Interviewee #17 – AJ’s Fitness Journey & Entrepreneurship

First time I met this man, I was in awe.  The size of him was unlike anything I had ever seen in my life.  If I can compare him to Evander Holyfield, one of America’s famous boxers, he’s a bit close.  Nonetheless, after chatting it up with him and hearing/seeing his charisma + his story, I decided to bring him on the show.

AJ is an NSCA Certified Personal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning coach.

​AJ’s athletic background and his ongoing curiosity to the latest nutrition and exercise research fuels his passion to assist and educate individuals in fulfilling any fitness and wellness goals. AJ strongly believes in taking a multi-dimensional approach towards optimal health and works with his clients to find ways to incorporate it in their lifestyles.

Get in touch with AJ of Bangkok, Thailand

– About fitness training, personal training and coaching.



Things we discussed:

  • Introduction about himself.
  • How long has AJ been in Bangkok.
  • How he started his work for the Lab and how long he’s been working for the Lab?
  • Discussing about the beginning of his fitness journey.
  • How he ended up in ESPN as a boxer.
  • How he ended up in the national championship.
  • Decision to become a personal trainer in boxing.
  • When the last time he fought in a boxing match.
  • How he ended up in other fields like engineering, teaching Mathematics, being  an online teacher, and digital nomading by travelling to Europe, India and Asia?
  • Your advice on about being a digital nomad or location – independent entrepreneurs.
  • Advise to people about being digital nomads or location – independent.
  • You need to be dedication in your work or side hustling by investing yourself.
  • Find something that is helping you and others. Think big and dare to dream.
  • Why the interviewee ended up in Thailand.
  • Applying teaching jobs from Thailand, South Korea and China.
  • When did you decide to become a fitness trainer?
  • How he branded himself as a fitness trainer?
  • Why the most fit is considered unhealthy?
  • How do you approach your fitness and your health?
  • Talking about mindfulness and personal development.
  • Talking about diets.
  • Be attentive to what and how you are doing with your body and your fitness.
  • Make the wholesome food as your priority in your health and diet.
  • You need to have quality diets between farm raised meat and plant based.
  • Your opinions on about keto-diet from a personal trainer.
  • Do your research about certain diets and lifestyles before you make a decision on which to follow.
  • Marketing about AJ’s personal branding.
  • Balance all in mindfulness, relationships, health and personal development, that’s what it’s all about being healthy.
  • What is the interviewee’s inspiration?
  • What is the interviewee’s outlook from 2 years from now?
  • What is the most difficult workout?
  • What is the number one condition for fat burning?


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Interviewee #7 – Celina Celeste On Self-Growth & Confidence

I had the special privilege of interviewing Celina Celeste on Facebook (Gary Vee’s page).  She connected with me and we spoke for a while until I realized she had a podcast.  I decided to reach out and ended up landing the first interview with her (on The Arsenio Buck Show’s FB page) as we talked about teaching and traveling.  Now she’s on my podcast talking about a very turbulent job in the beginning — turned passion.

It’s amazing how she developed the self-awareness and asked herself, “do I see myself here for the next 10 years?”  Working at a job she completely despised, she finally broke away from it and went onto the next chapter.

Now she has an unbelievable art page, organic dog treat business, and she’s creating a cookbook (currently).  This is the entrepreneurial spirit!

Podcast link down below! Along with links to her pages!

Herbalife Recipe – Pralines N Cream + Strawberry Healthy Meal Shake

Since I have a variety of ingredients at my disposal, I’ve decided to try out an array of different recipes and I stumbled across a fantastic one!

For those sweet-lovers out there, this one, including some blueberries and honey roasted almonds, is in my top 5.

The strawberry canister, which is different from what other countries have around the world, is only here in Thailand.  On the other hand, America has ‘berry’ and Australia apparently has ‘wild berry,’ – both which are great for supplementing the strawberry.  Also, Pralines N Cream is only available in America, so I would tell everyone else around the world to throw in Vanilla.  However, it kind of defeats the purpose of making this recipe though because the Pralines gives it a very distinct taste (sorry to everyone outside of America….but still do try it out).

Blueberries, which is an exceptional brain booster (, works wonders during those mid-afternoon crashes where you see a decrease in energy (depending on if you eat high carbs during lunch).  I like putting these into my smoothies; and even having them at hand during the afternoon, just in case I fall apart (sometimes I do, I’m no god).

The honey organic almonds (or just traditional unsalted almonds) are an excellent source of fat (as I’ve written in my past).  In addition to that, it’s almost like adding a cup of cereal to my smoothie.  It gives it that crunchy texture which is much different from my everyday Orange Cream + Vanilla shakes.

Also, use 2% or non-fat milk and add a few ice cubes (or more depending on if you want it thick or thin).

There you have it! Another wondrous Herbalife recipe for you all! I will be ordering some chocolate soon, so stay tuned for the chocolate + peanut cookie flavours (I’m salivating just thinking about it).