Special Blog: Arsenio’s Entrepreneurial Journey from 2016-Now

Ok, you guys wanted it, and here it is.

At the beginning of 2016, I started a podcast.  Keep in mind that my followers on Twitter were LOSER sex tourists and my online persona, up to that point, was not very good.  I constantly focused on the negative and the victimization of being a “black” teacher in Thailand.

Then came the man — also known as Napoleon Hill.  Who’s Napoleon Hill? Well, you’ll have to google him, but this man ended up teaching me everything that I either had lost, or was completely unaware of.  Those books became my podcasts in the beginning and that ended up pushing away the majority of those “losers” who followed me online.

Then came the Jack Canfield book, most notably — Principle #5: Believe In Yourself.  While reading this just before my trip to Vietnam, I was reduced to tears.  At that moment, there was a shift in my entire biochemistry, indicating that this victimhood no longer serves you.  Getting rid of it didn’t happen overnight, but this was the beginning.

Lisa Nichols’ Abundance now came next, along with a few others, including Tim Ferriss’ 4-Hour Work Week and a couple of others.  This was the beginning of the new me.

In 2017, I began to rebel.  Hell, it started a couple months before.  My work, which wasn’t suitable for me anymore, wasn’t fair in terms of work allocation.  Some teachers got more work based on pre-conceived notions that they were better than other teachers.  So, I told myself, even in early 2016, that I would start working outside to gain more notoriety and build a brand that I didn’t know I was building at the time.  One after another, projects after projects, and “NO! I DON’T WANT YOUR CLASS IN THE MORNING!” — after another.  This probably was my downfall at the company because I constantly denied work from them, leading to my ultimate plunge and being the “last in line” and the “dark little brother,” however, this was the beginning of my new life.

In October of 2017, I got removed from teaching at Toshiba in Pathumthani, citing me for the most outrageous comments imaginable that were completely untrue and irrelevant to my moving.  Somebody had a bone to pick, and with two other white teachers, one having an insane amount of complaints, I was the odd one out (in a very unprofessional way).  That following weekend, it was the comment “if you want to continue working here we need to have a meeting” that sent shivers of disgust, threats, and “Arsenio, it’s time to get the hell out of here” down my back.  That moment, I made up in my mind that I was too good for these folks.

No one knew, but after learning that I had moved to the other side of town, they knew what was happening.  I cancelled, didn’t want class, and want to be away from that place as much as possible because it gave me chest pains — literally.

At the same time, I was grinding and trying to find work.  There were people saying “oh, this company decided this teacher over you because you’re white” and other deplorable comments. I knew I would scrape the bottom-of-the-barrel in regards to finding suitable language centers, but i kept at it.

Then March came.  Job offers came over the next two months along with entrepreneurs, a content writer, and hundreds of other things.

At the beginning of the year, I made goals list.  I made goals list for each category of my wheel of life, pin-pointing things that I wanted to do and how I wanted to grow.  To this date, I’ve not only achieved those marks, but I think in some categories, like the social circle and personal development, I’m two years ahead.

I have a content writer, social circle consisting of graphic designers, mentors, marketing execs and coaches, double podcasts website that’s sky-rocketing, YouTube that’s climbing, messages and comments saying thank you.

In all of that, do you think this could’ve happened if I didn’t leave that old place of work? No way.  I needed to leave there to create flow of goodness and change in my life.

See, the majority of the time, you guys get stuffed up in the now and personal wants.  You’re control by the mainstream media, dying relationships, loser friends, terrible jobs.  However, if you can just come to the awareness that if you let these things go, you will attract to you everything in life that you need to take you to the next level.

That’s a promise.

Upon the magnificent New Years, I’m literally positioning myself as the top ESL podcaster on the planet.  I’m owning hashtags on Instagram.  I’m teaching people all over the world and people want my services.  See how that works? And this all came because I dumped an employer in F.E.A.R of not getting a new job.

Face FEAR.

Travel Blog/Ramble of Positivity: Episode 2 – Transition Is Here (3.5 Years & Gone)!

I have to take a look back on some of the greatest times of my life.  3.5 years and this chapter has ended for all the right reasons.  There weren’t necessarily outer forces holding me back, and of course, I’ve gone on rants about sex/wife tourists hating me because of me giving them the blunt truth, but what a remarkable run I had with amazing students.


These were the first three students I had ever met.  Well, I don’t want to mention the others (which were surely forgettable), but these were three magnificent beings.  The one on the left would just say “teacher” about five-thousands times per class.  The one in the black and grey sweater spoke the most English and Nus, at the top, had true potential.  This was my first evening class, which was given just after Halloween in 2014, and it’s one I have to cherish immensely.  Two of the girls have vanished and gone onto new walks of life, but the English speaking students hangs around from time-to-time on FB or Instagram.  She’s been there for me through thick and thin.

image1.jpegI love this part and I’m going to admit it at the same time.  She was a pre-intermediate student with high-hopes to go to England (and she ultimately went to Wales and graduated – looking absolutely marvelous to this date.  She was a gifted student who was at a very low-level (to take the IELTS examination), but after finishing her classes, she contacted me and wanted to pay much less — and of course — I agreed. I built her up in some hours and she achieved the score to head to Wales.  This was one of my “first of many” achievements!


This was the best summer (in terms of salary) and most influential month.  Not only did I teach at a province where it all began, but I taught TOEIC, a course that the majority of the “I’m-50-and-angry-at-the-world” teachers told me I couldn’t teach. So, let’s just put it simply — I DID! Not only did I do that, but this was the notorious trip when the marketing manager told me, “oh, it’s hard to market a black guy when we try getting companies.”  Yeah, July of 2016….this was the last time I ever got a project, and it should’ve been the time that I left…but I just got too complacent.

image1.jpegYoung, handsome as hell, and one of my favorite classes.  Skin and hair was looking GOOD back in the day! LOL. Some of these students are studying in England, Tokyo, and Australia.  Some went on to become successful entrepreneurs and one’s in the army.  Just star-studded!

What can I really say about this 3.5 years at a place (longest ever)? Well, I’ve had the opportunity to influence so many students who have gone on to the likes of Wales, America, Australia, Japan, Singapore – and I’ve also turned some of my students into big time entrepreneurs.  Teaching isn’t about just flipping pages.  The historical mindset, which is the majority of the older generation, feels that informational regurgitation is what academics are.  This is why is was time for me to go onto the next big step with my life because you can’t work with people who are unrealistic, lack of adaptation, and doesn’t focus on the students’ core genius.  If you feel you’ve gotten complacent and comfortable with doing something that doesn’t help humanity, it’s time to make something happen.  Like Gary Vee says, “you’re going to die soon.”  Rock the damn house!


TOEIC: Text Completion #2 + PDF – Continuation

Here are parts 7-12 for everyone who tuned into my last blog.

Dr. Jim Croker of Budapest Lab says that people _____(7)_____  always travel with their own pillow.  “If business travelers can

  1. might
  2. will
  3. should
  4. can’t

bring their laptops on board, there’s no reason why they can’t bring their own pillow,” said Dr. Croker in a recent podcast interview.  An even _____(8)_____ solution, according to another celebrity doctor, is to avoid business travel altogether.

  1. good
  2. the best
  3. better
  4. greatest

The studies have also shown that time away from families can be detrimental to family life. 

After all, everything from _____(9)_____ meals to driving kids to and from school is affected when one parent goes away on business.

  1. preparation
  2. prepared
  3. preparing
  4. prepare

Leasing Office Memo

Is your work space overcrowded?  Are you looking for a _____(10)_____ office at

  1. more spacious than
  2. more spacious
  3. most spacious
  4. the most spacious

affordable price?  Here at the leasing office, we have a solution that will help you.  It offers a full-service building with a parking garage.  All offices have great views and the rates start at $500 per square foot.  With advantages like these, why consider _____(11)_____ anywhere else?  Call our rental office today.

  1. rent
  2. rents
  3. to rent
  4. renting

A five-year lease ______(12)_____ be signed in order to qualify for this special rate.

  1. must
  2. might
  3. could
  4. can



Text Completion (2)

Bangkok CBD vs. The Outskirts – Where Did It All Go Wrong?

Breezy day walking with a student on the newly labeled “skywalk,” a bridge that stretches and connects some of the finest shopping plazas in all of Southeast Asia. On this bridge you have a concoction of families, business women, and people of all nationalities, cultures and backgrounds. After seeing maybe 500 people, not one of them gave me a dirty look, held their nose, gripped their purse firmly, or looked away. 

Better yet, these women, who were unbelievably beautiful, would smile. 

There’s a new establishment just outside Chidlom’s BTS Skytrain station.  I was waltzing around, trying to find a place to chow down before heading back to the “outskirts” (soon-to-be-explained), and I came across a place.  This place, called Beer Republic, wasn’t opening just yet.  I took off and came back a couple of days later and it was a delight.  Sitting around Singaporean, Thai, Russian, Indian and all other ethnicities, who were professionals, was absolutely amazing.  Having them glance over and smile at me? Sounds like a fantasy.  Heck, some of you right now are probably scratching your head saying, “that’s anywhere.”  Unfortunately, not for me.  Well, at least not what I’ve experienced the last four years.  

I just moved into my new condo and people held doors open for me (absolutely never happens to me), smiled, great service, said excuse me, and again….no dirty looks.

The Other Side

If you do a trek from the edge of town pass the other international airport named Don Meung, you’ll find yourself in a completely territory.  It’s like riding on the freeway in Los Angeles and getting off at Compton.  You can go from a half-ass suburb, to sheer hell within a couple of miles.

First of all, stepping into the minivan is disgraceful – all other passengers are staring at me to see if I’m going to sit next to them.  When I do, they scoot as far as they can up against the window so they can avoid being touched by me.

Once I get out and cross the bridge, women see me and take two big steps to the side while clutching their purse for dear life.  Some give me disgusting looks.  Others would rather stare at a blank wall than look at me — before passing by to look straight again.  It’s like the 2014 situation all over again (and the beginning of my Tedx) where women saw me, got up, and scrambled everywhere until I left.

These are the extremes of Thailand.  A lot of you are asking, “well, why are you still there?”  The sex-tourists asked me that all the time on twitter just a couple years ago when I would communicate with…..them…..for whatever reason.  Well, I knew that somewhere someone would accept who I am.

Well, I found that place.

And it’s absolutely amazing.

However, why are there such extremes here?

Free writing & Free Speaking Topics: Part II (For ESL Students) *Downloadable PDF*

Freewriting & Freespeaking – Part II

The downloadable link above is another array of miscellaneous topics to get your mind flowing with things you’ve probably never thought of.

I’ve written on the last blog that this is especially crucial for countries which don’t ask these type of questions.  Lots of students around the world have problems with conversing and even writing because no one in their lives have ever asked them questions such as the ones on the PDF.

Well, now that I know how to put documents onto my wordpress blogs, it’s time to start getting better in your writing and speaking – even if it’s not in preparation for systematic tests.