Lisa Nichols’ Play-time

Your Playtime
Another area you’ll want to be crystal clear about is how you play during your off-hours—including the importance of scheduling playtime by actually marking it on the calendar.
Playtime should allow you to completely disconnect from your responsibilities for the specified period of time—whether it’s a one-hour respite, a two-week vacation, or a three-month sabbatical. Not only that, but playtime should also be spent in true enjoyment at an activity you love. It should never be spent merely catching up on your sleep, recovering from illness, or recuperating from a weeklong bout of overwork. Getting back on an even keel—for instance, going from a negative 4 to a zero—should never be the sole purpose of playtime.

How do you like to play? Playtime should be designed to create harmony in your life. Think about all the things you used to do ten years ago before you got busy.
When I’m off the clock, I like to go to the Caribbean. I swim in the ocean every single day. I wear different clothes, go dancing, and even turn off my cell phone so my mind knows I’ve unplugged.

Excerpt From: Lisa Nichols & Janet Switzer. “Abundance Now.” iBooks.

One of my biggest goals this year was to implement more “play-time” into my schedule. This is HUGE because while listening to Lisa Nichols’ audiobook, I realized that I still wasn’t putting it into my schedule.

Lisa says it’s about completely disconnecting. I love this idea and I take it seriously because when I’m out with my friends, whether it’s my Ugandans warrior friend or a new recent friend I just made, I literally turn off my phone for the time being and zero in on what everyone else is saying. Whatever is happening outside doesn’t matter because this particular person (or would be) who’s sitting directly in front of me deserves that attention.

What’s even more exciting is when I tune back into my phone and see a bunch of great news. It’s all worth it in the end.

But Monday and Wednesday evenings are my free-time days. This is when I fit activities into my schedule in regards to nurturing relationships and reconnecting with awesome entrepreneurs online to have a mastermind session.

Yes, traveling is everything to me, and with potential trips to Egypt and Fiji (along with an already booked Malaysia/Spartan race trip) looming large, I couldn’t be more excited.

However, I love teaching. If it’s in podcast form or writing form. It’s everything to me and it’s when I feel most alive, so why would I stop doing something that makes me feel alive? It’s impossible. On days that I don’t teach, I feel empty. On days I don’t do my podcasts or teach, that’s like a day without technology to some, which would essentially be tragic.

A lot of people who are reading, or will read this blog will side more with the Gary Vee “I don’t want to take vacations, go to museums, BLAH BLAH BLAH!” Yeah, museums aren’t my thing, either, but I must assure you that vacations and living are the number one priority. I will not take my money with me when I die, either. It’s all about impact.

So here are your questions.

  • How are you disconnecting from work?
  • Are you constantly “hustling” and not enjoying the “me” time?
  • Do you have specific times, dates, or holidays that you plan around your “play-time?”


Darren Hardy: Associations – Who’s Influencing You?

Who do you spend the most time with?

Honestly, ask yourself this question because within it lies the answer to all your sorrows.  Are you constantly around negative people? Do I have to bring this up AGAIN? You are who your closest five friends are.  Just do me a favor and drop one loser friend out of your life.  Ok, if you don’t want to expunge the human being because he’s been your friend all your life, just reduce the amount of time you talk to him/her for.  Go form speaking three times a day to him/her – to two times a day.  It will make a difference.

When I first moved to Bangkok, I had no idea that I developed a hell of an intuition for the 11 months I was in Las Vegas (after my Australia visa finished).  What happened was I had a friend.  This friend had a “bad” job….not even sure how I met her (she was a soapy massage girl).  When I met her for the second time ever, I saw the amount of bad energy she had.  The feeling of pain (agony), discontent, anger, and depression that was around her was unbearable.  I recall looking into her eyes at one point and I immediately looked away.  When I left to my main province in job in southeast Thailand, I never spoke to her again.

Later, I had a couple friends by the name of Mook and Ploy who were very nice individuals.  I realized then that I should probably be around nice people; rather than soapy massage girls (comical – I know).

Do you spend time around people who want more in life, or people who are considered “losers?”

Who are the people you most admire?

Ahhhh….the sound of Les Brown’s voice is amazing.  Many of you reading this blog probably admire your parents, your best friends, even the dog down the road.  By all means…we have different means of inspiration, but my parent (my mother…I don’t consider Willie my parent) fueled my inspiration in 2006 when she gave me all rights to my life.  Magnificent human being.  After that, I found my inspiration on YouTube in 2015 – the last year I constantly victimized myself.   Lisa Nichols, Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Tim Ferris, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, and other books and videos disrupted my biochemistry and I began to believe in myself again – oh, most notably – Jack Canfield.

How about you? Do you admire sports stars? Or, do you admire historical figures of the past? 

Are those two groups of people exactly the same? 

They’re all the same in terms of inspiration and what they preach and teach about.

Eventually, over the course of x amount of months, whoever you spend time with most….you begin to eat what they eat, talk what they talk, walk how they walk, dress like they dress, treat people how they treat people, read what they read.  You name it…you become it.

Think of a friend who orders the greasy food or cocktails before dinner (although I love me some oven-baked chicken and long islands from time-to-time), and if you hang out with them enough, you’ll know that it’s a very ugly habit.  Just recently I met a girl who was saying, “I hate working out. It’s boring. It’s not fun.  I’m lazy…and I like being fat.”  Stay around someone like that long enough and you’ll become that person.  Meanwhile, your other friends order healthy food and talk about the inspiring books they’re reading and their ambitions in their businesses, and you begin to assimilate their behaviors and habits. You read and talk about what they talk about, you see the movies they’re excited about, and you go to the places they recommend.

This was one of the biggest deciding factors in leaving America permanently.  I knew if I had stuck around in my families sorrows, I too, would become part of their sorrows.  The 11 months from June 2012 – May 2013 were some of the most difficult months of my life.  The constant nagging, not having enough money comments, complaining about one’s boyfriend, bad-mouthing people from work….it wore me out.  Luckily, I purchased a pair of Bose Headphones, which was one of the smartest purchases I’ve ever made in my life, in Australia earlier in 2012.  Nonetheless, you can’t live a positive life around negative people.

So, ask yourself now: “what’s the combined average income, health, and attitudes of the people you spend the most time with?”

When I was in Australia last year, my ex-friend (yeah, my ex-friend) had become a nurse.  Her income was much more than mine, but it inspired me.  My best friend in New York makes more than me.  That also inspires me.  Those are, or were my closest friends.  I don’t have to worry about this because I’m around my students the majority of the time.  So after a long work day, I don’t go hang out with friends because I have to prepare everything for the next day.

However, you….the reader….you need to write down the names of those five people. Write down the main characteristics.  Look at where they’re going in life, the relationships they have with other people.  Is that list ok for you. Are you heading in the right direction?


How Reading Books Changed My Life

It was a potential trip to Singapore – resulting in a completely botched trip because of a friend pulling a hiatus and me saying to myself, “well, Arsenio….you spent about 300-400$ USD on this trip to stay in a hotel with a “friend” and her apparent boyfriend.  Are you sure you don’t want to go?”


“Ok, well I’m going to put something in your life and it’s up to you to find it.”

It was like the universe speaking to me; only then I realized that the keyword was “library.”

I recall getting in a minivan stuffed up with 13 other people and headed into the heart of the city to go to a bookstore.  Asia Books, which is one of the most famous bookstores here in Thailand, was a goliath sitting in it’s lonesome at the end of the shopping plaza.  I walked in and went straight to the self-development section.

There it was.  Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success staring at me.  First thing I noticed was that it was MASSIVE.  We’re talking more than 500 pages; and the pages were BIG!  Just a couple months earlier I heard Will Smith mention Paulo Coelho’s book “The Alchemist,” which was standing unscathed right next to Napoleon’s book.  I snagged both off the bookshelf, had some wondrous Mexican food, and booked it home to start the reading.

That was the beginning.  Just a few months later, Jack Canfield’s The Success Principles made it’s way into my lap on top of a few others such as Lisa Nichols’ Abundance Now, Tony Robbins Money: Master The Game, and Dale Carnegie’s The Art of Public Speaking.

Since then, my life has completely changed, and it all came from a small shift in my awareness.



75 Days Left In The Year – How Will You Finish?

We’re coming down to the last stretch of 2017, and I know a lot of my Americans are whipping out their New Years Resolution books.


Resolutions = resolve.  What are you trying to resolve in your life?  Are you trying to set-goals or kick some bad habits?  This all comes right back down to the word “paradigm.”

The habits you have in your life probably don’t serve you any purpose for your future ambitions.  A lot of people say will being saying, “2018 is going to be my b****”….however, your subconscious mind doesn’t know what 2018 is.  The same habits you had in 2017 will carry over to 2018, making it another redundant year for you.

When I started watching videos from the likes of Lisa Nichols (which I’ll post right below this entry), something started disrupting my insides.  That biochemistry began to change because of what was being said in that particular video during a very tumultuous several months of my life in 2015.

Lisa Nichols

“At some point,” she said, “can I stop asking myself to be great? To be brilliant?”  Yes, everyone can.  There was a time in her life when she made the DECISION to stop what was happening around her.

I spoke recently on my podcast about how come poor people stay with poor people? You’ll never see a “rich” person in the same slums as those in Khlong Toei, Bangkok’s notorious slum.  NEVER.  They’re around the same like-minded people who will serve them purpose.  Lisa Nichols decided to get up and leave, and she certainly didn’t wait until the dusk of the year to do it, either.

And years later, look at the transformation that she went through.  Unbelievable.  “Some people want the convenience of transformation without the inconvenience.” – Lisa Nichols

You’re going to have to bust down the tera barrier within your mind….separate yourself from the haves and have-nots. Make a declaration to yourself that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.


Learn More To Earn More

If I am through learning, I am through. – John Wooden

Vishen Lakhiani of Mindvalley said, “when people graduate from university, that’s their official graduation from learning.  Who wants to stop learning?!”

That was perfectly put.  People who have more information have a tremendous advantage over the others that don’t.  I’m not saying to completely inundate yourself in material, I’m just saying simple behaviors such as reading for an hour a day, turning television time into learning time, attending classes, training programs, gym workouts, morning runs, mastermind groups, or anything to increase your knowledge will substantially increase your level of success.

Television time.  Break that word down for a moment — tell-a-vision.  Instead of having pity parties about deforestation, famine, global warming, Donald Trump and missiles, have a vision party.  You know the average American watches television for 6 hours a day. 6 HOURS A DAY! Ummmm….that would be my family! By the time you’re 60 years old, you will have wasted 15 years of your life watching superficial TV that will in no way help you with you goals or dreams.

W. Clement Stone, who was one of the best mentors the planet has ever seen, explained one day that cutting out just 1 hour of television a day creates an extra 365 hours per year to accomplish whatever is most important to you.

What can you do with that extra hour? Learn a new language! Get superfit.  Spend quality time with your wife and children, learn to play a new musical instrument, do more sales calls, or walk down the street smiling freakishly at people.

Leaders Are Readers

“The late Jim Rohn, one of America’s foremost motivation philosophers, suggested using that 1 extra hour a day to read.  He taught me that if you were to read one book a week, in 10 years you’d have read 520 books, and in 20 years, more than 1,000 books – enough to easily put you in the top 1% of experts in your field.  Add to those the books from masters in related areas you’d have an edge that others simply don’t have.” – Jack Canfield.

Start studying the lives of great people.  The routines, which I’ve mentioned so many times, are critical in the morning.  Adopting new systematic habits that will jumpstart your morning and make you have a productive morning.  All of these are critical components.  Attending success conferences and retreats like A-Fest, becoming a coachable individual, and being prepared when opportunity knocks are all part of the process.

What do you need to get ready?

If you’re an industry expert and believe your consulting business would skyrocket after presentation a workshop at a national convention, why not get prepared now?

If you want to become a Tedx speaker, start practicing your speech in the mirror so when you do get an email, you’re ready to go.

Do you need to learn a new foreign language to speak to other individuals?  Could you develop advanced skills, more resources, or new contacts? Do you need to get your body in physical shape such as what I’m doing 365 days a year? Should you expand your business skills, sales skills, or negotiating skills?

Whatever you need to do to get ready, start now by making an list of the top ten things you could be doing to be great when the opportunity finds you.


Life-Giving, Lifetime, & Purposeful Relationships.

I loved reading Lisa Nichols book in terms of relationships that come and go in our lives, and it reminds me a lot of Tyler Perry’s ‘Madea Goes To Jail’ play where he explained metaphorically about a tree.  You are the tree, and you have leaves, branches, and roots.  Friends go into all categories just how Lisa Nichols explained in her book.  With that being said, let’s dive in.

Lifetime Relationships

No matter what happens in life, one is going to bury the other.  These lifetime relationships can come at any given time.  For example, I have my best friend in New York who I’ve know almost two decades – lifetime.  My other best friend in Phoenix who I’ve known from college – lifetime.  Lastly, my best friend in Melbourne, Australia who I recently met in 2013 – lifetime.  These are considered the roots.  Without the roots, the tree cannot live.  Cherish your roots,  Be grateful for your roots.  Water your roots.  Take care of your roots, because when you’re on death bed, those roots will be right by your side going over the funnest of times in life.

Life-Giving Relationships

These typically range from a one-time meeting to a two year relationship.  I like to say that they can sometimes be life-giving acquaintances.  These are the people who simply give you a compliment to show that you got it.  The passerbys who say, “wow, you’re beautiful. You’re handsome. I love your suit.  You have a wonderful smile.”  They’re life-giving because with those comments, they give life, right? They put you back in the game and show you that you that it’s not over yet.  They could be full of love, or they can be ridiculously boisterous.  Loud, obnoxious, too much tension, then they disappear as what happened to me 8 years ago with someone who was life-giving and purposeful (will post the link to the podcast down below).

Purposeful Relationships

This is the hard one.  This is the one where an individual comes into your life to fulfill a purpose.  Example, I had a friend name Yunita back in 2009, who had an immense amount of problems clinging onto her from her past boyfriend, but I could relate (giving my ex dumped me at the dawn of the New Year) at the time.  Having ended a relationshipsI thought was going to go the distance, it took months before that “first love” was off my conscious, and there was a specific night during a NCAA National Championship game (North Carolina vs Michigan State) when she came into my life and everything changed.  We both had the same problems and we got over them together…..and when we did, the relationship forever took a turn.  There was no excitement or spark left until one day during the last game of the NBA Championship two months later, we got into a massive argument then BOOM! Done.  It started during the collegiate basketball championship and ended during the NBA championship.  What a coincidence.  However, it was suppose to happen.  Too much noise and too much complaining, but she was there to only fulfill that purpose which was ultimately fulfilled.

The Notable

As I’ve talked about an insane amount of times, my Japanese friend traveled from Kyoto, Japan to visit me in Las Vegas, Nevada for 8 days.  That was a purposeful relationship, too.  Why? She made me promise that I would come see her abroad, and I fulfilled that purpose a year later, which ultimately changed the trajectory of my life forever.  On the other hand, when I got there, the feelings weren’t there between her and I and resulted in a tragic ending of our relationship.  It wasn’t her who I was chasing, though – it was the idea of traveling abroad, and here I am in Thailand having an amazing time.

See how these relationships work?


Questions & Answer: When Did I Start Reading

Ahhhh, questions and answers day.  One of my proud listeners asked me about when I started reading and about how I have so much knowledge in the personal development realm….so let me tell you step-by-step the unfolding of my soul.

First book….Rhonda Byrne’s ‘The Magic


This was one of the very first books I bought in Bangkok.  Being on the outskirts of Thailand, most book stores don’t have anything in English, nor was I buying anything on iBooks.  However, when I finally got my hand on this, these gratitude exercises began helping me with my incredibly negative mindset, especially during one of the most difficult months of my life.  With 30 days of gratitude exercises, this was great…but it didn’t necessarily help me in developing habits.

Jack Canfield – The Key To Living The Law of Attraction


This book came about 5 months after (April 2015) and made me start writing down a bunch of things in terms of goals.  One of the most notable exercises is the 101 goals list.  Write down the 101 goals you want to achieve before leaving the body and domain.  I wrote down 99 and I’ve achieved 37 already, which is quite remarkable.  Studies have shown that if you write your goals down, it increases the chances of obtaining that specific goal by 40%.  If you’re even more specific with the dates, up the ante even more.  This book was a good starting point for me.

Paul Coelho and Napoleon Hill



Paulo was read before Napoleon, and it indeed was a good book because it showed the perseverance of man.  The little boy going after his alchemy in the pyramids.  It’s a really good short-read and I would highly recommend it for a lot of non-native English speakers to get you in the game.

On the other hand, Napoleon Hill’s ‘Law of Success’ was the game changer.  This was the one that started changing my paradigms and everything in my mind.  Going through 15 lessons and doing podcasts on them, it has also changed a bunch of my listeners’ lives, too.  This is a “Highly Difficult” read and I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who can’t speak English fluently.  However, you could always tune into my podcasts on YouTube or iTunes to listen to me go over key points. 😉


This is the one whereas not only I’ve made podcasts for all episodes, but most notably, Principle Number 5, was the principle that restored my self-esteem and confidence in myself after it had been taken away from society.  Believing in myself again and the number of unbelievable exercises for not just business people, but the “ordinary,” makes it an absolute get.  I will recommend this book for all levels of learners.


The geographical, social, and a number of other blueprints that have been controlling our mindsets of money seriously made me realize that I changed mine unconsciously 10 years ago.  This book is one of my absolute favorites, and especially for all the women out there – MUST GET! This is such an easy read and it makes you write down a lot of things.

The thing is, I’m not one of those people who read fictional novels because I did buy Paulo’s ‘Adultery’ at the same time I bought the ‘Alchemist’ and with the storyline, it began making me angry and relating to the things in my personal life.  So, I ended up giving it up.  I want reads that are life-changing and enthralling, not things that can dictate my frequency and vibrational levels in a negative way.

With that being said, I also have a podcast about why I chose these books and go into more detail so you can also have a listen if you’d like.  Other notable mentions are Tim Ferris’ 4-hour work week and Tony Robbins.


Lisa Nichols: Abundance Now Book – Conclusion

For those of you who have followed me on this wondrous journey (podcast listeners and people on the blog) that features a lot of what Lisa Nichols had said in her Abundance Now book are probably wondering what’s next.

What is the most immediate thing you can do to start living abundantly, building your future, and establishing your legacy? Take action!

It’s time to decide what you want, create a plan to pursue it, then move forward—regardless of your fear, your lack of experience or knowledge, your lack of resources, or anything else.

Those things you’re afraid to do, do them afraid! You will learn along the way.  Remember, the CEO of Spartan Race was going through hell at one point in his life and saw that there was an ultra-marathon and several other “batshit crazy” events approaching in his local area – he signed up. IMMEDIATELY.  What did that do? Disrupted the bodies biochemistry.

Begin by getting crystal clear about what you want in the 12 areas of your life (or the eight categories of life that I’ve talked about in Glenn Harold’s book). Determine the relationships you want, the career or work you want to do, the physical rewards you want to enjoy—all the hallmarks of your abundant life.

Remember the Four E’s I’ve talked to you about.

Enrichment – of your whole Self, not only will you be able to better pursue that abundance, but you’ll enjoy it a lot more as you move into exciting new activities, directions, and opportunities.

Enchantment in your Relationships—the feeling of delight and magic you get from the people who surround you, support you, and encourage you.  Shake off the effects of the toxic people in your space; the energy drainers; and reach out for people who make you stand on your tippy-toes. I want you to become intentional about the quality of your relationships—not just the current ones, but the new ones you want to form. I want you to become deliberate about the caliber of people you spend time with, learning how to seek out those people who inspire you to do better, create more, play bigger, and win more often.

Having people in your life who feel your social circle but do more taking than giving, get rid of them.  If you flock with the losers, you’ll end up a loser.

“Engagement you get from your Work, your business, or your career. I’m convinced that you have a calling in your life, a life assignment that commands your time, talent, and treasures. It’s up to you to recognize whether you’re in that calling now—or whether you need to shift into it, using your current “job” as an investor in your exciting and breathtaking future. There is so much opportunity out there to thrive—but at all times, strive to make it work for you. Strive to achieve harmony (but not balance) between the time you spend on your work and the time you dedicate to family, hobbies, and rest and renewal.” – Lisa Nichols

The legacy, which I’ve talked about, is important.  Stop calling your job A JOB and look at it from an investment standpoint.  Just like sleeping, we spend another 6-10 hours a day (depending on your career field) on your “job”… start investing and figuring out what new skills you need to acquire to get to the next level.

Endowment – Eliminating those old-money mantras.  The negative beliefs that was programmed within our minds at a young age whether it was economical, geographical, social, etc….it’s time to create new beliefs about money.  There’s a money affirmation on YouTube that Bob Proctor made in courtesy to Mind Valley which is basically him repeating an affirmation over and over for 30 minutes.  Stop putting money in the same sentence with scarcity.

For anyone who has questions about any of the podcasts or want to leave a comment about the Lisa Nichols segment, you’re more than welcome to do so.

Until then, stay tuned for the next book!

Podcast –


TEDx – Getting Personal

Audiences could be warm, fuzzy, empathetic and loving; other audiences could be cold and monotonous to the point you lose inspiration in even giving a talk.

If you look at comedic stand-ups (although TED is much difference from hurling jokes at people), they look at people in the audience who’s enjoying their show, not the one’s who are disinterested.  There are tough crowds all around the world.  In America, L.A. and New York could have the toughest.  Across the pacific, Sydney and especially Melbourne would be just as difficult.  Why? Not sure….but a lot of people are apprehensive with letting someone put “thought” into their minds.


I like to look at my stage at a 180 degree angle and I find someone at the 180, 45, 90, 45, and 180.  When you’re talking and speaking amongst everyone, everyone seems to be interested.  There will be a handful of people who are fully engaged in your ideas, so it’s imperative to communicate with all sides of the audience.

Scientists have said that the act of two people staring at each other triggers an adoption of the emotional state.  It’s kind of like a sync.  What’s the best way to do that? SMILE! In a world where we don’t see a lot of people smiling, this is now a technology that can transform how a talk is received.

Showing vulnerability and opening yourself up is extremely crucial, too.  Looking back at Ray Lewis’ Ted Talk, he wasn’t afraid of showing the audience the pain he went through as a child when his step-father would beat his mother.  He had no shame.  However, it’s also important that you don’t overshare.  Don’t talk about you ex wife or ex gf….that could leave the audience squirming for retreat.

Making them laugh….naturally, triggers one of the best emotional reactions.  It’s kind of like if you meet someone by greeting them…and someone botches the handshake and you guys end of laughing.  Because of that emotional trigger, you’re more prone to memorize that particular person’s name because the laughter you both had.  That’s how you could be remembered on stage, but don’t force it.  If you’re not funny, don’t be funny.  If you’re serious, be serious.  If you’re egomaniacal, adopt a new personality before your talk.

And of course, learning how to become an influential story teller.  I’ll post a YouTube video from A-Fest in regards to Don Jose Ruiz and the wondrous Lisa Nichols.

YouTube –

01:02:23 Lisa Nichols “Run, Leap, Soar”

02:09:07 Don Jose Ruiz “Expanding Art from the Heart”

Podcast –




Lisa Nichols – Financial Readiness Assessment

This assessment is simply finding out where you are right now and where you want to be in the future.  A lot of people aren’t aware of a lot of things including spending, savings, debt, etc. So this assessment and the podcasts I have linked at the bottom for you to listen to will face you in the right direction in terms of your financially abundant future.

This assessment is graded on a scale 1-10.  1 being the absolute worse and 10 having a clear understand where you are in the category.  It’s kind of like the wheel of life exercise that I do from time-to-time (monthly to track my happiness).  If you drop below 5 in any category, don’t beat yourself up.  Be bluntly honest and don’t say, “well, I’ve never done that before.”  Rate yourself where you are and be honest with yourself.  I will post the questions and link my podcast down below so you could have a listen in terms of the explanations of each question.











Excerpt From: Lisa Nichols & Janet Switzer. “Abundance Now.”

Now, with that being done and you writing down everything, what was your score? And now the action steps to take yourself to the next level and create cash flow….


Will be more than excited to hear everyone’s story!  You know how to reach me!