Weekly Learning Review | S1: E8 | The Main Struggle

Over this past week, I realized that my finances are absolutely soaring. In about 8 hours, I’ll be getting my first AZ Vaccine (contributing to the health category), and the clients are still rolling in from a post I had done a couple of weeks ago. However, the main struggle is still there

Weekly Learning Review | S1: E6 | The Business Flow

After years of hard work. Not hard work in regards to the physical aspect of what the term may mean, but times when I just wanted to give up. My personal development podcast back in 2016 wasn’t excelling whatsoever after 3 years. I created an ESL podcast, and two years later, I got my first online client.

During these times, I created a joint podcast with another amazing podcast host, but after 80 episodes, I just felt like nothing was flourishing. It just felt like we were bringing random people on and after the interviews, they would disappear forever. It felt like a dead-end, so I doubled down on me beginning January 20th.

6 months later, I got my first-ever international client, and since then, I have an online education store that caters to students who need help in different aspects of English.

It took years of me trying out things, but now my business has finally reached the Flow State, something I’ve been trying to achieve for a long time.

Happy Monday! Let’s dive in!

Arsenio’s ESL Podcast | International Guest Speaker | Suzanne on Mind, Body & Spirit

From top to bottom, this podcast has it all. I’m absolutely grateful to have met an amazing soul in Carla Trigo a couple of years ago — and I’m continuing to see the beautiful benefits that the relationship has brought, including the wondrous Suzanne.  Born in Ireland, she has a story…a hell of a story of being a pharmacist…now turned holistic coach. Her story will blend with so many of yours out there from dealing with stress and anxiety, environmental factors, and even overall health and story-telling. You’re going to absolutely LOVE this personal development session!

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Transformation Week | Life Assessment

Man, this was a gut punch.  This is similar to the Wheel of Life, but normally with the Wheel of Life, I feel like I’m consistently on cloud 9. However, with this assessment, I realized that there are particular areas that I can be SO MUCH better in. This format will substitute the original Wheel of Life beginning next month, too!

Welcome to the second episode of transformation week! Rate yourself on a scale 1-10 and hear my scores in my podcast down below!


I regularly take care of myself so that I can feel my best. I want my overall physical and emotional health (my well-being) to be primed and optimized to make me feel energetic and strong each day. I strive to eat well, sleep well, and exercise so that I have the physical vibrancy and stamina to enjoy life and deal with its challenges and opportunities.


I keep a positive outlook and attitude. I’m cultivating a sense of joy and peace in my life so that I can experience positive emotions and relationships. I take care of myself by being mindful to the energy, focus, and emotions I really want to experience and generate in life.

Partner/Significant Other

If in a relationship: I feel a consistently deep, trusting, appreciative, soulful, loving connection with my significant other. I am patient, respectful, and attentive to my partner’s needs. If single: I live each day through my heart and demonstrate compassion and love for others.


I am present with my family. I am creating deep connection, fun and positive energy with the family members that I keep in contact with. It’s evident that I love my family and I’m doing my best for them. I try to forgive their mistakes and be compassionate with them.


My immediate social circle of friends brings connection, fun, and
positive energy into my life. I seek out positive people and I do my very best to bring positive energy and real authenticity into all my relationships. I spend enough time with friends.


I feel clear, energized, and fulfilled by my work and contributions to the world. I believe my work or day’s effort adds real value and is a true reflection of my best efforts and contributions. I am truly engaged and excited by what I’m doing—it feels like a mission, calling, or purpose.


I plan special experiences—trips, adventures, nights out, time to connect or disconnect—so that I enjoy life. I give enough time to the things I love in life, including to my hobbies, interests, and non-work goals and adventures.


I feel connected to the present moment and vitally alive in my spirit. I am congruent with my beliefs and behaviors and I keep my faith and values at the forefront of my decisions and daily actions.


I am being responsible in how I spend my money. I’m saving money for my future. I’m learning the skills necessary to develop my ability to earn even more. I am happy with my lifestyle and allow myself to enjoy what I’ve built and earned.


I am curious and pay attention to the world around me so that I can learn new things. I ask questions. I seek to discover new things about myself and others. I have created a personalized curriculum for myself so that I can develop the skills needed to succeed.


The Desire Map | Declare Your Core Desired Feelings

We’re back and it’s time for the declaration of your core desired feelings! I’m not exactly sure if this should’ve gone before or after, but understand that word blessings will be this Friday, so declaring them now is ok, and remember that you can always add and subtract if needed because more exercises will be coming

Live from the heart.

As Carl Jung put it, “Only the dreamer knows the dream.” You know what your Core Desired Feelings are. The meaning of each word or phrase is for you to own and interpret. It does not have to fit a formula. It doesn’t have to be workable or realistic for anyone else—not even your best friend or therapist. Feel your feelings. Aim.


Of your short-listed feeling words, which words make you feel: Expansive and energized?
Grounded and peaceful?
Home and blessed?

Reminder, the definition of a Core Desired Feeling: Your Core Desired Feelings are how you want to feel most of the time—your most preferred states of being. They’re life-affirming feelings—positive and expansive. They’re qualities of the heart—expressions of love and vitality. Your Core Desired Feelings move you toward your Highest Self—to joy, inclusivity, and generosity.

Authenticity: Apply this question to the words you’re most attracted to:

What is [insert potential Core Desired Feeling] really about for me? For example, maybe “confidence” is really about feeling empowered, or elegant, or maybe it’s about respect. Maybe “success” is really about freedom, or love, or being collaborative. Maybe “beautiful” is really about connection or radiance . . .

If you want to keep more than five feelings, go right ahead. If seven is your lucky number, then choose seven words for luck. Fewer words might help you get better results because fewer is much easier to recall, but doing this in a way that works for you is what’s most important.

Make your selections! Choose your four or five Core Desired Feelings— and shine. This is the moment. I’m thinking of you right now, sending love, and whispering into your ear: Core . . . Desired . . . Feelings.


The Desire Map | Past & Present Feelings

Recall some moments, events, happenings in your life where you felt not so great—IN THE PAST and PRESENTLY. Weighed down, stuck, at a loss. Of course, there are spectrums of what “negative” feelings mean for each of us. That can range from getting a nasty comment on social media to your divorce, or from having your car towed to physical and emotional trauma—from slightly painful to serious impact. It’s up to you what you want to identify as “negative.” You don’t need to drill to the depths of your psyche unless you’re moved to go there. This can simply be about a few times when you just did not feel how you would have liked to in the particular situation. 

As for the present negatives in your life, the simple and evocative question is: What are you tired of feeling? What feeling do you most certainly not want to be experiencing? 

Refer to your What’s Not Working list.


Recall some moments, events, happenings in your life where you felt good—IN THE PAST and PRESENTLY. Joyful, alive, present, loving. What were you/are you doing where you felt/are feeling like your best self? Say . . . getting regular exercise, being in nature, learning about something you loved, spending time with your best friend. What memories and moments of your life helped/are helping you to experience joy and happiness? 

Beside each instance, write down as specifically as possible, how you were/ are feeling.


Self-scoring 7 Habits Assessment | P/PC Balance

Here’s another great assessment for you to do to figure out if you have balance. Again, is work-life balance a myth? NOPE! It’s entirely up to you to be able to put your schedule together, to clear time out for loved ones, etc.


Sharing Your Ambitions Performance Prompts

Practice 2: Share Your Truth & Ambitions

The main motivation of humankind is to be free, to express our true selves and pursue our dreams without restriction—to experience what may be called personal freedom. Follow this impulse by consistently sharing your true thoughts, feelings, needs, and dreams
with other people. Do not play small to placate others. Live your truth. – Brendan Burchard

Performance Prompts

  1. Something I really want to do that I haven’t shared with enough people is . . .
  • Traveling, starting that business, taking that leap of faith, committing to that passion. Put it out there….
  1. If I were going to be more “me” in my everyday life, I would start to . . .
  • Since living in Thailand, I realized that regardless of what I do, I will always be just “black” or “bad” through the eyes of Thais — not only Thais but Asians on the continent of Asia in general. So, that enabled me to establish me and live ME everyday.
  1. When I put myself out there and someone makes fun of me, I’m just going to . . .
  • Critical. YouTube is troll city. Are you ready for people to judge you? What criticism will you accept? Will you respond to no-face trolls out there? This is why I turned off ALL COMMENTS on my YouTube because it shows I don’t give a fuck about anyone’s opinion. I’ve turned off likes, too. If they truly admire my work, they would click the description and follow me elsewhere. I’m very lucky to also be in a realm where Americans in general would NEVER follow me, so I eliminate about 10% of the trolls in the world.
  1. A major dream I’m going to start telling people about and asking for some help with is . .
  • Be careful with WHO you share your dream with though.


The Question to Ask Yourself In The Shower Every Morning…

What can I do today that will make me excited?

Just a couple days ago, I knew that I was going to wake up in the morning to go on my city-run. What is that? Well, first 1.5 km is quiet, with only a few passerbys and things to maneuver around. Once I get to the intersection, I cross over a skytrain bridge, make a left, and then it begins. I’m running on the road, weaving through people, rapping aloud and generating crazy energy. By the time I pass the two stations and hundreds of people, I have to go through a narrow passageway, cross another busy street, and go up Saphan Taksin Bridge, one of the biggest bridges in Bangkok. There’s no stopping there. There are tons of cars and people watching my crazy black ass run, so then I up the ante and power over Chao Phraya River. Once I reach the end, I go back down, and then there are even more people, more traffic, and more ways to generate energy. This continues until I go full speed ahead about 1.5 km later and finish off my run with onlookers looking at me in awe.

That — right there — makes me excited. Knowing that I have the ability to inspire people with my grimacing and willing to push myself to the physical limit.

This gets me excited.

Also, planting seeds in the morning. What does that mean? Well, if you plant a seed in soil and water it everyday, it will soon blossom, right? You’re not exactly sure when, but you know the time will come. This could be posting something in a Facebook group to generate more lead clients, having people come onto my podcast, connecting with people on LinkedIn or IG (both two very difficult places to do so), etc. I realized, and through all the books I’ve read, that I need to act on my worries. If I’m worried about money, there’s no use sitting there, worrying about it. I apply for jobs. Just yesterday, I found an awesome tutoring website in which I created an online profile for to become a tutor. Hundreds of students around the world looking for specific tutors to help them with particular subjects. Because I’ve taught for years and I’m the best in my specific fields, I created a profile and I’m now just waiting to be approved. This is going to be HUGE because I didn’t even know a website like that existed!

So, that was in the evening! I know that everything will eventually fall into place, but the mornings are so important!