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Rich Dad Poor Dad | S5 – E17 | The Richer get Richer like THIS

I’m going to give you two financial statements: poor dad’s and rich dad’s. First thing is first, we have the income statement and balance sheet. Poor dad’s financial statement is right down the middle; 50/50. Income takes up half and expenses take up half….

Rich Dad Poor Dad | S5 – E11 | Assets vs. Liabilities | Cash-flow Pattern of an Asset

Rich dad believed in the KISS principle—Keep It Simple, Stupid (or Keep It Super Simple)—so he kept it simple for us, and that made our financial foundation strong. So what causes the confusion? How could something so simple be so screwed up? Why would…

Wheel of Life: June 2019 Edition – Back on my Feet

What a journey. April and May were significant hits and some of the most worrying times of my life. Thai officials threatening to ban me from the country because “I didn’t have a visa, and a lot of other things that culminated in regards…