Herbalife: Problems With Razor Bumps? Try This!

Well, well, well! It’s been a while since I’ve put up a Herbalife video, so here’s my next one!

Back in 2004, I was getting a haircut in the westside of Las Vegas and I told this lady, “excuse me, my faces itches after I shave.”  She said, “you shouldn’t be shaving; our skin is different from white people’s skin!”

I didn’t know what the meant at the time, but she was somewhat right.  She introduced  Skin Tight Extra Strength to me (the one in the photo) and I’ve been using that the past 14 years of my life.  Well, I’ve had this specific bottle for almost 3 years already and it’s probably just a few months away from running out.  With no friends or family willing to send me another bottle, I turned to Herbalife.

Because I’m a proud user of Herbalife, I knew that a scrub-aftershave combination could probably reduce the itching.  Not only did it do just that, but it has cleared up my skin significantly over time.

Here’s the video down below.


Commit To Constant And Never-Ending Improvement


As an educator, I join different teaching development programs at prestigious international schools so I can deep dive into the minds of some of the best teachers in Asia.  This will improve my skills and figure out different ways and techniques to enhance my students learning capabilities.

Not only in the classroom, but in the personal development realm, too.  What do I feed my mind everyday?  What new books am I reading this month?  How’s the low-information diet going? What conversations am I engaged in at the moment? Who should I distance myself from because they’re so toxic?

For all categories of life, you want to continue improving under any means necessary because if we don’t improve, we’ll be that guy selling peanuts on the street corner in New York.

Achievers are just quite frankly committed to continual improvement.  How can you make a product better? How could you make your home environment better? How can you do things more efficiently; whether at work or at home?  How can you profit more? How can you serve your customers better? How can you help your colleagues in a way you can inspire them? How can you do your job with greater love and provide more value to the people?

Improve In Small Increments

Whenever you want to improve your skills, better your behavior with your family, life, or business – you need to take manageable steps which gives you a greater chance of long-term success.  Doing too much too fast not only overwhelms you, but it can doom the effort to failure – thereby reinforcing the belief that it’s difficult.

Figure out what you want to improve on: computer skills, parenting skills, cooking skills, development of more inner-peace and meditation, prayer.

Perhaps you can find a night class at your local community college to help build that skill.  I have a friend who’s taking a personal training course and she’s also creating bath salt that she will sell as a combo package with her personal training.  Look at what you spend the most time on everyday and see if you can delegate those tasks or make it a habit to do them more efficiently and faster.

The power of slight edge

In his book The Slight Edge, Jeff Olson talks about the compound effect over time of doing just a little bit more or a little bit less of something.  Whether it’s doing a little more each day – 20 push-ups, 20 minutes of meditation, 20 minutes of aerobics, 20 pages of reading, an extra hour of sleep, taking supplements – or a little less each day – an hour less of television, one less glass of wine, one less $4.00 latte, or one less hour of surfing the internet.

If you were to cut out an hour of watching television a day, that 365 hours would add up to nine 40-hour workweeks.  That’s like adding an extra two months of productive time to your life every year.  In 12 years, that would equal having two extra years of focused time.  Whether you use that time to focus on writing your books, practicing your instrument, improving your sports performance, learning a new language, making more sales calls, marketing on the Internet, reading, exercising, doing yoga, or even deepening the relationships that matter to you…..just imagine the difference it would make. – Jack Canfield

Podcast: https://www.spreaker.com/episode/9059902

Herbalife Product Spotlight: Herbal Aloe Cleanser

I’m going to be honest, everyone’s skin, including Caucasians, Africans, Latinos and Asians, is different.  When I was 16 year’s old, I would shave my face with a razor and get an array of bumps across my face until I met this African American woman who said, “black people’s skin isn’t like white people’s skin.”  I was like, “um what does that even mean?”

She went on to give me something called “Skin Tight” which I still use to this day, but it’s not like a typical aftershave (which never worked for me).  Not only does it relieve and reduce the appearance of those unsightly razor bumps, but it also has Leaf Oil and Bark Extract, which probably fights off the itchy feeling I have.

Anyways, fast forwarding to present day, I came across Herbalife’s Aloe Cleanser.  Now, this is a 5 step process, but I had only bought step 1 and step 5 (night repair) at the time.  Although the night repair worked miracles in the overnight repairing of my skin, this moisturizer didn’t greet my skin with open arms.  In fact, it would burn the upper part of my cheek bone after a few days and make it extremely dry, although it’s intended for normal-to-dry skin.

A couple weeks ago I got sick and tired of just having a couple pimples come up, so I started using this again.  This time, I wouldn’t leave it on my face (I didn’t thoroughly read the directions….and it said you should wash your face after use. LOL!) and I would also use it as the first layer for when I shave to help reduce the razor bumps.

Miraculously, not only did the significant reduction happen, but I actually use it everyday after showering, leave it on for a minute or two, then wash it off before applying another Herbalife Product (will write a blog about it later) on my face.  The bumps are gone, my face is brighter, and I’ve seen a decrease in pores on my face, too.

So, with that being said, if you’re trying to find skin care products, which there are a many of them out there, I would seriously and strongly suggest this because the wonders it has worked for me.  I will be doing a few others and testing the before and after (by showing pictures) so you guys can see the results.  Stay tuned for more!

Jack Canfield – Brand Yourself With An Online Persona

“Personal branding online is not about you’ it’s about your content.  How do you become someone worth talking to, or even better, worth talking about?”

3 years ago I was engaged in a online battle of wits on a sports forum that defaced who I was and everything I represented.  Because I saw a racial remark, I retaliated in a way I shouldn’t have and got banned from using Facebook for 16 hours.

The most disturbing part about it was the stalking that ensued.  Someone in Florida who wasn’t too keen on what I said at the particular moment literally stocked me for the next year, trying to find “caucasian/anglosaxon” people on my Facebook and sent them a snapshot of what I said.

For one year….there was a faceless human being who probably had insecurities of his own who followed me and literally tried getting me in trouble at the various work places I had at that particular moment – 10,000 miles away.

Every day, millions of internet users go online with little to no thought of the portrait they paint about themselves in the digital world.   We can make inflammatory comments on controversial blogs, especially politics.  We tweet meaningless messages about our personal lives.  We post questionable photos on our Facebook pages and upload videos of their hobbies, parties, vacations, and friends alongside professional clips on YouTube – never considering what this haphazard collection of information portrays about us.

Listen, people – public content that can be searched instantly by a potential employer, investor, bank loan officer – even a first date…can be used against you.

In terms of successful people, they know how to manage their online persona.  Post only information that will contribute positively to the image they present to the world.  Even when they are voicing their opinions and bring their personality to the internet, they think about the impact it will have.

What does your online presence say about you?

Personal branding isn’t just for celebrities.

The reality is that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and other platforms of social media can be used BY ANYONE to create a brand.

Personal branding forces you to be crystal clear on what you want to achieve and helps you set goals to get there.  It helps you create visibility and present, which attracts likeminded people.

So what are the steps to creating a personal brand online?

Step one: Decide who you want to be.

To develop an online persona or “brand” that will advance your career, business or cause, start distributing content that positions you as someone who can benefit a potential employer, customer, investor, future mentor, coach, or sponsor.

Step two: Determine the market you want to reach.

What categories of people will benefit the most from your knowledge, expertise, or opinions? Do they work in your industry, have an interest in your friend of study, or are they random consumers who have the same hobby, decorating ideas, fashion sense, or entertainment preferences that you do?  Also, as part of the process of determining the market you want to reach, be sure to take a moment and Google yourself.  Is this what you want people to see? Next, Google your top “competitor” by name.  What do the search results tell you?

Step three: Start a blog and build a website.

In the beginning of my journey, I was just a podcaster who sent audios to my friends.  Now I’m posting links to my podcast along with inspirational photos on my instagram which automatically get uploaded to my Facebook page which is The Arsenio Buck Show.  In addition to that, anytime I blog, the link gets posted directly to my LinkedIn account, twitter and other social media platforms.  I’m reaching a new market of people just by taking advantage of all the media that’s how there these days.

Blogging is probably the best way to hone your brand online.  Writing your thoughts, sharing your experiences, and helping people when they bring up a question (as I did two days ago on youtube) or comment about a blog post will help you build confidence in your personal brand.

Best way to start a blog is with wordpress or wix. You can choose a variety of themes, write your own biography, easily upload pictures from royalty-free photography sources around the internet.  Learn how to tag, too.  Tags and categories mean a lot because that will connect other users who are searching or using those terms with you. Again, likeminded attracts likeminded, right?

If you want to know more about posting regularly, living your brand, unleash your participation, cultivate your online presence and a few more categories, tune into my podcast down below.

Podcast – Principle 64 – https://www.spreaker.com/episode/9647434