Premium ESL Podcast Debuting Soon | Business English!

This is another MASSIVELY monumental moment for me. For the first time since the ESL podcast’s inception, I will be creating a premium ESL podcast on a new Canadian Startup site called I’m unbelievably excited about this because I was reached out to from an individual from China who’s doing his BA and graduating Waterloo University in Canada. Him, and a band of team-members, created this unbelievable premium podcasting site that gives creators, such as myself, an amazing opportunity to profit and monetize with everything I’ve been doing so far.

Now, some of you may know already about my Patreon. I wouldn’t so much consider it to be a failure, but I haven’t been advertising it much at all and I would have to shove it down the throats of my listeners to get them to subscribe. Now, having a premium podcast and launching exclusive content is going to be unbelievably key. Oh, and completely different from what I’m doing now.

Because I’m in the Advanced Level of my ESL podcast, there isn’t a next level after this. In fact, I would be switching back to the lower levels while kicking off business English.

Well, for 10$ a month, you’ll be able to access my exclusive business English course (and will be different from the business English course I will launch around May of this year), firsthand, and learn a variety of different things. Well, some of you may be asking: “what’s the difference?” Well, here are some of the things I’ll be featuring in my business English course down below.

  • Developing Fluency
  • Reading
  • Vocabulary
  • Phrase Bank
  • Listening
  • Grammar
  • Interviews
  • Roleplay (International Guest Speakers
  • Workplace Scenarios

As the levels go up, there will be more context, HR, Logistics, Working Across Cultures, Banking and other things implemented. There are so many things to cover within Business English, so this will surely be a 6-season gauntlet that will last for a minimum 3 years.

Nonetheless, I’ll be letting everyone know what’s the premium podcast debuts! Also, I’ll discuss further for any ad-ons and implementations.

Business English