The Science Behind the Breath | Mindfulness Course

In this episode, Mira discusses how our emotions are connected to our breathing. Let me ask you a rhetorical question: “when you get frustrated, angry or anxious, how’s your breathing?” When we don’t get enough oxygen to our brain, we have mental lapses and we’re not able to think straight, resulting in make making impulsive decisions. Tune in!

Meditation & Yoga Benefits | Mindfulness Course

We’re back with Part II of this amazing course, and today we’re going to be diving into the benefits of meditation and yoga. Since I started doing yoga religiously, I now have no problems falling asleep. Two years ago, on the other hand, would be very difficult for me because I wasn’t able to control my thoughts. That’s one of the man benefits yoga has; on top of the boosting of the immune system. Listen to Mira break this down.

How to Friendship Detox

We got the ultimate DETOX A FRIEND and FRIENDSHIP guide here. This was inspired by my main man Trent Shelton — a podcast that pumps golden gems in the world of social. So, I have some rules, stories, and lots more stories. So let’s get into it.

Be the friend that you want them to be to you. – Rule #1

See, when you’re giving 100% and they’re giving you 50% or even less, that means you’re pouring more than they are. Look at it as planting soil. You have a bag of about 10kg and your friend shows up to the planting session with 2kg and no seeds to plant, although they know both are essential. You have a problem, right? If you tell them to go out and come back, they still don’t have anything. When you commit to a friendship it has to be mutual.

If someone is continuously giving and another is continuously taking…it will come to an end. Rule #2

This is in all relationships. These are called leeches. They’re literally waiting for your paycheck, your upcoming, your explosion, and they’re just inching to make that call to leech off you (money or other things). This could be in terms of energy, too. One day I had gone to the gym and I had breakfast with this girl afterwards. When I went to the gym, I was like a 9. After working out with her, I was about a 5 because I felt a ton of bad energy. After 45 minutes of sitting in front of her, I fell to a 2. I never spoke to her on a personal level again because that’s an energy-draining human being. Be careful.

Don’t be there friend if they’re not your friend. — You can’t build something that’s not real. – Rule #3

Honestly, this happened to me recently. I’m literally trying to speak and build a friendship with a tomboyish girl and she was giving me nothing back. I would send her 10 minutes worth a voice messages, she would send me a paragraph. I would send her two paragraphs, she would send me a message. She then said “I don’t have feelings for you,” and I should’ve cut it right there, but a friend of mind told me to pursue and I was like “ummm, why? She doesn’t even give a damn about me as a friend.” Sure enough, I wanted to go silent to see if I would even cross her mind — and what do you think happened? Three weeks, I asked myself for forgiveness and that was the end of that. A true blocking on Instagram after watching an extremely bizarre story and seeing her have a blast with her friends. Ok, you can’t force friendship, Arsenio. This is what has happened with an old-friend-now-acquaintance who lives in America. I saw myself constantly supporting and helping her emotionally and she just never gave a damn. So, now I just keep my distance and let her watch my success. YOU CAN’T FORCE ANYTHING. It must come naturally.

Honorable Quotes

Associates with friends. You were just talking bad about that person 5 minutes ago and now you’re on social media being buddy buddy with that person. You’re giving friendship expectations to associates. – Trent Shelton

Trent Shelton Podcast

You’ll never be good friends to someone that you don’t want to be friends with. You don’t have to force it. They don’t want to have the hard conversation with someone to tell how it really is. – Trent Shelton

Trent Shelton Podcast

Real friends hold their friends accountable. They would check you, even if it makes you feel uncomfortable. – Trent Shelton

Trent Shelton Podcast

If you’re a person who always brings gossip to a friend but you don’t say anything, you’re not really a friend. – Trent Shelton

You got their back. – Rule #4

If someone is talking about your friend behind their back and you hear it, you won’t go back to your friend and tell them what they said without having a conversation about it. You must be real. If you don’t stand up for your friend, your integrity is lost.


Relationships, Friendships, & Intimacy | Carla Trigo

Amazing podcast with Carla Trigo! I brought Carla on about a year ago today, and now she’s come back on to share some tips and give you guidance in terms of relationships and how to openly communicate. Because the restrictions of movement around the world, not only has domestic violence risen significantly but also divorces. Why? People are at home and they have to face what ISN’T working. In saying that, here is some bulletpoints on what we talk about with the podcast link below.

  • Not forcing friendships
  • Being spontaneous in a relationship
  • Roles within a relationship
  • Face what isn’t working
  • Essential oils and smells that arouse both men and women

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Wheel of Life: March 2020 Edition – Quarantine

We’re back with another Wheel of Life edition! Big special shout out to the people who have read this for years already, and this is a deep special because this was the life-changing moment I needed.

Who would’ve ever thought that quarantine would be great. Losing my job for about 6 weeks ended up being the pusher for me to transform my subconscious mind. But before I get into that, in brief, here are the categories to rate yourself in:

  • Personal development
  • Physical environment
  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Career
  • Family & friends
  • Fun & hobbies
  • Romantic Relationships

In this blog, I should finally discuss the transformation and leave the podcast down below for you to listen to the other categories. Be sure to share your scores!

Personal Development

Mira Butler had come forth in an idea and we acted on it. She wanted to create a UDEMY course, but even before that, we were having long, hilarious chats about a variety of things until we finally said “let’s do this.” I went through her personal transformation course, and everything that had hindered me in the past finally dispersed. The level of consciousness, the gratitude, and the unbelievable opportunities that are coming into my life is because I no longer have a hindrance. Are you ready for this podcast? Let’s do it!

Becoming Your Own Superhero: Episode 01 – Understanding The Mind

WOW! We are here with the UDEMY course! If some of you don’t already know or don’t listen to my podcast, I went on an unbelievable transformation course with Mira Butler a week after the beginning of this month. What it brought me was tears (literally), destroyed my negative beliefs, and overcame the limiting beliefs. I now understand the power of goal-setting and my goals and everything has been 10x. I’m BEYOND excited about bringing you guys this on a 1 hour and 56 minute UDEMY course, but on this blog it will feature just a 7 minute podcast in which we dive deep into the mind.

What is the mind? Two halves: conscious and subconscious. If you’re not aware of this, you will definitely find this fascinating and realize that you’re not only NOT in the driver’s seat of the car you THINK you’re steering, but you’re probably in the trunk!

Things that will be learned.

  • Steer the boat
  • What’s the subconscious mind?
  • The beginning of rewiring your subconscious mind.

Rich Dad Poor Dad | S5 – E22 | Assets you DON’T Have to Follow!

So what kind of assets am I suggesting that you or your children acquire? In my world, real assets fall into the following categories:

  • Businesses that do not require my presence I own them, but they are managed or run by other people. If I have to work there, it’s not a business. It becomes my job.
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Income-generating real estate
  • Notes (IOUs)
  • Royalties from intellectual property such as music, scripts, and patents
  • Anything else that has value, produces income or appreciates, and has a ready market

As a young boy, my educated dad encouraged me to find a safe job. But my rich dad encouraged me to begin acquiring assets that I loved.
“If you don’t love it, you won’t take care of it.” I collect real estate simply because I love buildings and land. I love shopping for them, and I could look at them all day long. When problems arise, the problems aren’t so bad that it changes my love for real estate. For people who hate real estate, they shouldn’t buy it.

I also love stocks of small companies, especially start-ups, because I am an entrepreneur, not a corporate person. In my early years,
I worked in large organizations, such as Standard Oil of California, the U.S. Marine Corps, and Xerox Corp. I enjoyed my time with those organizations and have fond memories, but I know deep down I am not a company man. I like starting companies, not running them. So my stock buys are usually of small companies.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

When I say mind your own business, I mean to build and keep your asset column strong. Once a dollar goes into it, never let it come out. Think of it this way: Once a dollar goes into your asset column, it becomes your employee. The best thing about money is that it works 24 hours a day and can work for generations. Keep your day job, be a great hardworking employee, but keep building that asset column.

As your cash flow grows, you can indulge in some luxuries. An important distinction is that rich people buy luxuries last, while the poor and middle class tend to buy luxuries first. The poor and the middle class often buy luxury items like big houses, diamonds, furs, jewelry, or boats because they want to look rich. They look rich, but in reality they just get deeper in debt on credit. The old-money people, the long-term rich, build their asset column first. Then the income generated from the asset column buys their luxuries. The poor and middle class buy luxuries with their own sweat, blood, and children’s inheritance.

Arsenio’s ESL Podcast | Season 5 Episode 60 | Grammar | Transitive and Intransitive Verbs

I’m excited about this one because this will certainly demolish all foreigner teachers out there in the world who try to insult students by asking big, dumb questions such as “what’s a transit verb.”

To put it plain, transitive verbs are like any other, but they require and object and can usually be used in the passive voice.

  • The movement increases the temperature. (Transitive Active)
  • The temperature is increased by movement. (Transitive Passive)

However, some transitive verbs cannot be used in th epassive;

The water is let through the dam by the sluice gates:

Intransitive verbs do not take an object and cannot be used in the passive;

  • Fossil fuels exist in particular rock formations.
  • Renewable energy is existed in many forms.

Note that some verbs are always intransitive (e.g., occur, look, appear, exist).

Insert Photo

Complete the description of how a wind turbine works. Use the correct form of the verbs in parentheses and a noun in the box when necessary.

electrical energy, the kinetic energy, the low-speed rotation, the speed, the turbine. 

Wind 1 blows (blow) toward the turbine’s rotor blades. The blades spin around, slowly rotating a central drive shaft. A gearbox 2 converts the low-speed rotation (convert) of the drive shaft into the high speed required by the generator. Next, the generator 3___________(use) of the spinning drive shaft to 4 ________________(generate).

Finally, this energy is converted to a high enough voltage to 5_______________ (transmit) to the power grid. The anemometers at the back of the main body are used 6______________(measure) of the wind and this data 7______________(transmit) to a controller. Using these measurements, the controller is able 8__________________ (rotate) so it always points directly into the wind. If it becomes too windy, brakes 9______________(apply) to prevent the rotor blades from turning.


Wheel of Life | Year In Review | Health | 6.5

Well, let’s just hurry up and bullet-point why it’s a bit low.

  • Flu in February
  • Two cases of tonsillitis
  • Upper respiratory infection
  • Food poisoning

Now, I’m still unclear how the flu just “happened” earlier this year. It was the first time I had ever gotten the flu before in my life. I started contemplating and wondering if living in an environment like this is sustainable.

The first case of tonsillitis was annoying, but with a shot of steroids, I got better within hours. The second case (just got over it) was unbelievably excruciating. I asked the doctor how it happened, and he said that it was viral. So, because the air is so fucking bad in this country, let alone this city, I now take extra precaution. Every time I walk outside, I make sure I have a mask over my face. Let me give you an example. I was running on the treadmill this morning, and because assholes left the door open when they left, I can literally smell that ultra-fine dust in the air. It’s a very nasty smell and taste…and it was after 10 minutes on the treadmill. I looked back (downstairs) to see if the door was open, but already knew it was! Sure enough, headed downstairs and there was the door — wide fucking open because of selfish beings. Nonetheless, I live at a very bad intersection here in Bangkok that’s littered with dust because Burmese workers are completely fucking clueless of their surroundings….so anytime I go outside, even if it’s just to the corner, mask is on. The only days I don’t have a mask are the New Years Holiday (vastly approaching) and Songkran.

So, I take precautions now, and so should you.


Wheel of Life | Year In Review | Fun & Hobbies | 5

This was an extraordinary year of travel: Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and topping off the year with the wondrous Philippines.
I couldn’t be grateful enough for the number of things I’ve come across during my travels: meeting amazing friends in Singapore, developing relationships in Malaysia and having my “aha” moment in gorgeous Da Lat, Vietnam.
In saying that, there were times that I felt like I was neglecting this category, just because I’m not putting “fun” into my daily schedule.
I had gone to the gym on several occasions, developing wonderful relationships with people from China, Japan, Malaysia, and other places. With that being said, I think there could’ve been several ways to inject more fun into my schedule.
With massive trips to South Africa, Vietnam again (for the amazing Spartan Spring) and several others, I’m very grateful for how this year has turned out.