Weekly Learning Review | S2: E2 | A Challenging Week

We’re back with the personal development blogs! I stopped posting these maybe since the beginning of last year, if not 2020.

The reason is because most of my students now are TOEFL iTP learning students, so I’ve been focusing on things that are working.

However, there are people interested in personal development, and after revamping this website, which will happen this year, all of you will be able to access personal development and ESL blogs very easily!

With that being said, let’s dive into what I do routinely with my Weekly Learning Review.

At the conclusion of every week, I rate myself on a scale 1-5 in the questions and categories down below and talk about them on my podcast.

Do this every Sunday evening, Monday morning so that you can assess yourself and see how your week went!

Seek Clarity

  • I was intentional in how I acted this week.
  • I knew the feelings I wanted to generate this week.
  • I stayed focused as much as I wanted to.
  • I made this week meaningful.
  • I determined something I can get better at this week.

Generate Energy

1. I managed my energy well this week.

2. I chose to bring joy to this week.

3. I recharged throughout the week to stay energized.

4. I worked out this week.

5. I wound down well this week so I can sleep well.

Raise Necessity

1.I was emotionally committed to excellence this week.

2.I knew my “why” this week and worked for it.

3.I cared about serving others this week.

4.I hit my deadlines and finished my duties this week.

5.I managed my self-talk to stay on my A-game.

Increase Productivity

1. I worked on things that mattered most this week.

2. I progressed a major dream or goal this week.

3. I avoided distractions well this week.

4. I set intentions before each major activity this week.

5. I fully engaged and enjoyed my efforts this week.

Develop Influence

1. I was a role model this week.

2. I guided others to thinking well this week.

3. I challenged someone to grow this week.

4. I worked on myself this week.

5. I demonstrated caring for others this week.


High-Performance Coaching | Graciousness

Social media has desensitized us. We’re constantly making judgy decisions to like, dislike, comment, share, save, and we’re judging people at rapid-fire based on this. This has taken away our ability to be polite, gracious, grateful, kind, considerate, empathic, and much more. So, how can you go about imploring more good in the world? And maybe ways of dealing with your own intolerance? All in today’s podcast!

Weekly Learning Review | S1: E8 | The Main Struggle

Over this past week, I realized that my finances are absolutely soaring. In about 8 hours, I’ll be getting my first AZ Vaccine (contributing to the health category), and the clients are still rolling in from a post I had done a couple of weeks ago. However, the main struggle is still there

Weekly Learning Review | S1: E6 | The Business Flow

After years of hard work. Not hard work in regards to the physical aspect of what the term may mean, but times when I just wanted to give up. My personal development podcast back in 2016 wasn’t excelling whatsoever after 3 years. I created an ESL podcast, and two years later, I got my first online client.

During these times, I created a joint podcast with another amazing podcast host, but after 80 episodes, I just felt like nothing was flourishing. It just felt like we were bringing random people on and after the interviews, they would disappear forever. It felt like a dead-end, so I doubled down on me beginning January 20th.

6 months later, I got my first-ever international client, and since then, I have an online education store that caters to students who need help in different aspects of English.

It took years of me trying out things, but now my business has finally reached the Flow State, something I’ve been trying to achieve for a long time.

Happy Monday! Let’s dive in!

Weekly Learning Review | S1: E5 | Struggle & Defiance

When everything had quieted, feelings of the past resurfaced. Old feelings, my ego, and my wants began nudging at me. Then I knew something was wrong — I’m constantly trying to go for the big fish, the hail mary, the homerun, the half-court shot.  It’s all about the baby steps. 

Weekly Learning Review | S1: E4 | The SUPER Best Week of My Life (Career)

Wow! From having two long-term students inquire, to course buys from students off YouTube, and membership/coaching hours. I couldn’t be more grateful for what’s happening currently. To see everything turn up within a week, I’m honestly in my highest spirit perhaps EVER.

Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 7: Episode 9 | Passing the Buck: Communication Problems in the Workplace

We’re finally here! This will literally be a full week’s worth of development, and it all comes down to communication. When we look at communication problems in the workplace, where do the breakdowns happen? Are they the barriers, work vs. personal communications, rules, or attitudes? Could you add any more? In today’s podcast, we discuss them all!

Arsenio’s ESL Podcast | International Guest Speaker | Suzanne on Mind, Body & Spirit

From top to bottom, this podcast has it all. I’m absolutely grateful to have met an amazing soul in Carla Trigo a couple of years ago — and I’m continuing to see the beautiful benefits that the relationship has brought, including the wondrous Suzanne.  Born in Ireland, she has a story…a hell of a story of being a pharmacist…now turned holistic coach. Her story will blend with so many of yours out there from dealing with stress and anxiety, environmental factors, and even overall health and story-telling. You’re going to absolutely LOVE this personal development session!

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Podcast Talks | S1: E3 | Reiki Healer Marta on Healing, Vibration & Energy

UGHHHH! Just want to say the biggest and warmest shout out to Carla for introducing me to this magnificent soul of a human being. Having lived in England for years, she went back to Spain based on a powerful intuitive nudge, and throughout the entire process until today — she explains energy, limiting beliefs, reiki healing and so much more in a talk about so many different things! You better get some shoes on and prepare for an hour-long walk on what’s going to be a spectacular journey!