Ramble of Positivity: Episode XXI – On The Brink

Wow.  It's been a magnificent ride with lots of bumps and bruises along the way (also known as Character Building Moments). I'm very grateful for having the opportunity to teach in that particular area of Bangkok and develop the skills needed to get me to this juncture. You know, I kind of question myself sometimes... Continue Reading →


Gary Vee: Work – Part II

I talked a lot about time-management about two years ago, but it's actually about managing your activities around time.  Time is infinite. Look at it this way.  I'm actually more productive when I'm on a busy schedule.  On Mondays, I'm up at 5:15am and leaving home by 6am to join a class at 6:45.  After... Continue Reading →

Gary Vee: Work

Before I get into some of his quotes and excerpts, I was listening to a brilliant podcast on Jim Kwik's podcast featuring Vishen Lakihiani of MindValley.  While I was listening to it, he came across the "hard-work" lingo that's being thrown out there, most notably, by Gary Vee.  Not exactly sure if Vishen knows Gary... Continue Reading →

Gary Vee: Speed

“ I will always gravitate toward the thing that allows me to live my life more efficiently and do my work faster.” Excerpt From: Gary Vaynerchuk. “Crushing It!.” iBooks. I've talked about Alexa before and this is going to be an appetizer to my next blog/podcast (utilizing time) because people don't understand the essence of... Continue Reading →

Gary Vee: Patience

People can't grasp the real essence behind this word - a word that's so literal, yet seem so metaphysical in a way that people can't wrap their head around it.  Patience, something which I've struggled with a lot, including a wild taxi moment from last week, is something that's absolutely needed in the entrepreneurial world.... Continue Reading →

Gary Vee: Passion

“You’re going to go through a time where you’re not going to make any money. It’s not going to be a week, it’s not going to be a month, it’s not going to be one year. It’s going to be years. And during that time, if you don’t love what you do, it’s going to... Continue Reading →

Gary Vee: Authenticity

“I mentioned above that a good chunk of my audience is converts, people who thought I was just a blowhard until they realized that my message was consistent and that I kept being proven right. Even if people don’t like me, few ever doubt that I’m for real. There are three things working to my... Continue Reading →

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