{Patreon Special} Pronunciation Course | Phase III | Rhythm in Phrases & Sentences

This is a PHENOMENAL one, especially for those of you who have problems with enunciation and the rhythm in your sentences. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been coaching a range of students, and one, in particular, has problems with the rhythm in her sentences. Going back to three years ago, I coached a Thai doctor because her rhythm was the exact opposite of what it was supposed to be, failing the 3rd part of her exam to become a doctor in America because the patients didn’t understand her. You have no idea how important it is to have the CORRECT rhythm. So, this podcast is available on all my Patreon badges (if you’re a current student, message me and you get it for free). And if you want the entire VIDEO course to this phase, let inbox me because I will quickly create the course on podia for you. Now, let’s dive into it!


{Patreon Special} Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 6: Episode 18 | In-Company Interviews: Pitching, Closing, Noun Phrases

Welcome back to another interview session! We have the usuals today: Lisa, Robert, Phil, and Wiktor who talk about pitching, knowing your product inside and out, knowing your customer’s needs, and how detrimental it could be in terms of promising your customers an outcome,

To be honest, here in Thailand, lots of language centers love to super-impose on advertisements “Guaranteed 7.5 IELTS!” This is a marketing scheme, but if that had been in America, they could be sued for false advertisement.

In saying that, I never promise anyone anything. What do I do instead? Tune into the podcast!


{Patreon Special} Infinitive & Gerund Phrases | Extra Practice

For those of you who are interested from my most recent post, there are 15 added questions exclusive on my Patreon Badge with an audio cast breaking each one down. If you’re interested, $50 gets you in, along with 3 free hours of coaching for the month in an area of your choice. Interested? Tune in!


{Patreon Template} Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Can You or Can’t You?

In today’s Patreon upload, I discuss goals for 2021, as well as skills that you may need to develop so you can solidify a position at a potential company. It’s very difficult nowadays to cement a job, but if you go to an interview and you’re unable to check the boxes they need an employee to have, you may be in trouble. The podcast is available on the template, too!


{Patreon Template} Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 6 | Sales | Customer Objections – Closing

Welcome back to another Patreon Template! With all my podcast episodes, there are templates and additional tasks, works, and exclusive articles on my Patreon Badge. In this specific template, I talk about customer objections and what you should do if they have questions. It’s kind of like what I’ve been through in terms of my own coaching. I realize that if they have questions, I should do a better job clarifying everything. If I don’t, I could lose a potential client. So, you have a listening, template, conversation and details of what to do….all down below in my Business English Podcast Badge!


Arsenio’s ESL Special – Patreon Sneak Peek – Teen Discrimination

Hmmmm, I was unfortunately part of this. In today’s Patreon Sneak Peek, we have a very unfortunate couple of students who ended up drawing the short stick because of discrimination. I have an even longer story in my podcast (on Patreon) that you guys would be intrigued by. Remember the letter of complaint? Yeah, in my Patreon is a complete write-up on how you can write a letter of complaint in full details. Tune in! Here’s part of the story and my story!

Last Saturday local girl Michelle Richards had an unpleasant experience at the North Woods Multiplex Cinema. Michelle, 17, had gone to see the latest Johnny Depp film with three friends aged between 15 and 17. The film had begun at 3.45pm. When the film finished, Michelle and her friends went to the cinema lobby to wait indoors for their mother to come and pick them up. After five or six minutes, the manager of the multiplex came and asked them if they had tickets. Michelle told the manager that they had just come out of seeing a film and that they were waiting for their parents. The manager then told them that they couldn’t wait in the lobby and that they would have to leave…..(full story on Patreon)

Gateway B2+

My story is far worse and I should’ve taken action immediately against law enforcement and the state of Nevada for wrongfully accusing me for something I couldn’t have possibly done (and without evidence, I should’ve never gotten in trouble). Because I was young, and fourteen, I didn’t know anything — just like the Central Park 5 boys who were wrongfully accused (and convicted) of crimes they simply did not commit.

Let’s dive into these stories!