Arsenio’s ESL Podcast | Season 5 Episode 35 | Close Listening | Vocabulary Preview | Children, Sports, & Identity

Ahhh, controversial topics, good vocabulary to speak about, and a preview into what we will be doing next Monday. Following Monday’s post will be a study skill technique called “cornell notes.” Now, I don’t necessarily care so much about universities in general, but while you’re listening, there are different ways you can take notes to separate information. So, welcome to the first part of the three-day festive!

Match the following words from the box with the correct definitions.

Words: eliminate, enhance, initiative, interfere, motivate, outrage, prestige, protective

  1. to encourage someone to behave in a particular way
  2. to deliberately become involved in a situation to try to influence it
  3. a strong feeling of anger and shock at something you feel is unfair
  4. the high reputation that someone or something has earned
  5. wanting to stop someone or something from being hurt
  6. the ability to decide in an independent way what to do and when
  7. to get rid of something that is not wanted or needed
  8. to improve something or make it more attractive or valuable

Complete the sentences with the words in bold.

  1. All competitors would _________ their sports performances if they had the opportunity.
  2. It would be impossible to _________ all elements of competition from society.
  3. Most sports competitors will do anything for the __________ of winning.
  4. Parents and teachers should not _____________ in children’s playground games.
  5. Parents should avoid being too ______________ of their children in team sports.
  6. Prize money is the most effective way to __________ sports competitors.
  7. The government should take the _____________ to fund more public sports centers.
  8. We are right to feel ____________ when a sports competitor is revealed as a cheat.


Don’t Give Up On What You Think Isn’t Working – Those Few People Need You

Just about a year ago I was having a conversation with someone I met on a social media app (fill in the blank).  When I wasn’t getting enough plays on my podcast, I got very discouraged about doing my podcast in general.

To the rescue came this ‘catfish’ girl (or what I at least believed it to be) saying, “you’re not making any podcasts because no one isn’t listening? But what about the very few that are listening, like me? Don’t worry about that.  The ones you do cater to you depend on you.  Don’t give up, please.”

That has stuck with me to this day.  The last few days, my Thai listeners took a massive hit (which I’m a little happy about because that means the snakes have gone away…FINALLY!), but it has taken away the fire of me doing podcasts until my South African listeners came on and then I realized, “if I quit now, what will happen to the people who are in dire need of my voice, inspiration and insight? My Singaporeans, Italians, Spaniards, Americans and other countries? If I go away now, what will happen to them?”

This is the beauty.  This is why Dwayne Johnson always gives his heartfelt thanks back to the fans because if it wasn’t for them, he wouldn’t have the drive today.  This is why in whatever work you’re engaged in, don’t give up.  I’m pleading to you.  You bring smiles, revelation, passion and enthusiasm to a world that desperately needs it.  Don’t ever give up on your dream!