Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Mini-Series – Self-Sabotage – Five Speakers from Around The World

So unbelievably grateful to be launching a new series (mini-series) on my podcast over the next five weeks that talks about self-sabotage. 

What is self-sabotage? That’s you making a poor decision which ultimately jeopardizes you from achieving success.  We make decisions all the time that are detrimental to all parties that are involved, so I wanted to inject five different accents, along with their perceptions of life, into my podcast.  I’m very excited about this and I hope you guys are, too!

Because my English language podcast is so diverse, I love bringing on amazing people to use the platform to spread knowledge to you guys (which probably isn’t available in your language)….so I’ll have England, Germany, Ireland, America and Russia coming on in a five-part series over the next five weeks (podcasts debuting on Saturday and video debuting on Friday).


Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: International Guest Speaker: Life Coach — Ramona — From Romania!

After a friend request was accepted, I realized that Ramona was a life-coach from Romania and living in Dublin.  From that moment was the inception of a life-long friendship that could bring so much to human beings around the planet.  I’m super grateful for not only telling my story through personal development, but making connections all over the world.  I’m introducing you another International Guest Speaking Podcast today! Enjoy!


Things we discussed:

  • Ramona’s love for the English language.
  • Why she went to Ireland.
  • When she started learning English.
  • Her love for Romania after visiting.
  • What her appreciation of Romania was from a different perspective.
  • Problems acclimating in Ireland?
  • Becoming a life-coach.
  • Irish castles and beautiful Irish landscapes.
  • Irish cuisine and Irish soup.
  • Similarities between Romanian and Irish sense of humor.
  • Her visits to other parts of European countries.
  • Bali from a different perspective.
  • Recommendations of well-known places to visit in Romania.
  • The country Georgia and its beautiful language.
  • Her visit to Bulgaria.
  • Subconscious mind.
  • Next adventures.

Thank you for listening!

Thanks for joining me and please share it!



Podcast Through The Years

Man, I looked back on some photos over the past 1.5 years in my phone, and I couldn’t help but notice an amazing trend.  After the first six months of my podcast, I had only accumulated just under 1800 plays.  A year and a few months later, I’ve amassed a whopping 24k plays + downloads from so many different countries around the world.  Here are some photos and a podcast on my journey.











The trials and tribulations I had to endure on the way were insane.  At my job, during the month of July (when my plays sparked dramatically), the majority of the teachers were listening to my podcast to infer and implicate who I MAY have been talking about.  I got a lot of s*** for it, threatened, warned, and the teachers began to hate my guts (can’t handle the truth).  Teachers would walk by stepping on my shoe without apologizing, chatter on so many different levels about who I am and how come I have so much work – all this culminated into the biggest success EVER in the history of my life.  How? I never gave up!