Interviewee #33 – Lenita Abouchabake on Youth Leadership

Another amazing connection that made way into my inbox. We got on a call, same day, and talked for almost an hour. This amazing Australia has come on to share some unbelievable thoughts. I will bring her on (The Arsenio Buck Show) and Motivational Mentors, so please be sure to follow those Facebook pages, too! Here’s what we chatted about.

Another amazing connection that made way into my inbox. We got on a call, same day, and talked for almost an hour. This amazing Australia has come on to share some unbelievable thoughts. I will bring her on (The Arsenio Buck Show) and Motivational Mentors, so please be sure to follow those Facebook pages, too! Here’s what we chatted about.

Lenita’s passion for health and young people always empowered her into learning ways to educate youth on how to become healthy, confident and resilient. This passion led her to becoming a Physical Education Teacher, to raise awareness on the importance of student wellbeing.

Wanting to expand her classroom, she left her teaching role to become a Youth Speaker and Teen Coach. She speaks in high schools to deliver resilient presentations and provides students with practical ways to help them overcome various hardships in their life.

With the success of her youth speaking business, Lenita supports leaders and experts in Personal Development and Financial Literacy, in becoming Youth Speakers to share their story and expertise with the youth around the world – essentially filling the gaps in the education system.

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Things we discussed:

  • Introduction given by Lenita Abouchabake to the listeners and the problem with traditional of education system and limited soft skills, building abundance and financial literacy in the Western world.
  • What are taught in Australian system?
  • What are the differences between non self-aware and self-aware people.
  • What are the big issues and the commonalities that are happening amongst youth?
  • What is the paradox of detention in schools?
  • Rejection & Resentment
  • The importance of individuals’ purpose.
  • Roadblocks and overcoming them.
  • How to create opportunities for yourself?
  • How to invest in yourself and make an impact.

Thank you for listening!

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Interviewee #025 – Luke Burrows, Joint-Mentorship with Motivational Mentors is Back!

Welcome back to another podcast interviewee, and in this episode I’m bringing back my partner in crime.  Luke Burrows, the Co-Host of Motivation Mentors, is here to talk about the birth of the Grow2Gether Academy and the huge launch we have coming up in January. Tune in!

Luke Burrows is the founder of Grow2Gether a online personal growth community for millennials to help them stand, rise and grow together. Luke works with the young people of today to help them change the way they think to unlock their potential through coaching and mentoring”

Luke Burrows
Mindset Coach, Entrepreneur and Founder of Grow2Gether
P: 077855 63170
E:    W:


Show Notes

Things that were discussed. 


Things we discussed:

  • Grow2Gether Academy and why Luke has started it. 
  • The targets for the academy and the demographics.
  • What types of courses will be available on the Grow2Gether Academy. 
  • Beginners of personal development and what their recommendations would be. 
  • What additional perks are there in the academy.
  • Are the expectations high?
  • Will there be an app for Grow2GatherAcademy for iOS and Android?
  • More features which will become readily available on the Grow2Gather Academy.

Listen to “Interviewee #025 – Luke Burrows with The Grow2Gether Academy” on Spreaker.

Thank you for listening!


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Stephen Covey’s Speed of Trust: Season 4 – Episode 3 – The Five Waves of Trust

Stephen Covey posted in the book what I THOUGHT was AMAZING! Let’s break it down.

Five years ago I was working with some associates in a small group and they loved the approach: “We love this leadership content! It’s right on! But our division leaders don’t understand this.  They are the ones who really need to hear it.”

After that, he presented the content to the division leaders: we’re in full agreement with everything you’re saying.  This approach is GREAT! The problem is that the people who really need it are our bosses.”

He went to the bosses…..and again…..”We are enthusiastic about this content! It’s very insightful and helpful.  But our counterparts in the five divisions don’t understand this.  They are the ones who need to hear it.”

It went on and on, as you can see.  Finally, after probably 7-8 presentations, there was the CEO.

“This content is great, but I’m powerless.  I can do nothing.  It’s all in the hands of the board.”

His father once said, “if you think the problem is out there, that very thought is the problem.”

People, just because there are trust issues in your workplace, to your personal life, it doesn’t mean you’re powerless!  In fact, you probably have no idea how powerful you can be in changing the level of trust in any relationship if you know how to work “from the inside out.”

The First Wave: Self Trust

The first wave deals with us.  Our ability to set and achieve goals, to keep commitments, to walk our talk — and also with our ability to inspire trust in others.

The key underlying principle of this trust is credibility, the four cores we’ll be getting into shortly.

So, when you’re not able to keep your commitments, as mentioned before, you lose integrity, credibility, trust, and so many other things.

The Second Wave: Relationship Trust

Trust accounts. Period.  We will go over the 13 behaviors coming up real soon, and all of these rules can be applied either at home or work.  This can significantly increase the ability to generate trust with all involved in order to enhance relationships.

The Third Wave; Organizational Trust

How leaders can deal with trust.  Gary Vee and Tom Bilyeau were recently speaking on a podcast about trust issues and changing from the top.  If you have trust issues amongst the bottom, imagine what’s happening at the top? I worked for a guy in the heart of CBD and he told the guy below him, “don’t let Arsenio teach TOEIC because the students don’t like black teachers.”  He was against it, ofcourse.  Now I’m writing ebooks on TOEIC because I knew what my strength was.  Sometimes distrust can spell STRENGTH.

The Fourth Wave: Market Trust

This is about your company/personal brand, which reflects the trust customers, investors, and others in the marketplace have in you.

Now that I’m building a personal brand with my ESL podcast and blogs, if and when I start teaching through my business, my name is everything. If my name is attached to thievery and distrust, it’s over. I lose.

The Fifth Wave: Societal Trust

The principle underlying this wave is contribution.  This is why I’m doing my Arsenio Buck Foundation.  We counteract this “giving back” with suspicious, cynicism, and low-trust inheritance. We can also inspire others to create value and contribute, as well.

So, I’ll first talk about restoring trust, seeking, speaking, behaving, and then we’ll kick off the first wave.

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Positive Mental Attitude: Season 2 – Episode 15 – Food, Physical & Mental Energy

“Yes, to maintain your level of both physical and mental energy you need to exercise both your body and mind. But there is a third factor. Your body and mind both need to be fed properly. You help to maintain your physical body by taking in quantities of wholesome, nutritious foods. You maintain your mental and spiritual vigor by absorbing mental and spiritual vitamins from inspirational and religious books.

Vitamins—necessary for a healthy mind and body! George Scarseth, Ph.D., former Director of Research for the American Farm Research Association in Lafayette, Indiana, told about a village on the seacoast of Africa. The village is more advanced than a community of similar tribes in the interior. Why? Because its inhabitants are physically stronger and more mentally alert—they have more bodily energy—than the interior tribes-men. The difference between the tribesmen on the coast and those living inland stems from a difference in diet. The village tribesmen in the interior do not have a sufficient amount of protein whereas those on the coast obtain quantities from the fish they eat.”

Excerpt From: Napoleon Hill. “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude.” iBooks.

Health Energy

So, as mentioned before and on so many different blogs (and will possibly reiterate myself in the coming years/decades), there are lots of forms of energy.

I had a conversation with a troll, who was a boss, at my old boss after he observed my package and supplements labled “Herbalife.”

“What do you buy that stuff for?”

“Well, you see there’s _________ and ________”….and when you try explaining yourself to a Gen B, his/her ears are already cut off from accepting anything because they believe their preconceived notions.  He said that if I eat regular food, I wouldn’t need supplements.

Hmmm, that’s interesting. MAYBE in Thailand, a country where there aren’t giant factories in the outskirts of the city producing processed foods to kill people (This. Is. America), there are still essentials and deficiencies, especially in Selenium and Zinc.

How could someone impose their WILL of not knowing wtf they’re talking about on you? Well, Gen B’s always seem to know best, right? LOL.

Nonetheless, I’ve been using Herbalife for a while already and I’m absolutely AMAZED at some of the wonderful products which have helped me with my digestive tract, immune support, and just vitamins in general.

Mental Energy

Mental energy — YES! What are you feeding the mind.  There have been alot of likes on posts I HATE seeing.  Yes, social reform and for good causes, but the amount of negativity, especially in the America community which pushes the narrative that there IS EQUALITY THERE, is too much for me.  How is it allowing me to grow? Just that…it ISN’T!

So, if it isn’t, then what are you going to do about it? Clean your NEWSFEED!

“If you suspect that your diet is deficient in certain vitamins and elements so that your energy level is depressed, you should do something about it. A good cookbook can help you, and there are government pamphlets available at low cost. If the condition persists, have a physical checkup.
Like your body, your subconscious mind will accept and absorb mental and spiritual vitamins without effort. But, unlike your physical body, the subconscious will digest and retain unlimited quantities. Unlike your stomach, it never becomes stuffed! It will take and hold as much as you feed it—and still hold more!”

In effect, the subconscious mind is like a battery. From it, you can obtain tremendous surges of mental and spiritual energy which often transmute themselves into physical vitality. These jolts of energy will go to waste if we permit them to be short-circuited by needless negative emotions. But used constructively, this energy can multiply itself many times, just as a powerhouse generator produces vast amounts of useful power.

Excerpt From: Napoleon Hill. “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude.” iBooks.



How To Find Books That Are Worth Your Time

Ok, Sci-Fi, Romantic novels, dramas, politics, etc…..throw them in the bin.

If we break everything down in macro, you’re sleeping for 6-8 hours a night, school/work for 6-10 hours a day and commuting to work, on average, from 1-2 hours a day.  So we’re looking at a minimum of 13 hours being handed away and maximum of 18-20 hours a day.

So, that gives us very little time to focus on ourselves.  Focusing on the qualities that will enable us to the next big stage in our life.  If you’re spending time playing video games, social media scrolling (those who become lost in the virtual world), or reading a book that doesn’t help you with your life, you’re losing and the clock is ticking.

Become aware of where you’re throwing away your time.  You don’t have time to read? Ok, you can listen to a personal development/self-improvement podcast/video on your way to work to get your brain food for the day.

But for those of you that don’t have time to read, there are essential human qualities that schools/universities seriously don’t help human beings with.

If we look at Purpose, Self-Confidence, Leadership, Tolerance, Pleasing Personality, Self-Control, and all of these other essential qualities needing in all fields of endeavor, none are taught.

If I look at my ex-boss, he’s lacking sympathy, empathy, and has a massive intolerance problem.  On top of that, his personality wretched with a stench and he has no confidence.  Get this….he’s wealthy (but living in Thailand for all the wrong reasons).  See what I mean?

Ok, let’s get even deep.  I work for a part-time job with two women and one of them has one of the worst personalities I’ve ever seen since my first boss in southeast Thailand.  She’s very standoffish and only looks after herself.

Let’s talk about present time…like now.  I’m in a shopping plaza eating a garden salad and I just saw two women walking their dogs in the shopping plaza.  Their dogs both have four shoes on their feet.  Yeah.  They accidentally ran into another group of human beings and didn’t apologize.  Instead, they picked up their dogs and gave them a kiss.

These two are suffering from an insurmountable amount of EGOISM.

Now, are you going to spend your time in front of a monitor in a virtual world? Are you going to spend your time reading books that serve you no purpose? Or are you going to work on yourself to become the best possible version of you? Podcast down below!


Remember That No One Ever Kicks A Dead Dog

What does this mean?

Well, to be very blunt, no one would try to seek vengeance on someone who has already died.  For example, Les Brown once said, “people die at 20 but they’re not buried until 70.”

This is the reference I’m trying to give you.

“So when you are kicked and criticised, remember that it is often done because it gives the kicker a feeling of importance.  It often means that you are accomplishing something and are worthy of attention.  Many people get a sense of savage satisfaction out of denouncing those who are better educated than they are or more successful.” – Dale Carnegie

How true is this for the reader? Well, look at the circumstances you go through or have been through in your school/work related life? How many times can you count off the top of your head someone, being at your school or work place, denouncing you for whatever reason.  Literally inventing things out of thin air to drop your defences? This is what these “dead dogs” do.  It’s unfortunate we have to refer to other human beings as a dead animal, but I’m speaking figuratively, not literally.

Let’s put this into perspective.

First Story – Hubert

There was a guy name Hubert I used to work with.  Hubert was a very closed, cynical dutchman who hated everything about Thailand.  When I asked him about his past, he was irked and almost shut down the conversation.  Apparently he had kids with a Thai wife, and now they no longer speak to him.  There were several other red flags when working with him, so I decided to keep away from him for the sake of myself.

What ended up happening is the moment I made the conscious effort to say “enough is enough. I can no longer join this whiney bitch party,” I then became the talk of the language center.  He tried his hardest to have me retaliate to his primary school antics.  It could go from stepping on my shoes, to talking to teachers about books I like….degrading them.  Well, the coordinator came into my room one day and said, “some of the teachers aren’t happy about what you’re saying on the podcast.”  My jaw dropped and I had a feeling go down my spine.  I knew it was Hubert, so I asked him, “wait, you’re telling me Hubert put my name in on google to see if he can find dirt about me? You’re not asking him why he did that, nor are you telling him NOT to stop?”  As a “boss,” Upham was pathetic, but he hated confrontation.

Fast-forwarding it…that’s when all the dead dogs that I worked with: the sex tourists, wife tourists, pedaphiles, and sex offenders tried getting me fired by ignoring me.  Hubert, who was the culprit of it all, ended up firing himself because he had terrible complaints from the students.  His workload fell completely and I said, “you know what, don’t quit.”  The front office staff messaged me and told me to be strong, so I came back stronger than ever the next day, not backing down from the Gen B’s.  Why? They’re already dead….so-to-speak.  They’ve given up on life.  They’re running from the past and all I can do is have empathy and the awareness that I have to stay away from them.

Second Story – Ian

Ian, who is/was 70-years-old with a 30-year-old wife, was another one who was finished.  Like Gary Vee says, “if you complain in the first hour I’ve met you…you’ve lost.”  Ian would make smart comments and chastize the students along with another savage teacher by the name of Robert.  Ian is one of those guys who say, “hello, Arsenio.”  Later on that evening, he send an email to the head fool saying, “Arsenio is using the interactive whiteboard to promote his YouTube channel.”

I seriously believe there was something wrong in Ian’s head.  You can’t be my friend if you’re trying to get me fired.  Also, he would give me chocolates and print so much information about different things….yet talk bad about me behind my back? Dead dog – check.

What can I learn from all of this? Well, I’ve worked with people who’ve had insidious agenda.  I was the remarkably inspiring teacher…and I was shoved away.  Why was I shoved away? Literally speaking, because I was “color.”  Speaking from a more deeper level, I shouldn’t have been there.  This is why I ended up quitting.  I was working with a bunch of disgraceful pseudo-teachers/quitters at this particular language center and it was burying me more as the months went on.  When the above story happened with Hubert, I should’ve quit….but then he would’ve won.  Later on that year, I should’ve resigned and moved on. but I was fearful that no one else would accept a “black” man as a teacher.

Boy….was I wrong.

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Idea of Heroism Has Been Shattered

Athletic ‘stars’ such as Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry & more are considered role models and heroes in a many of communities across America; yet, they rarely sign autographs for fans or give back to fans/communities.

If you look at Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, and other football players in Europe, they have more than 100 million followers on social media, but what acts of heroism have they displayed? How have they made your life better?  What did they change within your mind? At less you’re an athlete, this doesn’t really relate to anyone.

I stopped taking sports serious when I realized I was losing my voice for people who didn’t even know I existed.

I stopped taking university basketball serious when I realized I didn’t have anything invested into those students or that particular university.

I stopped taking sports seriously in general because I felt a degree of separation.

Seeing those fans front-row of Man U games flipping off players they know nothing about.  Is that really how humanity should be? Is that the divide we need in a world that’s itching so desperately for a leader?

When it comes to heroism, I’m talking about Rosa Parks making a stand for African Americans and what a lot of people believe was the kickoff of the Civil Rights Movement in America.

What about the wondrous Muhammad Ali who did absolutely everything for African Americans spanning decades; in addition, helping free some hostages in the early 90’s.

How about those incredible beings who have scaled Mt. Everest and beat off ‘death zone.’

I feel that the world looks up to the wrong people.  The pop singers who don’t give a hoot about their fans, the actresses who lavish themselves in endless materialism and deny as little as a handshake with fans.  As human beings, we now have changed the way we view role models, and quite honestly it’s pretty sickening.

One of my students here in Thailand said he did a presentation after Muhammad Ali died in class and his Thai teacher said, “why do you like him? He’s black.  He’s ugly.”

However, when Paul Walker died, the entire world mourned, although illegal street racing statistics have gone up insurmountably since the first instalment back in 2001 (  That was just shortly after the movie was launched, too.

Heroism comes with bravery, courage, valor, self-sacrifice, fearlessness, boldness.  Pushing the true human potential wheel to the very edge.  What those firefighters did climbing the stairwell of the twin towers on that infamous September morning.

Those are the true heroes.  The one’s who made an unbelievable sacrifice to push humanity, even if it costed their lives.  That also sounds like entrepreneurs.  The ‘real’ legacy being left behind.

That’s heroism.