Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Free 10 Days of Patreon is Now Available!

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Back to another ESL podcast, everyone and I am so excited, excited, excited, excited. Because what I’m doing right now for all of you, yes this is a trailer, but a lot of you do not understand the things that I’m actually putting out there. You don’t know about a lot of it. So again, if you’re living in America, this probably doesn’t relate to you so much in terms of the test preparation, but the other things do. So when what this is about is my patrion and all my patron. I finally toggled everything and now I’m beginning to get a lot of inquiries about it. So what I want to tell you guys is if you are learning TOEIC or [inaudible], if you actually go onto my Patrion, which I’ll provide in the link down below, you will be able to get 10 days for free. 

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So you’re going to be able to test everything out for 10 days. And the most beautiful part about this is guess what? At the first of the month, that’s when you would be charged. And if you do not like it, all you have to do is of course cancel before the first of the month. So you have 10 days to say, Hey, oh, you know what? This is very useful. I’m going to go through with it. And on the first of the month I’m going to begin being a paid member of our, you know, our Cineos Patrion and I’m going to support this. Not only that, but actually enable myself to grow in whatever area of English that you’re trying to grow in. So I’m very, very excited about this because a lot of students from Vietnam have approached me with a lot of different inquiry’s. 

Speaker 1: (01:35)
There are other people saying, how can I learn English? What can I do? What can I do here and there? So now I’m following up with everything, telling them, hey, I think you should test this out for a little bit. You’re going to get all of these things here. And then you know what? If you want the silver badge, the gold badge. So what I’m going to do, I’m going to break these down very quickly. So with TOEIC, if you are learning to wick, the TOEIC badge provides obviously lessons in all areas of parts one through seven. So of course you have the photographs part one, part two question and response. I think part three is short conversations in fours, just like that. Two part five grammar, part six is additional grammar ones, incomplete sentences, which I believe is part five and then part six grammar, multiple choice. 

Speaker 1: (02:25)
Then the crazy reading comprehension, which is part seven. Basically what I would do is do reading on one day. I would do listening on another day and then I would cover grammar on another day. Then I would actually do a live Q and a for you guys probably on a Saturday and Sunday. So you can answer so you can ask me questions and I’ll also, these come with the audio and the video and the worksheets and the pdf and the audio. You basically get everything in there and all of it’s exclusive because you won’t see any of that on this podcast going forward. Right? So on this podcast you would get different stuff, different material. But again, if you want additional material on top of that, that goes deeper, you could go onto my page here on TOEIC. Same thing with ILT aisles. When I kicked that off, that’s going to be obviously at a higher premium, but I have to cover a lot of different things. 

Speaker 1: (03:18)
The reading is extremely difficult to cover. Then you have the variety and the building up of writing an essays. People be able to submit their essays and submitted by word doc and Google doc so I can correct it. So yes, that’s going to be at a much higher premium. Um, and I’m thinking about bringing on a second person to check the essays and stuff like that too. But nonetheless, all of this is going to be, you guys can ask me more questions about each tier and whatnot. So you have the TOEIC badge, which is, you know, one of the tiers, the ILDs badge, that’s another tier. And then you have the bronze, silver, and gold badge. So for everyone else who isn’t learning the specific test preparation courses, you have a $10 here, $25 here, and a $50 here. The Fi, the $10 here is basically the worksheets, the vocabulary, the building up of writing and reading material. 

Speaker 1: (04:11)
Okay. As well as probably a podcast here and there, you know, as a pop up from what might be featured in the silver tier. So the silver, I’m sorry, the silver badge, it has everything from the bronze badge and then it has free coaching hours. It has audios of each of the things on that specific in this specific bronze badge. So whatever you get in there, it’s an audio and video form over there. Plus you get additional webinars, additional Q and A’s. And we will do interviews and podcasts and coaching of course. Uh, and then the videos on top of that. And on top of a few other things and other people who I would probably bring into the gold badge as well as advanced teplin templates and different life skill, uh, uh, things like in terms of like succeeding in interviews and you know, doing videos on Q and A’s instead of just asking questions. 

Speaker 1: (05:10)
There are a lot of things that are being offered within these three specific tiers. So again, I am so, so excited about this. I want it to hurry up and just give everyone a nice for. Um, what does it just give you guys a rundown of what’s being offered and you have 10 days to act, 11 days to act again. If you act now, you’ll be able to get all, you know, the access of everything. And then after that, hey, guess what? You’re going to be able to have everything at your disposal, which is so, so exciting because then, hey, all those little things, people who are committed to them, and this is what I love about Vietnamese students, they come up to me, they said, I can’t remember vocab. I need to do this. I need to practice this, I need to do this. 

Speaker 1: (05:54)
And I’m like, okay, I got you. I said, is what we’re gonna do? We’re gonna do this, this, this, this, this. And I said, once you start doing this, we’re going to do this. And they’re like, absolutely, I’m excited. And so there is no, Oh, well, I’m not really sure. Kind of like with Thai students, they never really know. And they’re always indecisive with things in terms of learning English because again, they don’t love it. They’re forced to learn it, therefore they hate it. But in Vietnam and other places around the world is completely different. Again, this might be based on individualism. Okay. It might be that all the individuals who I’ve taught out here in Thailand have this, has this type of mentality or maybe not. So nonetheless. And with that being said, I’m so excited. Make sure you check the link. Make sure you email me. I’ll be waiting for all your responses. So as always, I’m your host Arsenio, over and out.

Patreon Badge Details

Bronze Badge

This is the first badge of the three.  This badge is $10 and it will feature the following things. 

– Personalize lessons that cater to Patrons

– Writing

– Vocabulary

– Reading

– Worksheets

– PDF’s

– Academic Writing (once a week)

Silver Badge

This is the second badge of the three, and it will feature the same things from the Bronze badge +

– Personalize lessons that cater to Patrons

– Writing

– Vocabulary

– Reading

– Worksheets

– PDF’s

– Academic Writing (once a week)

– Audios for each lesson

– Additional audiocasts on a weekly basis

– Speaking Task

– A video a week.

Gold Badge

This is the biggest badge of them all! The Bronze Badge and Silver Badge will be in this one including the following. 

– Personalize lessons that cater to Patrons

– Writing

– Vocabulary

– Reading

– Worksheets

– PDF’s

– Academic Writing (once a week)

– Audios for each lesson

– Additional audiocasts on a weekly basis

– Speaking Task

– A video a week.

– One free hour coaching a month (additional session can be added on).

– Live exclusive video

– Q & A

– Videos along with the audiocasts.


This tier is for those who are budget-tight. TOEIC, which is a test preparation course, is featured not only on my blogs and YouTube videos, but now I will begin putting exclusive material here. 

– Weekly Lessons on Reading, Listening & Grammar

– Set days on learning individual schools

– Worksheets

– Downloadable PDF’s

– Exclusive podcasts

– Exclusive videos

– Q & A’s (up to two times a week)

– Webinar

– Live videos

– Cheat sheets

– & More


For students who are wanting to learn IELTS around the world, this tier is for serious learners who want exclusive IELTS content. 

– Listening techniques

– Speaking techniques

– Reading skills

– Academic writing

In addition, there will be a range of videos, Q & A’s, and even live coaching (and 1:2:1 coaching twice a month for two hours total). 

There will also be free-writing and free speaking prompts, as well as videos and audio casts (three times a week) for students to study.  Lots of writing samples and you will also have the ability to get 2 writing tasks 1’s and 2 writing tasks 2’s graded.  Any additional writing tasks can be purchased in a bundle. 

Topic requests and videos based on the questions will also be made, so be sure to communicate within the group with me and the other Patrons!



Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 58 – Developing Writing + Vocabulary – A For & Against Essay

We’re back into ESSAY writing! However, make sure you’re tuning into my Patreon so you can see me break down an essay. In this podcast, I will go over the writing bank and vocabulary.

On my patreon you will see an essay and me breaking down the paragraph, so make sure you’re tuned in over there!

Writing Banks

Useful expression in for-and-against essays

  1. First and foremost
  2. secondly
  3. lastly
  • moreover
  • furthermore,
  • what is more
  • in addition
  • not only…..but also
  • a further advantage of
  1. On the one hand
  2. on the other hand
  3. in contrast
  4. in spite of (+ noun/)
  5. Despite the fact
  • However/nevertheless
  • Conversely
  • by the contrast
  1. Therefore
  2. and so
  3. as a result
  4. as a consequence
  5. consequently
  • In my opinion
  • personally, I believe that
  • My own view is that
  • As far as I’m concerned
  • it is said that
  1. In conclusion
  2. Last but not east
  3. All in all
  4. To summarize

Vocabulary – Causes, reasons, and results

Choose the correct alternative.

  1. The news has given rise/risen to a fierce debate.
  2. People are afraid of some scientific research since/as they don’t know what effects it might have.
  3. There is always a risk of accidental infection which could on its way/in turn, lead to a general pandemic.
  4. We still cannot know the full repercussions/all the negative consequences of artificially creating viruses.
  5. The second/side effects of some vaccines are still unknown.
  6. We must be careful because playing with nature could have disastrous/catastrophic results.
  7. The research could bring about/lead to changes in the way governments prepare.
  8. The news about the experiment sparked off/stemmed from a lot of criticism.
  9. I believe the research will prompt the government change/to change the law.
  10. Some experiments are risky due to/owing to the lack of proper precautions.

IELTS Speaking Task: Part II – Business Talk

Woohoo! Back with a speaking task! Super excited about this one because it’s been a long time coming. I will advise all of you to tune into my YouTube video so you have more of an understanding. Here’s your speaking task II!

Describe someone you know who started a business.

Who this person is…..

What work this person does….

Why this person decided to start the business…

Describe whether or not you would like to do the same work as this person.

All right, everyone. It’s time to dissect these sentences one by one.

Look at the keywords (the who, what, where, etc) and make short notes in Roman Number style.





After you’ve done this, try remembering the most important events that occured in the individual’s life. The “Why” is the big one that you should create a sound story from.

After that, your explanation should be an additional 30 seconds. This will total out to the allotted time needed to complete the task.

What I don’t want you guys doing is answering the questions. I want you to tell a story, and given this topic, this is the perfect time to do so. Check my YouTube video down below!

Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Upper Intermediate – Introduction & Course Outline


So so grateful to give this introduction to you guys and a firm outline of what to expect. This will probably be the longest season yet, so you’ll have to sit back, do the tasks and enjoy the ride.


I. Reflexive pronouns

II. Use of can for universal truths

III. Hedging adverbs to hedge the strength of statements

IV. Gerunds and reduced clauses

V. Future passive

VI. Coordinating and subordinating conjunctions to show relationships between ideas.

VII. Defining relative clauses to give more information about a noun.

VIII. Adverb clauses of concession and time.

IX. Stance markers

X. Conditional with provided and unless

XI. Future perfect simple

XII. Speculate about past events using past passive sentences

XIII. Unreal conditionals

XIV. Cleft sentences

XV. Advanced future forms.

Developing Vocabulary

I. Word formation – noun suffixes

II. Compound Nouns – cars and the road

III. Collocations with take, make, and do

IV. Phrasal Verbs – the mind

V. Compound noun and adjectives

VI. Minor offences and punishments

VII. Prepositional phrases

VIII. Finding a place to live

IX. Idiomatic expressions with home

X. Word formation

XI. Compound adjectives – parts of the body

XII. Words with more than one meaning

XIII. Life and career developments

XIV. Verb-noun collacations

XV. Communication and communication breakdown

XVI. Phrasal verbs – communication



Academic Words

Podcast Interviewees


& More


Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Episode 76 – Grammar – Indirect Questions

Indirect questions can be confusing, so I decided to go over them with you guys.

We use question marks when the first part of the sentence is a question. Have you any idea what time he’s coming?

When there is no question word (who, what, where, etc), we use if/whether. I’d like to know whether you agree.


We use indirect questions in more formal situations and to be more polite. We can also use indirect questions to ask a big favor from someone we know well.

Dad, I was wondering if I could take the car tonight.


I’d like to know why you came.

I wonder what you prefer.

Do you know whether they won?

Could/can you tell me what the problem is?

In the second part of these sentences, we do not put the verb before the subject.

I wonder if you could tell us what you thought of the show.

Complete the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Use between two and five words.

  1. How long did it take to figure out where your hotel was? TOOK

Can you tell me how __________________ to figure out where your hotel was?

2. Why did you decide to give the picture away? WHY

Can I ask _________________ the picture away?

3. Was she talking to her parents? WHETHER

I’d like to _______________________ to a friend.


Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Episode 75 – Grammar – Mixed Conditionals

Welcome back to another ESL podcast, everyone! Mixed conditionals is on the menu for today, so let’s get into it!

Mixed conditionals are a mixture of the second and third conditional. They can describe an imagination present situation and its past consequence.

If I liked that group I would have gone to see them in concert.

Or they can describe an imaginary past situation and its present consequence. If I’d had breakfast, I wouldn’t be hungry now.

If + past simple….would/wouldn’t have + past participle.

If I wanted a coffee, I would have asked for one.

If + past perfect….would/wouldn’t + infinitive.

If I had passed my driving test, I’d drive to university.


  1. If I’d studied photography…..

A. I take photos for a newspaper.

B. I would take photos for a newspaper.

C. I would have taken photos for a newspaper.

2. I would have gone to the cinema if……

A. I like science fiction movies.

B. I liked schieve fiction movies.

C. I had liked science fiction movies.

3. She would be ill now if…..

A. she doesn’t take the medicine.

B. she didn’t take the medicine.

C. she hadn’t taken the medicine.