Reignite Your Life | Witnessing Beauty: Evening Routine

The PERFECT way to condition your mind and start appreciating your day is by appreciating the beauty that happened throughout the day.

At the end of the day, take a notebook and run by these questions while feeling what happened throughout the day. You will be amazingly surprised by the things that you run over quickly that are unbelievably meaningful.


Reignite Your Life | AMP Morning Routine

As said in my previous podcast, you guys are in for some amazing weeks! I told you at the beginning of the year, I needed to come up with a plan and schedule for my personal development growth.  Last year was last year and relationships/chapters ended in the fourth quarter. So I needed to ask my best self, “Arsenio, you had the most amazing personal development journey year to this date. Now, how could you continue moving the needle forward?”

Then, Brendon Burchard’s Growth Day course on becoming a Certified High-Performance coach popped up on my screen on January 1st. And then was Growth Day, and now I’m diving into these amazing courses that are going to bring a significant amount of change to your life.

In today’s podcast, we’re going to dive into affirmations, meditation/movement and priority morning!


Wheel of Life | January 2021 Edition | I Am In Control!

After a month-long series of individual Wheel of Life podcasts, I’m back again on the cusp of February, evaluating my past month. And let’s put it this way, I haven’t written this out in blog form, but it looks like the “superstitiously-American-saying-of-fuck-2020” has loopholed over to 2021; and I’ve embraced it! 

Wealth – 10

I literally grabbed my adversary by the horns, picked it up and slammed it 5-feet deep. January 1st was the infamous announcement “we’re shutting down Bangkok — again, and we’re going to further fuck the economy up.” A very reactive way of approaching a dire, economical situation….shut down again and that’s the fall of the economy for at least two more decades. Zero fucks given — and of course, with the company I’m employed with right now, ZERO FUCKS GIVEN.  Out of the 8 classes I have, 1 went online. 

My old self would’ve said “omg! This is bad! I’m in trouble right now! I can’t believe it!

My new self: “ok, let’s be proactive.”

In the next two weeks, I got a new client online whom I hadn’t met going into January 1st, and I was able to secure a Thai client who agreed to pay a lump slump. In addition to that, I got a February client who will literally pay more than my monthly salary at my job that JUST-SO-HAPPENS-TO-BE shut down. Another student had renewed and I did have a couple of clients who were interested. So, I wrote down my financial target at the beginning of the month and I achieved one and I’m a 5th of the way with the other. Also, with this month, I’m not on the defense, but I’m on the attack because I’m now I’ve saved 25% of my new iPhone and a 6th of my new visa stipend which I had a CRAZY problem with last year. 

I went from being reactive, such as what happened last year — to proactive, what’s happening now. 

Rest of my scores are in my podcast down below!


{Patreon Special} Arsenio’s ESL Podcast | Personal Development | How to Pro-act to Situations (Not React)

Arsenio's ESL Podcast
{Patreon Special} Arsenio's ESL Podcast | Personal Development | How to Pro-act to Situations (Not React)

This is definitely going to be one of the top podcasts of the year. While I was doing my personal development podcast, I came across an AMAZING technique that will help you with reacting to situations.  In this podcast, I will inject some personal development into your lives that will help you understand your feelings, react to situations, and find a systematic way of breaking down a situation. This is very good not only for business but also for all relationships in general. This is on Early Access Podcast and Business English!


Self-scoring 7 Habits Assessment | Habit #3 | Putting First Things First

The importance of putting first things first gets you out ahead and one step closer to achieving a micro/macro goal. However, we have a tendency of putting ourselves secondary, and when that happens, the slump begins. Here are the questions.

  1. I am disciplined in carrying out plans (avoiding procrastination, time-wasters, and so forth).
  2. I do not allow the truly important activities of my life to get lost in the busy activity of my days.
  3. The things I do every day are meaningful and contribute to my overall goals in life.


Self-scoring 7 Habits Assessment | Habit #2 | Begin with The End in Mind

We’re back with Habit #2 with the self-scoring habits. It’s been a while, but over the next few days, I want you guys to score yourself, down below, on a scale 1-6….where you are.

  1. I know what I want to accomplish in my life.
  2. I organize and prepare in a way that reduces having to work in a crisis mode.
  3. I begin each week with a clear plan of what I desire to accomplish.

So, I know exactly what I want to accomplish in life, but I did know the “how to.” I know I’ve said before that “the how to” is none of your business, but figuring out achievable steps is unbelievably important.

So, organizing and preparing in a way that reduces having to work in crisis mode I scored very low on because my creativity had gone up with Bangkok shut down at the dawn of the New Year. Getting the message “sorry, all tutorial centers are shut down,” was not good AT ALL. But then I doubled-down on what I could do to put myself in a position to win. However, if I started my day with that same urgency without needing a shutdown to motivate me, everything would’ve changed.

And the last one, beginning with a clear plan each week, is not what I have either. However, I do have monthly targets in terms of goal-setting and targets that could be achieved.


How to Create a Development Plan

Sometimes we go throughout our day being reactionary. Meaning we’re just reacting to situations. This is kind of how I am on days that I don’t have work. I kind of react to all situations rather than coming up with a schedule that will achieve the outcome that I’ve set out on. So, let’s see how we can break this down together. Podcast will debut this upcoming weekend!

Development plan: start with the next 5 books. Why? Because you began with an outcome not just chasing down best-sellers. Example, “I’m trying to develop in public speaking.” So your stack of 5 books would begin with Dale Carnegie’s Art of Public Speaking. 

  • “I’m trying to grow my business.” Your next five books would be on scaling a business. 
  • “I’m trying to improve my marriage.” Next five books on marriage.
  • “I’m trying to improve the relationship with my kids or kids in general.” Next five books should be on Stephen Covey.

Obviously books as a metaphor but again, it could be courses, videos, podcasts, conferences, events, trainings. Who are you mentors. What are the resources and when are you going to consume them. 

Let’s break it down even further. 

  1. Outcome: what are you trying to grow into, improve, make happen. 
  2. What must you learn to grow into that outcome. What must you learn about yourself. What skills must you develop. What can you learn from other people. 
  3. How will you learn it? Engaging virtually? Podcasts? Same rules apply.
  4. IT HAS TO SHOW UP IN YOUR CALENDAR! You don’t have a development plan because you have a full stack of books IN A DAMN GARAGE! (hint: get it?)
  5. When will you read……when will you try…….when will you plan….

It’s all based on scheduling. 

Self-scoring 7 Habits Assessment | Habit #1 | Be Proactive

Welcome to the self-scoring habits assessment! It took long enough for me to put this into blog form (podcast first), but here are three questions for you to answer and rate yourself in on a scale of 1-6. Here are the questions!

  1. I am in control of my life (rate on a scale 1-6)
  2. I focus my efforts on things I can do something about rather than the things beyond my control.
  3. I take responsibility for my moods rather than blaming people and circumstances.

So, rate them and tally your score up.

For “I am in control of my life,” I prepared myself an entire year for this moment. After seeing my job shut down again for the foreseeable future (thanks, COVID and irresponsible townsfolk), I knew that I was in control by a long-shot this time as compared to last time. I’ve been unbelievable proactive with putting out as much content and getting as many people as I possibly could for my online business. Last year, I was praying things would just happen by getting messages from people who really weren’t looking out for me (except one testing center). After canning three relationships, I realized that I now have control of my assets. When the shutdown came this year, I said “cool, let’s get it.” Last year was, “omg, I’m hopeless! I’m so stressed and sad!”

The other two categories are in my podcast down below.


Inspirational Monday | Listening to Negative Thoughts

Negative emotions do not necessarily require a conscious effort for it to be experienced or communicated.  They are merely a symptom of unresolved stress. 

Example, when I moved here to Thailand in 2013, moments that stress that happened to me as a child resurfaced when I began to experience racism here, and then it amplified for YEARS and become my personality.  I was a victim of my thoughts. 

And to be honest, your emotions are not always related to conscious thought and effort. Some of you think you can just switch off negative thoughts, but the subconscious IS THE EQUATION. It’s behind the steering wheel….and this is when things become complicated because although you want to change, your subconscious mind is saying, “no no! Get in the trunk of the car! I control you!”

So, what positive action can you take today to ease old negative thoughts that no longer serve you?

I had to go DEEEEEEP within my subconscious mind and blow everything up in terms of limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns before giving myself unconditional love — the kind of unconditional love I have for my mother. Changing the 2016 image of myself looking defeated on a train to a chiseled specimen (no bs….and it worked!). Now, the “I’m not good enough for Thai women” has completely dispersed, and society has reacted in the exact same way. 

It could be undone, but you have to make the decision today. 

Give your negative thoughts a voice today. What is the deep, underlying message of it?

I had to go all the way back to kindergarten when I was made fun of in my class. I saw the event, subconsciously. I felt the feelings. I put myself in the event. But then the older version of me when up to the 6-year-old version of myself….hugged him, and gave him the power to FEEL again. To REGAIN that confidence. When I did that, that’s when my paradigm shifted.

You have to do the work.

The End of The Most Purposeful Relationship EVER!

This is going to be a long story, so brace yourself.

At the beginning of the lockdown, a friendship was born. Having already met this transformation coach last year through a mutual friend, she took me on a journey of renewal by doing a transformation program, life coaching, and healing sessions. 

This changed everything about who I am in the best possible way, and most importantly, it gave my inner child a voice again. 

This voice allowed me to have those tough/difficult conversations. 

When July had rolled around, I sensed the egoism coming from this individual because now she was doing work for a famous monk by the name of Jay Shetty. Working in his company, she began to cancel appointments, use condescending tones while speaking to me and about others, and really had a “I don’t give a f*** attitude.” 

There were a number of times I just wanted to get away from this individual, but of course Instagram is the main culprit in laying things to rest. 

I have a lot of people who follow/unfollow me, and after checking who unfollowed me this morning, it was her!

Sometimes we clutch onto things that should no longer be. Sometimes we’re scared of these moments actually happening because we don’t value our own dignity and self-worth. You know the purpose had been fulfilled with that particular someone coming into your life to take you to the next level, but you want to keep pursuing a friendship. The problem is, when egoism comes into play, you can either confront it, or just let things be. 

I labeled this my “purposeful” relationship because after everything had been handled in early August, the energy had shifted and took a turn. There was no more empathy and rather ambiguous exchanges. 

Gratitude, is what’s pouring from my heart because I’m grateful to have had such a purposeful relationship that opened the doors for me to bet on me. You should do the same. Stop pursuing things that have ended months/years ago and be an observer to what’s trying to emerge!