Mindfulness through Meditation & Yoga | Mira Butler | Introduction

BEYOND excited about this! Mira Butler and I have put together another mindfulness course for you guys! In this course, you’re going to learn about the benefits of mindfulness through yoga and meditation, developing a routine, the different things both her and I experienced, the environment, developing your mantra, a meditation video and a conclusion. This one is going to hit home for a lot of you and everything will be readily available online for you guys on my links down below. So, with that being said, let’s dive into this! Here’s a short introduction of the course and video. First lesson kicks off a day later!


Becoming Your Own Superhero: Episode 01 – Understanding The Mind

WOW! We are here with the UDEMY course! If some of you don’t already know or don’t listen to my podcast, I went on an unbelievable transformation course with Mira Butler a week after the beginning of this month. What it brought me was tears (literally), destroyed my negative beliefs, and overcame the limiting beliefs. I now understand the power of goal-setting and my goals and everything has been 10x. I’m BEYOND excited about bringing you guys this on a 1 hour and 56 minute UDEMY course, but on this blog it will feature just a 7 minute podcast in which we dive deep into the mind.

What is the mind? Two halves: conscious and subconscious. If you’re not aware of this, you will definitely find this fascinating and realize that you’re not only NOT in the driver’s seat of the car you THINK you’re steering, but you’re probably in the trunk!

Things that will be learned.

  • Steer the boat
  • What’s the subconscious mind?
  • The beginning of rewiring your subconscious mind.

Ramble of Positivity: 5th Anniversary In Thailand

It’s been an unbelievable 5 years.  Wow, how can I even put it into context. I will try highlighting this through pictures.

First Three Years




You understand where my focus was, right? 2013-2015 were the rough years with lots of racial influences, advertisements, and me focusing on “what I didn’t want.” I had a woman from Thai Airways threaten my life, stating that she would get dangerous people to kick my face in.  I got the “ewww black man! Low-class! Pimp!” comments from lots of women.  I was denied jobs for being black.  My language center (New Education World if you must know the name) denied me dozens of jobs stating, “ohhh, they want a white teacher.”  All of these culminated for three years (and even well into this year after cutting off the unknowledgeable job)…..until the beginning of 2016.

Then this happened…..

Last Two Years





And just like that, within two years time, I was able to overcome all of the ignorance — ignorance that I saturated myself in.  Let’s look back at the years that transformed me into the influential figure I am.  It’s time for the ramble!

My first photo, which was taken at a night safari deep in some forest in Bali, is possibly the best trip I’ve ever had in my life.  Bali, an alluring island that’s tucked away in the bottom of Indonesia, was one of those chips that changed me as a human being.  It should’ve been the trip that made me quit my current job, but it never crossed my mind.  This island is inhabited with white sandy beaches, quiet beachside fronts, jungles, monkeys, and a rich history.  The indigenous people there are full of smiles, big round eyes, and possess such a wonderful heart.

The second Spartan Race, which took place in Chon Buri, Thailand, was a memorable WALK.  I’m kidding.  However, I’m not kidding about it just being a long walk.  Regardless of laziness and the willingness to push yourself, this was one of my favorite runs because the amount of smiles and people pushing each other.

Maldives.  I’m laughing while writing this because this was a country that featured no currency.  That’s right.  I went there with Thai currency, only to be turned away and had no means of getting any currency while I was there.  Until I was met with the most incredible gesture anyone has ever given me.  This trip, which could’ve been a hell of a lot better, taught me a lot about myself in general.

Ho Chi Mihn City – the city of beautiful souls.  Well, not all.  I got cussed out roadside by a Vietnamese boy who was soliciting me for services *curling eyes*.  Going inside the remnants war museum and seeing the pure destruction the USA Army unleashed upon all Vietnamese crippled me inside.  Not only that, but it made me realize how strong-willed the Vietnamese are.

First Spartan Race in Malaysia (and the one just two weeks ago) were FUN! Wait, I’ll take that back. The first Spartan race SUCKED.  Ok, yes….it was near public transportation (versus the last one that was in the middle of a damn jungle), but there weren’t comedians or anyone cheering each other on – on the course.  Get what I’m saying? But a Sprint and Super have been achieved.  It’s time for the BEAST!

Moving into my new condo and leaving a place that was killing my insides…was a monumental feature.  I believe I brought all the pain from the beginning of the years to my last job and it held me down.  I took the leap of faith, left, and I could finally breathe again.

Anyways, enough of that.  How about checking some things off my list! Sheraton Hotel, which is a five-star hotel in KL, was put on my 101 goals list in 2015 — ACHIEVED! It wasn’t the only one to join the “checking” list with several others being highlighted.

And last but not least, the trip back to Arizona — a place I haven’t been in years.  I competed in a Tough Mudder after fighting off food poisoning (courtesy of Singapore Airlines – Thank You!).

All in all, when I was looking in my camera roll on my iPhone, I began to tear up.  How was I able to overcome all of it?

Personal development, of course.  5 years in Thailand and I still go through the craziness of it all.  So, I want to just say THANK YOU to no only my loyal followers and supporters, but the fact that I never gave up.

Jack Canfield – Become A Leader Worth Following

The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born – that there is a genetic factor to leadership. That’s nonsense; in fact, the opposite is true.  Leaders are made rather than born. – Warren Bennis

You need to enroll others to achieve the success you want, regardless if you teach at a school, own a small business, coach an athletic team, etc.

Our success, doesn’t matter what you do, requires the help of others.  The most successful people in the world know how to communicate their vision in exciting and compelling terms.

In the process of leading, great leaders also transform their followers, right?

Not just team based, like Michael Jordan, but look at the hundreds of millions of lives changed simply by non-profit organizations?

Lisa Nichols is an epitome of that, too.  She has transformed the lives of thousands of women in terms of health because she ended up taking control of the health aspect of her life and produced a transformation herself.

When you become a leader, it gives you the opportunity to magnify your impact of the world. Also, knowing how to be an effective one will make you more successful – whether you are climbing the corporate ladder, building a network marketing downline, working as a social change agent, or even coaching a basketball team.

Behaviour #1: Know Your Own Strengths & Weaknesses

It’s kind of like in my podcast in terms of proactive language vs. reactive language.  Understand yourself.  Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses also helps you keep your emotion in check during times of intense pressure or crisis, right? If a problem is announced on the plane in terms of engine failure, are you going to get up and scream when your family needs you to be at your peak? Or, be the one who keeps everyone in check?

Behavior #2: Hold Yourself Accountable…and others, too.

When you consistently take 100% responsibility and follow through on your commitments, you develop a trust between other people. Do you arrive to meetings on time? Deliver your part of the projects? Abide by promises? Consider new opportunities in light goals?

I was give a task to create a conversation curriculum at my present job.  My boss completely delegated the task to me and gave me the deadline – I delivered. Not only did I deliver, but I enabled my specific branch to earn the highest amount in a calendar year because my dedication to this new curriculum for English Language Learners.  Since then, that trust has been cemented in and now we’re locked in for the future.

When you’re give a task, small or life-altering, take 100% responsibility and write it down in black ink because if you fail to deliver, trust ultimately subsides.

Behavior #3: Inspire Your Team With A Clear, Compelling, Continuous Vision

You need to have a compelling vision for the future to inspire others.  What will you and your team ultimately achieve? By when? What will everyone gain when the goal is reached?

To get other people’s buy-in, you’ll also need to articulate who your team will become as they learn and grow.  Believing in this vision must be unshakable.  That means that you must believe it’s not only possible – but also desirable, essential, and inevitable.

When I first started the development of my curriculum, I had the end goal in mind at the very beginning. People began saying, “it looks like you put a lot of work into this. Can you give me a presentation?” Bill gates had a vision of a “personal computer in every home and on every desk.”

Behavior #4: Listen For Possibility

A great leader will listen to his team – not only to hear their thoughts and input but also to make sure they feel heard.  Effective listening is a very powerful and essential skill for leaders.

Jack Canfield – “In a meeting, when you’re talking, you’re merely repeating or reporting what you already know; nothing new is created. But when you listen intently, you can co=create new approaches, new outcomes, and new benefits from the ideas that you hear.”

Behavior #5: Coach Others To Take A Leadership Role

Coaching Questions:

  1. What is a difficult or troubling situation you are dealing with?
  2. How are you creating or allowing it to happen?
  3. what are you pretending not to know?
  4. What is the payoff for keeping it like this?
  5. What would you rather be experiencing?
  6. What actions will you take to create that?
  7. By when will you take the action?


  1. Everyone seems to always come late to the meetings I run.
  2. I have not made it clear that it is important to start on time. I usually wait for the people who are late to arrive so that the people who are there on time don’t see any reason to be on time, and so they start coming late, too.
  3. That people are not going to take the starting time seriously if I don’t.
  4. I don’t have to confront anyone about being late.  I get to complain about how it’s their fault.
  5. Getting the meeting started on time with a lot of positive energy.
  6. Send a memo stating that from now on – the meeting will start on time.
  7. Find a way to reward people for being on time by showing a funny video from YouTube, drawing for money at the beginning of the meeting.
  8. I’ll write the memory today and have a drawing for a 500 baht bill at the end of the next meeting (or 20-50$USD).

Behavior #6: Maintain An Attitude Of Gratitude

Everyone needs to be acknowledge for what they do.  Positive reinforcement. Numerous studies have showed that 80% of employees work harder when their employers show appreciation.

Schedule time and build in systems and rituals to appreciate people more often and consistently!