Airport Link, to my hotel (which shouldn’t have been a problem, but given the fact it’s Thailand, logistics are the biggest problem).

Well, from the shuttle bus ride at the hotel, which was excellent and efficient, to getting to the airport, checking in, going through security (never a problem) and passport control (always a problem — but not at this airport)….here I am!

I never thought in a million years that I would be going to Hong Kong.  Like out of all the places I’ve been to, Hong Kong wasn’t on the list.  In saying that, I believe it’s going to be memorable.

Cathay Pacific was written down on my 101 Goals list 3 years ago.  I’ve always wanted to fly them, and now today is another day I get to highlight my goal book.

I know exactly where I’m going once i get to HK, and thanks to Kloosk, which is a telephone provider, I’ll be able to access my phone straightaway to help me out in terms of where to go.

Potential Friends? Just maybe! Hong Kong, out of all the places I’ve been to, has to be the most difficult in terms of meeting people.  Before I travel, it’s always good to try to meet the locals on various chatting platforms.  HK, just like Japan, Korea, and China, is next to impossible to meet someone.

So, here we go! Heading to a country with lots of fascinating pictures, videos, stories, and conversations.  Be sure to tune into my social media platforms for more!

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIzp…

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Website – https://thearseniobuckshow.com/

Wheel of Life: July Edition – Thrusters Are On!

Wow, from last month’s Wheel of Life podcast, to today, has seen a significant amount of change.  Yes, the Malaysia trip, meeting my main man Hakeem Khan while doing an amazing podcaster interview, and setting myself up for another magnificent month, has helped.

However, I think where I excelled tremendously was in being efficient.  With the little amount of time I had over the past month, I was still able to reach out to a lot of people and set myself up for success.

When I went to Malaysia, I met up with my main man Hakeem, who ended up showing me how to use Veme.ly, an app that I can make bite-sized videos for Instagram with an animated progress bar and other features.  Since that day, I’ve connected with a guy from Guinea, a country in Western Africa.  On top of that, an ecommerce brander in Alabama agreed to come on after seeing one of my one-minute spurts.  Also, Malaysians, British and others (and a little failure in the midst) topped off a magnificent month!

For those of you tuning in for the first time, this is an excellent exercise to see if you where you’re at in categories.  Do you have balance? What areas are you neglecting? What are you traditional strengths?

  • Personal Development
  • Physical Environment
  • Romantic Relationships
  • Family & Friends
  • Fun & Hobbies
  • Wealth
  • Career
  • Health

Here are my categories and explanations.

Personal Development – 10

Learning constantly about myself, my mind, and what I do in tense situations.  It’s like I learn something new about myself everything that was always inside of me, but a video or text brings it out of me.   I consistently go to work on ME! How can I become a better teacher? Friend? Son? Influencer? Mentor? Coach?

How can I give?

Where can I grow?

How can I celebrate?

Some questions you should ask yourself every morning.

Physical Environment – 10

Physical environment is comprised of your home and work life.  Are you truly happy about both areas?  For me, it feels ridiculously good knowing that everyday I go to work, there isn’t some ancient foreigner tell me ridiculous comments about “hear-say she-said” bs, and especially front desk girls complaining about other dumb shit.  My job now, which I love….is simple.  Go in, say hello to the girls, go to my room, do my job and that’s it.  It’s ridiculously simple and simply the best job I’ve ever had.

Home life, as always, is amazing.

Romantic Relationships – X

I don’t need someone outside to make me feel fulfilled.  That’s simple a fact.

Family & Friends – 7

After my mom commented and gave me some motivation, I felt on top of the world ever since.  That was the first comment, of any kind from her, in 5 years.  She said, “stand up for your rights,” and coming from my mother….that meant everything in the world to me.

Friends come and go a dime or dozen.  I honestly just dropped a long-time friend recently because she’s an absolute CLOWN.  Do I feel better? Absolutely!  With holiday approaching next week, I’m feeling really good about where I’m heading with family and friends.

Fun & Hobbies – 8

This one was hard to grade, given the fact that I had just gone to Malaysia.  However, I’m fitting in “me” time early in the morning, but haven’t been able to meet so many people over the last month.  Nonetheless, it’s still a very solid 8.

Wealth – 9.5

Last month was atrocious, this month was in a massive surplus.  Regardless of a pricey trip to Hong Kong looming large, I still have an insane amount saved up.  Always SAVE!

Career – 10

Some notes from my book

Podcast interview with an ecommerce podcaster from Alabama, fitness guy and podcaster from Guinea but living in KL, entrepreneur from KL, another guy from England, two fitness guys in BKK.

That’s for podcast interviews only.  Of course it’s the landing pages, ebook, ESL courses, pronunciation courses and other things that are even more exciting.  The amount of feedback and attention I’m drawing in right now is EXCITING to say the very LEAST.

Health – 10

Ok, I would like to get a little more defined, but the tremendous amount of strength I have at this juncture in my life, is INSANE.  I’m just so grateful that I signed up for this gym I go to in the morning on a 1-year contract.  Overall, from eating…to everything else — this is definitely the healthiest I’ve ever been.


Wheel of Life: June Edition!

Oh, another brilliant month filled with turbulence, but now tapping into my “hobbies” section at a rapid pace, unlike anything I’ve ever seen before! Let’s hit that one off first!


For those of you tuning in for the first time, this is an excellent exercise you can do on a routine basis: monthly, quarterly, or even yearly (which I don’t recommend).  This exercise is to see if you have balance in your life and to see what areas you’ve been neglecting.  So, let’s get into it!

Physical Environment: 10

I went with my instinct and terminated a job.  This job was full of red flags, and I’m almost certain if I had taken that job, I would’ve been in melancholy for an entire year.  They were so “perfect” in terms of doing everything by the book, but then after catching them in eyes and seeing how everything fell significantly, I bailed right before contract signing.

Now, I’m at a language center (although they’re forcing me to do things we didn’t agree upon) that’s giving me loads of work.  There aren’t any foreign coordinators saying, “oh, I don’t think you can do this.”  And it’s honestly a breath of fresh air because it’s literally the front office who’s running the show.  Just perfect!

My condo, as always, has been great!

Fun & Hobbies: 10

First ever ten! Why? Three months = Malaysia, Singapore and Laos — first time in my life I’ve traveled in three back-to-back months (ok, I went to Sedona, Hawaii and moved to BKK back in 2013)…but Sedona is in America and Hawaii is also in America.  This is an unprecedented three foreign countries!

Health: 10

These tens are not hyperbolic.  They’re for real.  Because of my ridiculous failure at the spartan Race last May, I decided to sign up with The Lab Bkk, a gym in the heart of Bangkok, and now I’ve been up, within three weeks, a significant amount of strength in my legs and upper body.  My sleeping pattern is back on track and I’ve been eating….fairly decent.  I’m 40 days away from the biggest competition of my life — and get this — a buddy who lives a couple of buildings over will also be flying out to Malaysia to compete, too! What are the odds!

Career: 10 +++++

Man, I’ve already stated it last month, but this month I’ve just kicked off a joint podcast with my main man Luke Burrows called Motivational Mentors, a show with two mentors answering questions from the crowd and showing their excellence, growth, fortitude and direction.  I’ve also interviewed a soon-to-be millionaire and I’ve done two other podcasts: one with an extraordinary author with an awe-inspiring, captivating story, and another with a radio show host.  I mean I can’t ask for more! I’ve also completed surveys for my website and podcast, changed the name of my Facebook page, post my podcasts on YouTube and so many other things. It’s pure bliss and it continues to climb, especially with the help of a massive content writer I met…through Luke Burrows!

Wealth: 7.5

Ok, it’s just because I had a terrible month last month in terms of saving. I was in the last transition phase and turned down two classes because I thought I was going to accept a job at a place that I later denied.  Next month, though? Oh….pfft. It’s going DOWN!

Family & Friends: 6

Now, family is always 0.  We know this. Lol.

Friends though? Well, the content writer gives me unbelievable feedback when I go through transgressions.  Not only that, but I have a friend who gives me very useful feedback. I won’t include the other individual because that boat has sailed, but it’s there and it’s climbing.

Personal Development: 10

From the SkyTrain, to walking, the gym, while I’m at home, morning routine, evening routine.  It’s pure fire and I’m reading and listening more than I ever had in the past.

Romantic: Forgettaboutit!

The Ramble of Positivity: Episode XXV – That’s Number Three!

My morning list…..

I’m so happy and grateful now that I have possession of the driver seat in my life.

I’m so grateful that I have the opportunity to travel when I want, where I want, and still be able to save as much as I do.

I’m truly grateful for how the first part of the year has been: character building to say the very least!

With all my heart, I’m truly grateful for having developed the intuition to guide me through difficult decisions, one being the removal of a potential job while accepting another one.

I’m thankful this day because when I walked into my new full-time job, with surrounding windows, staff and students full of smiles….I felt at home.

I’m happy for the majority of my viewers of this blog that are coming in from all over the world.

I’m truly grateful for fulfilling my needs of traveling, given the fact that after I came back from Singapore, I wanted to travel again.

With all my heart, I have to be grateful and thankful for the development of my personal being while resuscitating some wonderful friends and nurturing the ones I already have.

This is how your grateful list should look.  If you want to do it through affirmations, go ahead. As long as you’re putting your thoughts out there to the universe.

It’s been a crazy and turbulent first half of the year.  Trips to Malaysia, Singapore and now Laos (super plus side), but searching for a new job and trying to decide what’s best for me has been nothing short of chaos.  I had a bad feeling about a previous job, dumped them, and found a perfect job in a perfect setting that’s suitable for me.  How did I get through all of this? Knowing that with PMA, I would be guided to by my intuition.

I was recently talking to one of my students and I told her, “you know, this job, also known as New Education World (for Thai students to avoid be solicited by sex/wife tourists), made me have anxiety.  After I worked out, or even when I woke up, I had a bad feeling about what could’ve happened at work: “your students said this, we don’t have work, the student wants a white teacher.”  From the anxiety, I developed chest pain.  In February and March, my chest would get heavy when I arrived north of Bangkok, knowing not only that I was going to an openly racist company (just for the remainder months), but the people had been openly racist in the area (all of Pathumthani) for years.”

When I moved to Bangkok, away from all the madness, I was able to breathe.  Seriously, I didn’t have those feelings anymore.  See, if I had stayed there longer, it could’ve developed into depression — a condition that had a stronghold on at least half the sex/wife tourists “teachers” there.  I didn’t want to become a statistic.  Guys had died of heart failure, depression, and other things from this company, so it was best for me to GTFO of their and never look back.

And after this week, I now know that I’ll never have to travel to that area again for as long as I live.

See, when it comes to this thing called “depression,” there’s always an underlying problem.  Most actors/actresses are saturated with dollar signs, but they have an underlying problem that they’re not addressing.  I was heading for the “I hate everything about Thailand” phase of my life until I made a conscious decision to pursue the things I was doing well at.

When I did, life was never the same.  Now here I am, sitting down just hours before my flight (third country in just two months), smiling away, knowing that I’ve attracted and continue to attract to me the most beautiful opportunities.  I suggest you do this, too!



Wheel of Life – May Edition: The New Beginning — Again

Whew! So much noise, so many things happening, so many decisions to be made.  On the cusp of what might possibly be a new job, another one emerged.  I’m trying to check and see if these are breadcrumbs and I’m also evaluating every step…but it’s hard to determine.  Moving onto the next one, part-time jobs and madness happened in the Physical Environment side of everything; meanwhile, Fun & Hobbies skyrocketed.

There’s lots to be said, so let’s break this down category by category!

Wealth – 7

This is what happens when you’re a “freelance” teacher.  This is what happens when part-time jobs don’t come through and your monthly earnings take a significant hit.  I guess this leads me to say “this is why I need a full-time job” that guarantees me money.  I can no longer try to make fools happy.  I’ve gone through so many problems, opinions and ignorance with one part-time job, cutting my losses completely and making the decision never to work for ungrateful ass Gen B’s ever again.  Things are becoming now, but as long as I made my monthly expenses and rent for the month, I’m ok until I accept the new job in the coming week.

Career – 10

Hands down…it’s vastly climbing.  I’m going to try and break this down individually.

  • Thailand
  • United States
  • Brazil
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • Singapore
  • Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • Canada
  • Morocco
  • Ukraine

These are plays on my ESL podcast in the last five episodes.  Remember, it only shows the top 10, there’s no telling what other countries are tuned into my crazy ass ESL podcasts (excited — so excited to see!).

  • 🇺🇸

    United States


  • 2

    Czech Republic


  • 3

    United Kingdom


  • 4



  • 5



  • 6



  • 7



  • 8



  • 9



  • 10



  • 11


    Here are just a handful of countries listening to my personal development podcasts on Soundcloud (third-party hosting site).  My main website is obviously ApplePodcasts, iTunes and other sites that bring in a lot of listeners.  Again, this goes to show how diverse the community is.



Marketing survey is going to be launched (or has already been launched) today for my ESL students who are listening to me from all over the world.  I’m creating plugins for my WordPress website so my students can get downloadable ESL resources and I’m working on getting a monthly subscription going for my website, too.  Email list is coming to send free resources to learners around the globe.

I’m also developing an online course and going to attach some of Napoleon Hill’s Creeds’ to my website so people can recite useful affirmations aloud everyday.  There’s a lot that’s happening in general, and it’s an exciting time to be alive!

Personal Development – 10

Without any doubt in my mind, I’ve realized that I needed to get back on track after my Spartan Race performance.  How did I do that? Ok, I woke up and listened to Terry Crews Advice. “I don’t look at my phone until after my workout and routine.”

Guys, to be honest, I normally wake up and look at my phone right off the back.  because of a horrendous Saturday, I turned off all my notifications and put the apps in different areas.  I leave only the important apps on the main interface.  Everything else I needed to shove aside.  So, on Monday, i woke up and listened to an inspiring video + affirmations.  I wasn’t able to workout because I had business in the morning, but I was still able to bang out a podcast for my personal development and ESL networks.  Wildly successful morning before 6:45am.

On top of that, I’m listening to Bob Proctors “How To Stop Negative Thinking” on a daily basis.  I’ve also been diving into some of Lewis Howes’ podcasts with Jack Canfield because Jack has a lot of useful things to say.  Les Brown for inspiration and of course another YouTube channel to get me going in the morning.  Yes, I still do some reading (because I always write blogs), but I’m making sure I learn as much as possible now.

Health – 7

After a catastrophic failure at my race, I made it up by going on a sugar/candy purge.  I’m not touching sugar for the next XXX amount of days.  As of Sunday, I had a chicken caesar salad and a spicy wrap for breakfast.  Lunch I had Subway – and for dinner I had some rice, chicken, vegetables and an egg.  I’m not playing around anymore.  My weight and what I’m eating reminds of those Australia — eat a blueberry muffin and a bag of candy for breakfast — days.

Fun & Hobbies – 8

I don’t know. I still feel a bit out of touch with fulfilling my fun and hobbies.  Sure, I wen to Singapore, I workout, I do go running and do all of these things I consider living, but I really need to travel on a 4-8 weeks basis.  There’s one job that’s going to provide me that opportunity and the other one won’t.  Decisions, decision.

Romantic Relationships – You Already Know


Friends & Family – 3

Same story….but boy I need reliable and long-lasting relationships. Hard to create them, but then again, if I evaluate if I’m looking in the right neighborhood or not…I’m far from it.

Physical Environment – 10

Now, at the time of writing this, it was a 7.5. However, after going through with the job interview and seeing that my career changed happened just a week after my 30th birthday, I’m fully content with my physical environment.




Wheel of Life: Let The Games Begin!

I’ve got my mojo back! After dumping the ‘tub of dog shit job’ (lmao – sorry – I don’t cuss much….I promise), I’ve now free’d up my available attention units and have been attracting so much goodness into my life.  Like I said last month, it was the dying days of the last job, but now I’m in control and make and break my own assets.  So, let’s get it on!

Before I begin, I have a podcast interview coming up tomorrow morning with an marital entrepreneurship (from Wisconsin). So stay tuned!

Personal Development – 8

As always, I get a lot of my personal development intake through podcasts and on the go.  After reading the first Chapter of Tony Robbins new book — all while creating blogs and podcasts about them — it’s safe to say that I’ve done a fine job, even if I haven’t had time to read.  Now that I have a content writer on board, I’m able to delegate tasks to her.  If there’s a quality I think she can develop and use in the future, I tell her to buy a book that specifically caters to that quality, write a blog about a chapter (like what I do on my website), and she’ll then send it to me so I can do a podcast on it.  This is AWESOME LEARNING because teaching what you learn is the best way to remember (as Jim Kwik says). There have been some recent Gary Vee videos that have been beneficial, and after listening to a vital Jim Kwik podcast in Kuala Lumpur International Airport last week, I’m now understanding how I can make my brain ageless (later podcast coming).

Physical Environment – 10

I swear, I wake up happy.  Period.  I mean how many people can say that in the world? There are certain jobs that I go to where I don’t like the atmosphere, but luckily they’re all part-time.  If I don’t like a specific workplace, I have the advantage of dumping it.  In recent years, I just couldn’t dump my full-time job in Rangsit (north of Bangkok) because I feared not getting a job after that.  I feared that I would never get employed in Thailand again and thought this was the only place that employed a “black” man.  Was I wrong? F*** yes!

Companies, brilliant students, and a pay increase of double/triple per hour.  Need I say more?!

Romantic Relationships – Nothing New

You know the story.

Fun & Hobbies – 8.5

Malindo Air, Indonesian guy and a friendly conversation, content writer, Malaysia, Spartan Race (and another next month), friends, gym, different classes, traveling, etc.  I’ve got it.  Honestly, it’s going to spike pretty high in the coming months because I have Vietnam/Singapore/Malaysia coming up in a few months.  It’s insanity – the way I like it.

Friends & Family – 5

Well, I’ve been keeping myself extremely busy for the most part.  I have my best friend Andre talking to me on a daily basis now, and I’m not nurturing the best friends I have.  There shouldn’t be long lapses of communication….regardless of how busy our lives are.  I try sending messages all the time when I’m on the go.  It could be when I walk up to the skytrain, in between classes, lunch, commuting, etc.  I’m constantly in “do” mode, and that’s in terms of my friendships.  Nurture what you have now and development.  Very important.

Health – 9

I was carrying a bucket of rockets and seeing so many competitors drop like flies in a forest outside of KL.  People were moaning, groaning, sitting on their ‘tubs of rocks,’ and I just couldn’t be part of that group.  I had to continue going.  When I did this, and even towards the end of the race, I realized how unbelievably lucky I am to have this body.  The strength and endurance behind me is the best ever – and I’m almost 30! Believe that! In college, I ate terribly.  Australia? That was the worst diet I ever had.  Now I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been, minus the allergy and minor cold I got from the hot-cold-rainy climate out there in KL.

Wealth – 9

This should be a ten, but I’m coming up on my first month of not being at my “full-time” dog house job in the north.  I call it that because I hadn’t received a good salary from there in almost one year.  Now that it’s taken care of and I get paid a lot more, I think I can improve my worth by almost double by hustling and getting paid OBVIOUSLY DOUBLED.

Career – 10

Without a doubt.  Content writer, new ESL podcast which debut shortly after my last wheel of life, biggest month in history (my website), listeners from all over, creating tests — now that I have a PDF, communicating more effectively on multiple platforms, connecting with folks on LinkedIn, creating a team, etc.  This is absolutely the most successful I’ve EVER been.