Travel Pod: Episode 2 – Singapore Is Here! Funny Shorts, Wonderful Plane, Stout Airline & More!

Let’s point out the obvious, first.  It’s not the end of the world since the chargers were forgotten.  I’ve already bought an essential traveling charger for both Thailand and traveling, so I think I’m saved.

And with that being said, SINGAPORE IS HERE! I woke up excited as hell this morning, but also nervous.  Are you always the one who feels anxious before traveling? Like you think of those worse case scenarios (of course – I got hit with the charger situation – which is actually super funny)? I’m not sure what it is, but it could be the “sorry, sir.  We don’t have a booking under your name” to “ahhhhhh you have to pay me for overstay!”  Of course one of those would never happen (the overstay) because I’m not an idiot, but the “what if” situation about the booking scares the hell out of me.

No lines, no problems, and Bangkok Airport has achieved ONCE AGAIN.

Can I tell you  something hilarious? Ok, I was on the escalator, I looked up and this girl had on shorts that were showing her ass cheeks.  I kid YOU NOT! Like her ass was hanging out! I couldn’t believe it!  I laughed and told myself, “come on, man!  This ain’t America!”


Anyways, I always manage to see something crazy as hell.  I love living, loving, and laughing.  She looked behind her with a smirk on her face. I said, “too desperate for my liking, babe.”

Anywho, some Pizza for breakfast, short wait and then the boarding.

While I was sitting on the plane, I felt a couple of taps on my shoulder.  I looked up and there was a vague recognition kinda thing going on.  He said, “are you the guy that goes to The Lab?”  I laughed out loud and responded, “ahhh the man from Philadelphia! Evan! What’s up, man?”  The conversation ensued about jobs, visas, and the Philadelphia 76ers.

Remarkably the plane was on time.  This plane, which was a cool ass A320, took off and it sounded like heaven.  Something about those engines makes the plane feel sexier (seats were excellent); in addition, I’m giving a big shout out to JetStar Asia!

The toilets, however, were abysmal because of the Chinese tourists.  There was crap (literally) all over the toilet.  It’s like they went inside the lavoratory and squeezed at will in any direction. Just horrendous beyond comprehension.

And shortly after, big shout out to my main man Abshek (probably butchered the spelling) who was sitting right next to me on the plane and spoke only after descending (lol).  Awesome native Singaporean who talked Ubers closure (bought out by Grab and an Indonesian taxi service), traveling to BKK, and LinkedIn.  He’s a Gary Vee listener, too!  Could you believe that?!

We landed, I bid my farewells to my samaritans, and I made way to immigration and the rail line that ultimately took me to this hotel right here.

All I want to do is say I’m grateful! There’s a lot more that’s coming soon, so you better brace yourself!


Air Asia To Maldives = Spectacular

Air Asia, you have proved me wrong. What a spectacular flight heading into Male, Maldives. Also, this was the first ever non-stop flight directly from Don Meung International Airport. Normally there are stop overs in either Kuala Lumpur or Colombo, Sri Lanka.  A320-200 are revolutionized aircraft and they do an incredible job flying over water. Now, flying to Malaysia or Singapore is a pain in the ass because of what I call “bad air.”  

Can I add that it was on-time? Ok, maybe 13 minutes between takeoff, but fair enough. Malaysia Airlines was a whopping 2.5 hours later and they just shrugged their shoulders incredulously. Lol. 

Can I also add that I fell into lust? First, women with short-hair strike a nerve. This was the most beautiful Thai girl I’ve ever seen in my life: flight attendant. Yikes! Tomoko of Singapore Airlines is still in my heart from four years ago, but this particular flight attendant got my attention. Furthermore, this was the first flight I’ve ever seen a flight manager wearing an off-color compared to the rest of the attendants. She was wearing black and everyone else was wearing red. Interesting.

Food – the best airline food I’ve ever had on any plan in 11 years – period. Penang pork, fried egg and steamed rice never tasted so good before in my life. On top of that, how’s it better than some 5-star Airlines food?

Anyways, I’m actually writing this on the plane and it’s going to post immediately after getting wifi. So, it’s a relatively short blog; however, those who are looking for an easy, cheap, quick flight to one of the most gorgeous islands on the planet from Bangkok – Air Asia. 


Do’s & Don’ts Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok)

Seeing how terrible the weather was today, and with the peak traffic in the heart of the evening, I decided I needed to write something to alert travellers going or coming from Bangkok Airport.

Skytrain & Airport Link = BEST FRIEND

During weather inclement, traffic jams could last anywhere from 30 minutes to 8 hours.  Pertaining to today, I hesitated taking an elevated tollway into the city for a mere $3 USD; consequently, the storm came and the traffic got slammed.  Fortunately, for me, it was only 25 minutes docked off, which ultimately took away from my wonderful Mexican dinner at Siam Paragon (damnit!).  It’s better safe than sorry.  The Airport Link right into Bangkok Airport is just perfect and you don’t have to fight off those pesky drivers for deliberately making those non-stop, righthand turns.  The Sky Train, in the heart of the City, and Link to the airport runs on schedule and they don’t try overcharging you.  Period.

Lines Could Get Ridiculous

Is Thailand the most horrific airport in the world? (LAX….debatable for those who have traveled to King Abdulaziz in Saudi)…not necessarily.  However, I will admit that in the evening (those peak hours) there are a lot of clowns who don’t properly prepare paperwork and stuff up the lines.  Stand in your lines within 30 minutes before the 3 hour grace mark so you can be ensured you check-in exactly at the 3 hour mark.

Eat Before The Airport

This is just common sense, but a lot of people lack just that.  Again, referring to the peak hours…there won’t be any seats at restaurants and the problem is…all restaurants are before security and passport control.  After that, you got a bunch of candy and whiskey, and the last thing you want to do is get jacked up on sugar and whiskey before a flight.  Having something at your hotel or en route to the Airport Link (Phaya Thai Station has a lot of restaurants nearby) is your best bet.

The Further You Walk – The Better

This airport is massive, and that means the further you walk, the more services you have.  The early number gates (anything between 1-8 after check-in) are perfection because apparently there aren’t that many people around and you can even sit at a charging station to charge up all your essentials.  On the other hand, if you sit close to the duty free shops, the less likely you get proper customer service and a seat.

It’s Not The Worst – But I Fly Premium Airlines 

For comfortability, safety, and fearful reasons – I fly with Singapore, or at least equivalent.  Since I’m heading to America, I would PAY an extra 200-300$ USD to fly with my own in-flight entertainment compared to the despicable American Airlines, which only have a TV per cabin.  There’s nothing like flying for 12-15 hours, staring at the back of a seat.  Worst.  Decision.  Ever.

Save a couple extra pay checks and try flying Korean Air, Japan Airlines, ANA, Singapore, Emirates or others because America has stopped progressing in the aviation category for almost two decades.

Those are my tips!  Add any if you’d like!






Traveling Abroad? Not Sure Where To Start? Here It Is!

From taking low-budget airlines to extend a budget, to saving up inch by inch for your first ever travel to Hawaii.  It’s much easier than you think.

Back in 2009, I had just under 2000$ USD in my bank account and I told myself that I was LONG overdue for a trip.  I wasn’t thinking of a domestic trip, either.  I wanted an international one; and already having a friend stationed in Australia, I realized it was now or never.

How was I able to save up for this? Well, without evening having to read Napoleon Hill’s ‘Habit of Saving,’ I was just a saver in general.  Since I got my first job back in 2007, I saved the majority of my salary.

If we look at it this way, take the west coast folks of the United States, for instance, who makes up excuses up about having never gone to Hawaii.  Plane tickets to Hawaii are between 400-600 USD.  If you could save 50-100$ USD a month and cut back on the bar nights, shopping escapades, and fancy dinners, you could easily achieve this goal.

After that, it’s all about hotels, whereas you could find the cheapest at before visiting the hotels main website to check for cheaper offers.  Expect to pay at least 100$ for  a hotel (in Hawaii) at less you’re one to stay in a hostel with 10 other people (not my cup of tea).

If you’re a big time shopper, you’re going to have to set aside a spending stipend.  If you’re just a casual traveler looking for a decent time while doing some tours, 100$ a day (maybe a bit higher in places like England, Aussie and Japan) would suffice.

See, having already read the options above, you’re now glued into the fact that traveling, even just to that gorgeous island in the pacific, is possible.

Checking flights on to get a good idea of what flights go to countries is perfect. for hotels and some of the hotels don’t even require payment at the time of booking.  You could book when you stay, which saves you even more money at the time of booking.

Asian Travelers

Air Asia, which is a low-budget Malaysian Airlines, has the most insane flight deals anyone could ever imagine.  I’m talking if you go on right now. and looks for flights 6 months in advance, they would be priced at a staggering 10-20$ USD.  You could go from buying a 100-200$ flight from Thailand-Tokyo, to buying another flight for cheaper to head back further south to Singapore.  If you’re flying domestically in a place like Thailand, some flights could bottom out at 5$ USD LITERALLY for a  one-way ticket.

European Travelers

With the infamously famous Ryan Air and trains connecting practically every country within Europe, no excuses.  I know Europeans do a good amount of traveling, so this is intended for you.  However, if you want to travel to different places, especially in Australasia, you have options in terms of airline tickets.


With gorgeous Bali nearby (and having gone there just last October), I understand why the vast majority of you all books flights to that utterly blissful island.  On the other hand, having the French Polynesian which consists of Vanuatu, American Samoa, Fiji, Tuvalu and the Cooks just 3 hours flight away is just an enticing.  Oh, yeah, again….check a variety of websites and see what flights are accommodating.

FYI – I’m not a touristy , sightseeing type of traveler – I like to dive into the midst with the locals and breathe the same air as they do (hypothetically speaking).  If you guys want to hear an audio of everything I just mentioned, my podcast is down below!

Podcast –

Paul Levesque (Triple H) On Jetlag & Worrying Won’t Do A ‘God Damn’ Thing.

With a colossal flight approaching in April (Bangkok-Singapore-Japan-Los Angeles-Arizona) and coming back, I continue to ask myself, “how the hell can I beat the jet lag?”  I carefully planned out my trip and even coming back, but with an even bigger trip to Hawaii looming large and a soon-to-be-debacle of a return flight, there’s no escaping the madness of what’s about to happen, or is there?

Famous WWE Wrestler “Triple H” has a way of breaking this so-called jet lag.

“During his peak travel period, Paul traveled 260+ days per year, performing in a different city each night.

Here is one of his rules:
Triple H: “When I landed, I would check into the hotel. The second we checked in, I’d ask them: ‘Is the gym open? Can I go train?’ Even if it was to get on a bike and ride for 15 minutes to reset things. I learned early that it seemed any time I did that, I didn’t get jet lag.”
TF: This absolutely seems to work, even if done at 1 a.m. and for 3 to 5 minutes. I don’t know the physiological mechanism, but I use it.”

For those who do unrelenting traveling for competitions and even for business, TRY IT!

Also, there was a fight between Floyd Mayweather and Marquez several years ago and Triple H was actually part of Floyd’s “the money team.”  Well, Mayweather asked to see Triple H and his wife at the time went back stage to say what’s up.  Floyd, with a fight looming within about an hour, was lounged out on the couch watching a basketball game.  After a few minutes, and even a couple of attempts, Triple H told Floyd, “Ok, Floyd, have a great flight.  We’re gonna get outa here.”

Floyd retorted, “you don’t have to leave, man! Have a seat!”

Triple H said, “aren’t you worried and nervous?”

Floyd responded, “either I’m read or I’m not.  Worrying isn’t gonna do a god damn thing.”

Wow….that’s a very unnerving way to put it, but Floyd went out and pounded Marquez unanimously after a 1-2 years layoff to claim a title (correct me if I’m wrong).

And there you have it! A story for the ages and something that could perhaps help you rampant travellers.

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