Spartan Race: Melbourne, Australia – Hurricane Heat – Signed Up!

Yes, indeed! I’ll be making landfall back in my ‘second home’ of a country called Australia this upcoming February to kick-off the 2018 Spartan festivities – beginning with a Hurricane Heat.

What the hell is a Hurricane Heat?

Something tells me that this is going to be the competition of a lifetime.  No “gorilla” hills like Melbourne’s Tough Mudder back in 2015.  No desert terrain from last April’s Half Tough Mudder, and no “gateway to heaven” signs like the one’s imposed on Bali’s course.

This is going to be a log carrying, sandbag dragging, tire pushing hell.  I love the fact that I continue to test my body and push it beyond it’s limits.  I guess this is just the sheer beauty of working out; and if you got an unbelievable sickening work ethic topped with discipline, why not?  You have one life.

Ultra Beast, 12HH, agoge and death race are probably out of the question.  I’m not climbing 100 meter high ice blocks and running on frigid ice.  I won’t be going up and down the Great Wall of China anytime soon…..but an Ultra Beast could possibly be in the discussion come 2019.  However, let’s just get back to the agoge.

“Arsenio, did you say the “Great Wall of China?”

I can’t imagine operating 60 hours without any sleep like this.  Some of the participants weren’t even given medals, and that’s got to hurt the most.  I think these types of races are for people that are looking to relinquish any demons from the past.  Tough Mudder was the first one that got me into the game.  Tough Mudder propelled me past a very ugly first two years in Thailand.  The next races that followed Tough Mudder, to Spartan, to me doing unbelievable classes that push my body to the limit every Monday and Thursday…..this is what life is all about.


Darren Hardy: Everyone Has Experienced The Compound Effect

“The phenomenal power of the Compound Effect is that simple. The difference between people who employ the Compound Effect for their benefit compared to their peers who allow the same effect to work against them is almost inconceivable. It looks miraculous! Like magic or quantum leaps. After thirty-one months (or thirty-one years), the person who uses the positive nature of the Compound Effect appears to be an “overnight success.” In reality, his or her profound success was the result of small, smart choices, completed consistently over time.”

Let me break this down in incremental sub-stories.

When I was on break from college, my brother and I got into a massive argument over money.  He said, “why are you having mom pay for your phone bill? You should pay for it instead!”  From that point going forward, I became a very aggressive saver.  This is the intent of very successful people – be able to live on a little amount every month and invest/save everything away for a beautiful day.

This lead to a booking of a trip to Australia in May of 2009.  If those events hadn’t taken place in the past, I would’ve never gone to Australia to begin with.  Those small, smart choices of saving money made all the difference in the world and still continues to do so. How? Well, Malaysia, Maldives, America, Indonesia in one year says it all.  Saving had a large impact on my travels.

Another excellent example is my podcast.  Do I have millions of downloads? No.  Do I have hundreds of thousands, tens of thousands, or even thousands of downloads? Well, thousands of downloads and plays over an almost 2-year span.  A lot of people would say, “that’s not good,” but those small steps will leave a very lasting effect on everyone.  Some people think everything works instantaneously, like my blogs.  I’ve written more than 150 blogs but not that many views, likes or followers compared to others who write about politics and attract dozens of negative comments.  My intent is not about the macro, but those micro-wins will deliver macro success.

And, of course, my last story is Herbalife.  I’ve been doing it for four years and people ask me, “are you making money from it yet?”  No.  I’m doing it for my health.  If I was more aggressive, I could’ve been able to accumulate quite a bit by now, but that’s never my intent; nor is it my intent to shove endless amounts of blogs and messages down my friends throats, urging them to try it.  Again, if someone comes to me with healthy questions, I deliver.

All in all, it’s all about consistency. I will continue producing content for my YouTube and Podcast; continue writing; herbalife; and so many other things….because over a period of time, it’s going to make all the difference in the world.


Wheel of Life: A Change Is Needed!

Another monthly wheel of life update!  For those of you tuning into my blog for the first time, this is an excellent way of evaluating your life and figuring out what areas of your life need work and which areas you’ve been neglecting.  You have to be brutally honest with yourself about this process.  When you face the truth, you’re more prone to making proactive decisions towards making your life better.  If you give yourself high marks in the very beginning, I can tell that you’re not being honest with yourself.

Here are my scores for the month….

Family & Friends – 8

Romantic Relationships – 3?

Career – 7

Personal Development – 9

Health – 6

Fun & Hobbies – 7

Physical Environment – 7

Wealth – 8

Eight categories need grading on a scale 1-10.

Here’s my podcast down below for more of an explanation.


75 Days Left In The Year – How Will You Finish?

We’re coming down to the last stretch of 2017, and I know a lot of my Americans are whipping out their New Years Resolution books.


Resolutions = resolve.  What are you trying to resolve in your life?  Are you trying to set-goals or kick some bad habits?  This all comes right back down to the word “paradigm.”

The habits you have in your life probably don’t serve you any purpose for your future ambitions.  A lot of people say will being saying, “2018 is going to be my b****”….however, your subconscious mind doesn’t know what 2018 is.  The same habits you had in 2017 will carry over to 2018, making it another redundant year for you.

When I started watching videos from the likes of Lisa Nichols (which I’ll post right below this entry), something started disrupting my insides.  That biochemistry began to change because of what was being said in that particular video during a very tumultuous several months of my life in 2015.

Lisa Nichols

“At some point,” she said, “can I stop asking myself to be great? To be brilliant?”  Yes, everyone can.  There was a time in her life when she made the DECISION to stop what was happening around her.

I spoke recently on my podcast about how come poor people stay with poor people? You’ll never see a “rich” person in the same slums as those in Khlong Toei, Bangkok’s notorious slum.  NEVER.  They’re around the same like-minded people who will serve them purpose.  Lisa Nichols decided to get up and leave, and she certainly didn’t wait until the dusk of the year to do it, either.

And years later, look at the transformation that she went through.  Unbelievable.  “Some people want the convenience of transformation without the inconvenience.” – Lisa Nichols

You’re going to have to bust down the tera barrier within your mind….separate yourself from the haves and have-nots. Make a declaration to yourself that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.


The Ramble: Traveling Next Year, Podcast, GaryVee, My Own Medicine, Q’s & A’s.

I decided to create a podcast on what’s happening in the life of Arsenio Buck in Bangkok, Thailand.  Here’s a rundown of today’s topics in short and what’s been happening since my “Wheel of Life” podcast.


I pre-booked some spots in my schedule for next years traveling because, of course, I need to have traveling + Spartan competitions, and traveling just for the sake of seeing wonderful countries.

Kazakhstan/Kyrgyzstan are both an 80% go at this point, unless withdrawals happen because my lack of depositing into a developing relationship.  Honestly, some of you are probably thinking now, “omg! Those countries? Why?” Well, I’ve always wanted to travel to Central Asia because I believe like Georgia and Azerbaijan, its the best kept secret.  I’ve seen how open-minded just about everyone is there just being online and how friendly they are and willing to meet.  My heart is telling me to go there; and on top of that, I have a brilliant friend who’s urging me to visit.  So, expect a April landfall, podcasts, and crazy blogs + videos coming up during that time.

Cairo, Egypt….yes, yes, YES! I went on a day trip when I was in the Maldives to one of the islands in proximity to Hulhumale, and on that boat trip on over…I locked eyes with a specimen.  A gorgeous specimen, but she gave me an unresponsive stare.  However, when we got to the island, she unwittingly grabbed my empty glass and placed it on a plate that the concierge was collecting.  I said, “omg, thank you!” It was the sweetest gesture ever.  10 minutes later – her, myself, and her friend were chatting it up, under the sun, in the most gorgeous, turquoise waters ever.  She’s a soon-to-be dentist and he’s a soon-to-be engineer.  They said Egypt, especially Cairo, is AMAZING! And that I should visit.  They also told me that September was the perfect month to visit, too.  Therefore, September is when I will set air (not set sail) to Cairo!

With those two massive trips looming in the New Year, I still need to fit in America, and my short Spartan holidays (Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and possibly Melbourne, Australia if my friend becomes a friend again between now and February).  It’s an action packed year approaching!

GaryVee Podcast

Boy! I listened for probably 30 minutes last night and about 30 minutes this morning.  The keys and things he said in the podcasts I listened to relate so much to my podcast in general.  For instance, there was a girl talking about, “I’m not thinking so much of the present right now because our business is losing money…I’m thinking more of the future.”  This struck me because just a few days ago I was pretty down on my podcast plays before I made a podcast + blog about not giving up.  Within 24 hours, I got the best back-to-back day in my podcast history in terms of plays with countries such as China, Mauritius, Hungary, Uganda and others coming on strong.  The thing is you’re going to encounter a lot of setbacks, but those setbacks are needed for the process called “growth.” Never forget that.

Two Days Ago & Dealing With Ignorance

Wednesday was a head scratching day.  It first started with going into a 7-11.  There was a man standing just a few steps back behind the counter.  I, unknowingly, stepped in.  After that, this same man took four giant steps back into the middle of the aisle, standing there with a blank look on his face.  What my historical self would’ve said would be something around the lines of, “oh, you’re acting like an asshole. I didn’t know you were in line.  Come up here? You don’t want to go?”  However, I invited him to come before me and he still had a blank look on his face.  I won’t fight with ignorance, so I decided to just pay and go.  I win, he loses.  Done.

However, later on that evening I had some students laugh and make fun of the Vegas massacre.  Ignorance like that cannot be tolerated, and it often happens here in Thailand, unfortunately.  The lack of sympathy, empathy, compassion and heart runs real deep within 90% of the beings here.  I erupted and some of the other teachers in nearby classrooms heard the commotion.  I said, “do you think that’s funny? 59 people dying is funny to you?” One shrugged her shoulders and I went on a rant, threw some paper at them and that will be the last time ever facing those individuals again.  Now, of course I’ve been reading so much on dealing with people, but that’s a whole different level of ignorance that can only be handled by fury.

Inhale……..exhale.  Everything is perfectly fine.  I feel that the situation last night had to occur for a reason.  My guess is something, or someone, is trying to emerge in that time-frame.  It took a comment from a few individuals for me to say, “find someone else to deal with your ignorance.”  These things happen, people.  Despite my reaction and them, words and pettiness comes and goes a dime a dozen with no value whatsoever.  State what you have to say, and when you say it…know the ramifications of what might happen.  Nevertheless, I’m grateful for having yet another opportunity to teach and speak in this country filled with opportunities.  See, you can change your state-of-mind pretty quick, if you want to.


Wheel of Life: Highest Average Ever!

We’re back again at my monthly wheel of life!  Again, I’ve posted this a many of times before, and this makes me realize if I have balance in my life.  The balance that’s needed to complete fulfilment.  Now, there are a couple categories that I have no control over (romantic relationships), but everything else is on complete fire at this point and I’m more than happy to write a quick blog on it; along with a podcast!

So, rate each category: health, career, wealth, physical environment, romantic relationships, fun & hobbies, family & friends, and personal development.

Here’s my podcast on how I achieved the highest average ever, but more importantly, I would love to connect with everyone who reads this blog by using figuring out where you are in each category before posting it on my Facebook page: The Arsenio Buck Show.

On The Eve of Spartan – I’m Relaxed As Ever

Yikes! Is this it? The competition here in Thailand – making it’s fire ever inaugural appearance, is here!

Ahhhh….the feeling of going through mud and using a ton of upper body strength is starting to come.  The hyperventilation and the entire ride (1.5 hours) to the site of the monster.

Who am I kidding? I’m not afraid.  Pfft….7-8km is no big deal compared to the monstrosity of a beast in Kuala Lumpur (was suppose to be 13km but was 17km).

Nonetheless, doing this with friends should make it a very intriguing race.  I don’t know how many different countries will be there, but it’s looking like folks from Aussie, all the way up to Kazakhstan, will be joining the stupendous fun – or maybe lack thereof.

This keeps me away from a Saturday, a shopping plaza on Saturday that houses the most unbelievable amount of ignorance on the face of planet Earth.  Wait, wait, wait… pity parties.

I’m so unbelievably grateful being able to do this….this meaning travel 3-4 times a year for vacation and travel for competitions, too.  The leniency and flexibility of my present investment job (I call it an investment job because I invest my time into it) helps me do this.  A lot of my friends, especially in America, aren’t given an opportunity to do anything because of ridiculous work situations whereas if they leave, the boss tells them not to come back.

I’m truly grateful, on every inch of my being, for being able to enjoy life, the planet, and do what I love day in and day out because a lot of people can’t.

With that being said, there’s going to be a hell of a blog write up, pictures, and a few other things coming 24 hours from now (at the conclusion of the race).  When the blog goes up, know that I will be engaged in a 2-hour spa & massage to restore my body.

If anyone has any questions about dieting, traveling, or anything else…please let me know!

This is Arsenio….over and out.

Seven Ways To Cultivate A Mental Attitude That Will Bring You Peace & Happiness

I’ve been preaching, speaking about, and dissecting this book for over two months already (Dale Carnegie’s How To Stop Worry And Start Living), and I’m thrilled at how much my life has changed.  There are a range of techniques that you can put to use in your life and here are 7 rules of doing so.

Rule #1: Fill your mind with thoughts of peace, courage, health, and hope, for “our life is what our thoughts make it.”

Your dominating thought will create your reality.  This is what has happened with my entire family.  If they’re constantly complaining about not having enough, those more “not enough” feelings will begin pouring in.

Rule #2: Let’s never try to get even with out enemies, because if we do we will hurt ourselves far more than we hurt them.  Do what General Eisenhower did: let’s never waste a minute thinking about people we don’t like.

This is extremely important.  After the mass disruption in my life just a year ago at work (employee trying to get me fired), I recently heard today that another branch employed him.  Those feelings of resent began to comeback, but who’s ultimately winning? He would jump up in utter joy if he knew I still talked about him in a derogatory way.  As Michael Bernard Beckwith said recently in his last Agape video, “forgive.  Forgive.  Forgive! Don’t be one of those people who wait for karma to take a toll.”  Since that occurrence, my life has been UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING and it continues to transform on a daily basis.  So, I’ll ask myself again, who’s winning?

Rule #3: Remember that the only way to find happiness is not to expect gratitude — but to give for the joy of giving.

I’m one of those people who expect a ‘thank you’ at the door if I hold it open.  In a country, such as Thailand, I never get a ‘thank you,’ therefore I never do anything for society.  And what does that ultimately do? It paints a picture of myself and an image that’s hard for me to look in the mirror each day….because that’s not me.  Regardless if they do or don’t acknowledge it…I need to do it for the sake of Arsenio Buck.

Rule #4: Count your blessings — not your troubles!

There was an article recently on Nikkei Asia, and I think it’s best if I just show you the photo.


Now, what’s the first thing you notice? When I teach my IELTS students, I always ask them, “what’s the key feature or biggest abnormality in the graph?”

See, as human beings we have a tendency of focusing on that one negative.  Some would go so far to say, “well, that’s a big negative!” Honestly, it depends how you phrase it.  Press Freedom? Most restrictive? How most safe instead? How any different types of media around the world spew hateful rhetoric about every country, culture, religion and other things? That “151” should be a “1.”  Look at the amazing travel, tourism, happiness….oh, and America is one of the top 10 most depressed countries on the planet. Just wanted to emphasize that.

Rule #5: Let’s not imitate others.  Let’s find ourselves and be ourselves, for “envy is ignorance” and “imitation is suicide.”

Don’t envy, celebrate! I love celebrating achievements of people who I hardly know, to people who I’m close to. I feel that I’m in their shoes!

Rule #6: When fate hands us a lemon, let’s try to make lemonade.

I’ve had wagons full of lemons get dropped off at my doorstep some mornings.  I then made one of the best lemonade stands in the world.  Get the metaphor?

Rule #7: Let’s forget our own unhappiness — by trying to create a little happiness for others. “When you are good to others, you are best to yourself.

Depression.  Yes, try doing something for someone else.  The podcast for these rules and even the depression podcast is down below!

Herbalife Probiotics!


It took YEARS for probiotics to make way to Herbalife, and I’m literally welcoming it with  open arms (Mariah Carey style).  Let me give anyone and everyone a rundown of what probiotics are.

First and foremost, both Dr. Axe and Dr. Mark Hyman have gone over the fact that between 50-80% of our entire immune system is located in the gut.  So, if you’ve ever seen yourself getting sick often, look at what you’re eating.  Just recently, my sister’s stomach became inflamed, but instead of looking at what caused it, the doctors looked at it from a financial standpoint.  Sure, let’s give her pills and she’ll be fine.

However, it’s what she’s putting into her stomach which is ultimately agitating her gut.

Just to emphasize what they have said, “many people with health issues, such as thyroid imbalances, chronic fatigue, joint pain, psoriasis, autism and many other conditions don’t realize that these illnesses originate in the gut.”

On top of that, 60-70 million people in America alone are affected by digestive diseases.

That’s terrifying!

What Are Probiotics?

Probiotics are bacteria that line your digestive tract and support your body’s ability to absorb nutrients and fight infection. There are actually 10 times more probiotics in your gut than cells in your body.

Your skin and digestive system by themselves host about 2,000 different types of bacteria. Probiotics benefits have been proven effective in supporting immune function and healthy digestion, as well as beautiful skin.

Your good gut bacteria is also responsible for:

  • Producing vitamin B12, butyrate and vitamin K2
  • Crowding out bad bacteria, yeast and fungi

And I can go on to name so many other things, but I think you get the drift.

If you don’t have enough probiotics, the side effects can include digestive disorders, skin issues, frequent colds and flus.  Are you one of these sufferers?

Historically, we had plenty of probiotics in our diets from eating fresh foods from good soil and by fermenting our foods to keep them from spoiling.

Because of refrigeration and dangerous agricultural practices like soaking our foods with chlorine, our food contains little to no probiotics today, and most foods actually contain dangerous antibiotics that kill off the good bacteria in our bodies. – Dr. Axe

By adding more probiotic foods into your diet, you could see all of the following probiotics benefits:

  • Stronger immune system
  • Improved digestion
  • Increased energy from production of vitamin B12
  • Better breath because probiotics destroy candida
  • Healthier skin
  • Reduced cold and flu
  • Healing leaky gut syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease
  • Weight loss

Inflammatory bowel disease.  That rings a bell in terms of what my sister is going through right now.

AND ALAS! Herbalife has their very own probiotics recipe! Here are the contents listed on the label.

Simply Probiotic is a daily, science-backed probiotic that provides 1 billion active probiotic organisms, which promote digestive health. It is formulated with a powerful CFU GanedenBC30®* probiotic, which is a bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086, that aids in carbohydrate and protein digestion. This probiotic is tough enough to survive the gastric journey to get to where it counts, helping you feel your best every day.
Key Benefits
  • Delivers 1 billion active probiotic organisms per serving
  • Up to 70% of BC30 cells survive to colonize the gut
  • Helps provide balance to good and bad bacteria (improving the gut bacteria profile)
  • Aids in carbohydrate and protein digestion
  • Made with non-GM ingredients
  • Zero calories
  • No added flavours, colors, sugars or sweeteners
  • Portable, perfect for on-the-go use

So, for those who are constantly having stomach issues, such as myself (because apparently I don’t eat enough vegetables), probiotics are absolutely vital in maintaining a healthy gut.



Spartan Race Looming Large!

This will be the first ever Spartan Race in Chon Buri, Thailand and I’m not even worried.  For the most part, there’s a huge underestimation of the race happening within my mind that will sneak up on me.

Malaysia Was A Rude Awakening

I thought the Spartan Super in Kuala Lumpur was going to be relatively easy.  Even halfway through the course, my legs were sound and I didn’t have any tension in my upper back.  However, things got pretty difficult when I had to carry a bucket of rocks for almost a quarter mile – leaving my back in a good amount of pain.  I had to also carry a sandbag over my head into a ravine and all the way back up.  By the end of the race, my knees were buckling on the outside and it was difficult for me to go down anything.  I recall coming across the 3rd to last obstacle and seeing another contestant who had given up on doing burpees.

Towards the end, it was just pain.  It being in Kuala Lumpur probably didn’t help because there wasn’t a sense of comradery and fellowship between everyone running.  Everyone either just looked out for themselves, or their group.  There was no cheering each other on and no speaking to one another.

Thailand – I’m Just Praying To Any Entity In The Universe

That prayer is simply hoping that everyone will work together to achieve the goal, just like Tough Mudder.  This is what separates Tough Mudder from Spartan, too.  In Bali, Melbourne, and Phoenix (three different continents), everyone worked together to battle it out to the finish.  Australia, towards the very end, people just wanted to finish.  America, given the fact that we’re just so warm-hearted (lol), reeled everyone in, regardless if you knew them or not.  I recall helping an older lady over a Berlin Wall with her daughter and son on the other side.  It doesn’t matter who you are and what background you’re from…..

……The goal is to develop a sense of fulfilment, heart, and help one another.  That’s what this race is predicated on.

So, for those Thais who will read this throughout the course of the week, do something for someone without being told to do it!