Reject Rejection: Some Will, Some Won’t; So What – Someone’s Waiting!

I woke up this morning to a message on my LinkedIn.  A man, who invests heavily into Crypto and does a lot of blockchain, denied coming onto my podcast to talk about both topics (it’s very common for those to do so because they’re scared about ruining their reputation — including Forex Traders).

24 hours prior to that, a “spiritualist” who I’ve come across on my Instagram post told me, “oh, due to my bandwidth, I’ll have to decline your offer.”  I scratched my head and said, “huh? Well, ok!”

The point I’m trying to make here reverts back to Jack Canfield’s 18th principle: “Some Will, Some Won’t; So What – Someone’s Waiting!”

I’ve brought on millionaire authors, actresses and so many other unbelievable personalities who shared with my audience unbelievable knowledge.

Rule #1: Acknowledge what you’ve already done!

Sure, I don’t get many responses, but at least I got two that officially rejected me.  In the future, when I’m making it big, guess who will probably come back?  Just saying…this is what always happens.

“If you are going to be successful, you are going to need to learn how to deal with rejection.  Rejection is a natural part of life.  You get rejected when you aren’t picked for the team, don’t get the part in the play, don’t get elected, get denied, don’t get into the graduate school or college of your choice, don’t get the job or promotion you wanted, don’t get the sale, don’t get the raise you wanted, don’t get the appointment you requested, don’t get the date you asked for, don’t get the permission you requested, or you get fired.” – Jack Canfield.

However, rejection is simply a myth! It’s a concept you hold in your ear! Example, back in 2006, I asked a girl name Marja to the senior prom.  She said, “oh, I have an agreement with someone else — sorry!”  Was it a lie? Absolutely…but the simple fact is I wasn’t suppose to go with her to prom because it would’ve been cringing.  Instead, I went with a triplet couple and had a great time.

Just Say “Next!”

Colonel Harland Sanders left his home with his pressure cooker and his special recipe for cooking Southern fried chicken, he received 1,009 rejections before he found someone to believe in his dream.

Because he was rejected over a thousand times, there are now over 10k KFC’s in more than a hundred countries around the world.

“Don’t get stuck in your fear or resentment.  Move on to the next person.  It’s a numbers game.  Someone is waiting to say yes.”

Reject Rejection

I was conversing with one of my students just this past weekend and she said she was afraid of rejection.  This is something that both everyone who’s reading this….and I….have to deal with.  It’s a natural part of life.  When I was younger and in high school, I was scared to ask anyone for a favor.  In addition to that, the most daunting task was asking someone on a date.  I remember there was a girl who I asked, “do you have a date for prom?”  She quickly replied and said, “I have an agreement.  Sorry.”  She thought I was asking her…LOL! However, she showed up to prom dateless and I was like, “who’s the funny one NOW!”

You’re going to get rejected.  You’re not going to get picked for the varsity basketball team, picked to become manager, supervisor position.  There are times that you will have to do the “dirty work” while everyone else has the easier work, but just remember that rejecting rejection could activate the law of increasing returns.

Jack Canfield once said, “you get rejected when your manuscript is rejected, your proposal is turned down, your new product idea is passed over, your fund-raising request is ignored, your design concept is not accepted, your application for membership is denied, or your offer of marriage is not accepted.”

Steve Jobs got fired from the job he created; Hugh Jackman couldn’t keep a 7-11 job; film executives told Harrison Ford that he didn’t have what it took to be a star; J.K. Rowling got rejected over and over and even got fired from her at the London Office of Amnesty International; Steven Spielberg was rejected from USC (University of Southern California); Oprah Winfrey was fired from her TV job in Baltimore after being called “unfit for tv.”

The most famous people in their respective fields got turned down.  What you have to learn here is rejection is a myth.

Just imagine this, you ask a girl out to dinner and she says no, you didn’t have anyone to eat dinner with before you asked her, and you don’t have anyone to eat with after you asked her.  The situation goes unchanged, am I right?

Learn to say “next” when someone says “no” to you.  Colonel Harland Sanders of KFC left home with his pressure cooker and his special recipe for cooking Southern friend chicken….and guess what, the man received 1,009 rejections before he found someone to believe in his dream.  18,875 KFC outlets later in over 100 countries, look at what he established.

Learn to keep pushing through and not give up because after 81 no’s, you could end up getting 9 straight yeses.  I was rejected by over 55 schools here in Thailand one morning.  One responded, and that one that responded would’ve been one of the worst schools I would have ever taught at up until that point, so I trusted my instinct and kept searching elsewhere until finally I found some place worth staying at.  That October 2014 was the most difficult month of my life, but if I had given up, I wouldn’t be enjoying where I am with my life in present day.

Don’t.  Give.  Up.