ARSENIO’S ESL PODCAST | SEASON 5 EPISODE 134 | Presentation Skill | Slide Presentations

Effective slides provide valuable visual support for the information you are presenting in two ways: the slides help the audience to understand, and they help the speaker to give a stronger presentation. I’ve seen presentations that had too many words on their slides and the audience would become distracted within minutes. So, for maximum effect, keep the slides simply by doing the following (in the podcast).

  • Use large text (at least 28 point) and a clear font style.
  • Use bullets and short sentences.
  • Label visuals carefully — minimally but clearly.
  • Limit video to two minutes.
  • Limit the use of special effects (e.g., sounds and animation).
  • Have a uniform approach (e.g., all slides enter from the same side).

Remember, your spoken presentation is the focus — the slides are just the support.

  • Prepare the slides after establishing the main points of your presentation.
  • Include one slide for every two to three minutes of presentation only.

What would happen if a speaker/presenter did not follow each piece of advice? Tune into the podcast down below.

Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 41 – Developing Speaking – Presentations

Presentations are here and let’s do a little bit of speaking.

What do you think these ideas mean?

  1. “When we go online, we enter an environment that promotes cursory reading, hurried, and distracted thinking, and superficial learning.”
  2. “We are evolving from being cultivators of personal knowledge to being hunters and gatherers in the electronic data forest.”
  3. “The printed page is in danger of being swept away on a tide of new technology.”
  4. “Information becomes a distraction, a diversion, a form of entertainment, rather than a tool of empowerment.”

Student Presentation Audio in Podcast

Speaking Bank

Beginning your presentation

  1. I’d like to begin by saying….
  2. The first thing I’d like to say is….

Ordering your arguments

  1. Firstly,/Secondly,
  2. Furthermore,
  3. What’s more
  4. It’s important to remember that
  5. Then
  6. Next

Presenting opposing points of view

  1. You can’t deny that….
  2. There’s no denying that…
  3. You can’t argue with the fact that…

Responding to opposing points of view

  1. Let’s not forget that….
  2. Whilst it’s true that…
  3. I would still say that
  4. Even so, I still believe that…
  5. That doesn’t alter my opinion that..

Concluding your presentation

  1. Returning to main main point
  2. To sum up,

Business English: Case Study – Gen Y Smartphone Addicts

This is something I just LOVE talking about. Yes, this is about 8 months too early, but Business English is the next aspect of English that I’ll be getting into. When I speak about business, in any form, it’s when I feel most alive. So, yesterday I found something super interesting in a book and wanted to share this article with you guys.

‘Gen Y’ or Generation Y refers to young people between 18 and 30 years old. Cisco publishes annual report on technology use in the world — the Cisco World Technology Report. Part of this report looks at how Gen Y people use their smartphones in 18 different countries. Many Gen Y people are smartphone addicts.

These are the points of being a smartphone addict…..

– You check for emails, texts, or social media updates every 30 minutes.

– You look at your smartphone as part of your early morning routine. You gets up — then check your smartphone and get dressed — then check your smartphone and eat breakfast — then check your smartphone.

– You take your smartphone to bed.

– You don’t leave your smartphone behind when you go into the bathroom.

– You send text messages while driving.

– You regularly use smartphone apps in your daily life.

– Does the smartphone addict enjoy life? Perhaps not — two out of five users say they feel anxious without a smartphone to check.


Be sure to tune into my facebook page (links down below) and feel free to write some comments about the study on my main page 🙂

Career Goals For 2018

Well, this is the big one! I mean there’s Tedx, working for companies (on my own contracts), there’s the podcast, Herbalife, YouTube, selling things on my website, business cards, meetings, presentations.  Omg! I mean I really need to thing and plan this one out thoroughly.


One of the biggest goals of course for this year is building a bigger audience. Stagnation does happen from time-to-time.  Has my podcast been on the incline? Absolutely YES.  I mean in 2016, I would be excited if I get 1-5 plays in one day.  Now that I’ve enabled downloading on my podcast, everything has taken off.  There are third-party websites picking up my podcast.  I’m on iHeartRadio and Stitcher along with dozens of others.  I bought a year-long subscription on SoundCloud to reach out to people on there and it’s all going very well.  The next big step is obviously Spotify.

I definitely need MORE INTERVIEWS! Since I’ve already established a schedule, there’s a one day void on Monday and I would love to do four interviews a month.  I have two prospectives at the moment.  One person, who I was suppose to do a podcast interview last week until technical difficulties, has gone completely silent.  Perhaps he was frustrated with the entire ordeal – and he had a reason to be. LOL. It happens.

Collaborations are extremely important.  Having people put me on their podcast and provide a link…or even attaching the link to a blog is very important.  Example, there was one particular “hollywood” personality who I got in touch with and I think she was all up for the podcast on my end; however, she then asked for $995.  I laughed because she had just a hair over 1k followers.  Smh.


My students, at the company that recently expunged me (I love saying this – lol), looked my educational videos up on YouTube back in October.  When they did this, I realized my plays went from 2k to 3k in a months span.  Since then. My videos are at 4.6k.  I’ve looked at the geographical location and it points basically everywhere: Indonesia, Brazil, Antigua, France, Reunion, South Korea, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Switzerland.  You name it.  I couldn’t believe it because I hadn’t made an educational video in the past two years! So, I decided to make a ton of videos and I make sure content is being distributed rapidly.  I now have my graphic designer working on a new banner and a few other things.


I’m not one of those people that like shoving products or anything down others’ faces.  I did this probably a few years ago in trying to convince some of my friends that they should try Herbalife…and it never worked.  After that, I just didn’t care anymore.  If I could just live it, people will come.  Since then, lots of people, including co-workers and students, have asked me about the products.  No, I haven’t gone up the ranks since 2013, but I do want to take the great leap sometime in the last quarter of this year and start set up a new stream of income.


Grrrrr this is the one! I was thinking of having a ghostwriter do it for me, but no one knows the story of what I went through here in Thailand more than I! I mean I have to tell it very vividly and descriptively.  I wish I had documented everything when it occurred, but I didn’t.  I just recently watched a TedX about a girl saying, “staying silent is the worse thing you can do.”  Well, I need to speak up about the experiences I’ve had in this country once and for all.  Just doing it is the catch…but if I can just brainstorm a couple of pages in the morning and make it my number one priority for the year = BINGO!


The website is going to come into fruition over the next few months (before my anticipatory leave to South America), and on there will be lots of PDF’s templates and other things for my students all around the world to buy and stuff.  Luckily I have a graphic designer that’s doing amazing work at the moment; and what’s even more is I have the savings to pay for it all.  Very ecstatic and grateful for it.  Now, when this website launches, this WordPress site is going to be switched over there.  WordPress hasn’t provided me with much of anything except traffic.  Even the payment button is faulty.  If I want to sell things and plugins, I have to pay an additional 150$, which isn’t even worth it (sorry, WordPress); so I’m going to have a brilliant graphic designer build my website from scratch.  WOOHOO!