It’s extremely important what type of environment you’re in when meditating. Making sure the temperature is right, the clothing you’re wearing is comfortable, and we even talk about the different scents that you could possibly use. Again, I have the best meditation/mindfulness practices when I go fo ra spa and massage because the lighting, scent, oils, music, everything. Listen to the variety of things you can do, today, to make your environment impeccable for your mindfulness practices!

Positive Mental Attitude: Season 2 – Episode 22 – Quotient Analysis – Part C

Here we go! This is the last part of the quotient analysis!  If you haven’t already done Part A or Part B, I suggest you hit the links on the left and do them before the last part.

13. Learning from defeat
(a) Does defeat cause you to stop trying?

_____ _____
(b) If you fail in a given effort, do you keep trying?

_____ _____
(c) Is temporary defeat the same as failure?

_____ _____
(d) Have you learned any lessons from defeat?

_____ _____
(e) Do you know how defeat can be converted into an asset that will lead to success?

_____ _____
14. Creative vision
(a) Do you use your imagination constructively?

_____ _____
(b) Do you make your own decisions?

_____ _____
(c) Is the man who only follows instructions always worth more than the man who also creates new ideas?”

(d) Are you inventive?

_____ _____
(e) Do you create practical ideas in connection with your work?

_____ _____
(f) When desirable, do you seek sound advice?”


15. Budgeting time and money
(a) Do you save a fixed percentage of your income?

_____ _____
(b) Do you spend money without regard to your future source of income?

_____ _____
(c) Do you get sufficient sleep each night?

_____ _____
(d) Is it your habit to employ spare time studying self-improvement books?”


16. Maintenance of sound health
(a) Do you know five essential factors of sound health?

_____ _____
(b) Do you know where sound health begins?

_____ _____
(c) Are you aware of the relation of relaxation to sound health?

_____ _____
(d) Do you know the four important factors necessary for the proper balancing of sound health?

_____ _____
(e) Do you know the meaning of “hypochondria” and “psychosomatic illness”?

_____ _____
17. Using cosmic habit force as it pertains to your personal habits
(a) Do you have habits which you feel you cannot control?

_____ _____
(b) Have you recently eliminated undesirable habits?

_____ _____
(c) Have you recently developed any new, desirable habits?”

Rating System

Here’s how to rate your answers. All the following questions should have been answered NO: 3c – 3d – 4b – 5b – 5c – 5e – 6b – 6c – 8a – 8d – 9b – 9d- 10c – 11b – 11c – 12c – 13a – 13c – 14c – 15b – 17a. All other questions should have been answered YES. Your score would have been 300 if all the questions had been answered “No” or “Yes” as shown above. This is a perfect score and very few people have ever made such a score. Now let’s see what your score was.”

Number of “Yes” answers instead of “No”:
——x 4 =——
If you answered “No” to any of the meaning questions that should have been answered “Yes,” deduct four points for each one:
Number of “No” answers instead of “Yes”:
——x 4 =——
Add the subtotals together, and subtract from 300. This will be your score.
Number of “Yes” answers instead of “No”: 3 x 4 = 12
Number of “No” answers instead of “Yes”: 2 x 4 = 8
Total Number of Wrong Answers __________ 20
Perfect Score ____________________ 300
Minus Total Number of Wrong Answers __________ 20
Your Score ____________________ 280


300 points _____ Perfect (Very Rare)
275 to 299 points _____ Good (Above Average)
200 to 274 points _____ Fair (Average)
100 to 199 points _____ Poor (Below Average)
Below 100 points _____ Unsatisfactory

You have now taken an important step to success and happiness.”




Kanchanaburi, Thailand – The Weekend Getaway: Day 1

The last time I traveled to Thailand was the last time I was intoxicated to the point where I couldn’t sleep for a couple hours.  Normally I can contain my alcohol, but seeing a friend for the first time (since Las Vegas) in Chiang Mai (famous province to the north); and also it being Christmas Eve, it was that time to rock it out!

One-day trip.  A Christmas breakfast that involved the best banana pancakes in Thailand, a lunch with a couple folks while I was repping a flashing reindeer stocking, and an almost-missed flight because I decided I wanted to see the ‘Doi Suthep.’

However, since then….why travel in Thailand when you can go to Bali or the Maldives, right?

Here I am in a pinnacle moment that it’s either stay or head to Central America.  So, to burn off some of the steam and step-away from all the noise, I decided to head to a place like no other.

Toilets Outside Bangkok = The Best

I’ve never seen toilets quite like these.  It’s funny because the beautiful, newly built slate of shops are at the back of the parking lot while the typical 7-11 and pitstop is in the front.  For people who don’t like walking an extra 20 meters – you’ll miss a remarkable, and I mean a REMARKABLE glimpse of the worlds best public toilets.





I was contemplating whether or not I should upload more of the photos from the trip, but it would be alot of scrolling (lol) for you guys, so I’ll just talk about it on my podcast and you guys can tune into my twitter (arseniobuckshow) and see some of the photos I took yesterday.

In saying that, after heading down dozens of miles to this place called Kanchanaburi, we stopped at a local Steak Burger place that was sitting roadside in the middle-of-nowhere.  What was so nice and odd about this place was not only the modern jazz music, but the cacti.  That was the first time in my life I saw those spikey-thorned plants in this country.   The entire vibe was great and I’ll have to write a blog or so on the places I ate at.

Finally, after what seemed like a half-a-day, we arrived at this ultimate retreat.  It was tucked off in a very narrow alley-way, paved with dirty and covered by trees.  While we were driving through, I just felt like it was a horror movie.  We were inching little-by-little with our eyes wide-opened, hoping nothing would go wrong.  At the front of the gate, a girl rose up from her hammock and instructed us to drive through the gates.  Following that, a man on his motorbike guided us to the rocky parking lot where a lady greeted us, hauled our bags into this two-wheeled cart, and walked us over to reception.

Upon checking in, it was SURELY FORESTY. I had no idea it would be of this magnitude, though.  Frogs, birds, bugs of all kinds, big wooden seating panels everywhere, bungalows tucked away everywhere and even a three-story one that featured rooms on every floor.  The seating area/breakfast area overlooks a gorgeous river and you can hear chatter off in the distance.  Ahhhhh…just wonderful.  The room, as spacious as it was, was pretty nice.  I mean it’s going to be a battle with bugs in the outer area (bathroom), but for the most part, the place was pretty legit and well-worth the price.

Waterfall Haven 

The waterfall was absolutely GORGEOUS! That was the first time I’ve ever been to one, and it was at no additional cost (because Thailand has a tendency)! I sat under a waterfall for the first time in my life, and it was exquisite! Just feeling energy piling on top of my head and hearing people cheer and laugh around me….life; at its very finest!

Story of being followed and a little bit more is in the podcast down below!