Topic: Doing What’s Needed….For Now

I came across a situation (cleared up since then) when I was utterly confused at the reaction of someone. My “boss,” who I speak to maybe once a year, wanted to me notified via agent/me when the renewal of my visa was coming. He said, “you should’ve notified me before you paid.”

So then I quickly jumped to my own defence and said, “wait, so if I had asked you before, would you have accepted my renewal?”

That’s simply overthinking — which it turned out to be. But that’s only my situation. Some of you are in similar situations where people want to have that sort of power over you, and because we’re living in rapidly changing times, our pride says “tell them to fuck off,” but it’s essential to think things through while beating on your craft (side hustle) at the same time. Tune into the podcast down below!

High Trust Organization Dividends – Increased Value, Accelerated Growth

Oh, yes! We’re getting into high trust organization dividends now. Remember, when you add up the cost of all these taxes that are imposed in low-trust organizations, it’s apparent what the connection is between low trust, low speed and high cost.

Increased Value

The second dimension is customer value. As a result of the last five dividends, high-trust organizations are consistently able to create and deliver more value to their customers. This customer value, in turn, creates more value for other key stakeholders.

Stephen Covey

So, I thought about this recently with the last company I was working for. Remember I told you that it was a complete mess. The customers were the stakeholders. If it wasn’t for one customer, that place would be beyond quiet because she was able to bring friends in to study with her.

Nonetheless, after they relieved me, it was clear to the stakeholders that they weren’t cared about. The management had romanticized about what they wanted and not what the stakeholders wanted. This will doom your business if you let this happen. Failure will come so fast that you won’t know until your doors are locked up.

Accelerated Growth

High-trust companies outperform low-trust companies, not only in shareholder value, but also in sales and profits. Research clearly shows that customers buy more, buy more frequently, refer more, and stay longer with companies and people they trust. Plus, these companies actually outperform with less cost. It’s “Jim,” the donut and coffee guy writ large. The net result is not just accelerated growth, but accelerated profitable growth. As Vanguard Investments CEO John Brennan said, “Trust is our number one asset… customers learn to trust us, they generate surprising amount of growth.”

Stephen Covey

Customers buy more, buy more frequently, refer more, stay longer with companies and people they trust. That reminds me of one of my students. They’ve been with a language center for three years, so obviously the retainment is apparent, but now they’re going to start losing customers because of the bureaucracy, politics and not giving a damn about stakeholders.

Stephen Covey’s Understanding & Perception

The world would be a vast place of harmonious prosperity ONLY IF WE UNDERSTOOD life through the eyes of other people.  If I was the president of any country, I would try seeing and understanding the world through the eyes of other countries that are suffering from poverty, war-torn, nuclear war, and other things that relate to the fall of a Kingdom/Country.

As the days go on, there’s rhetoric being spewed everywhere; from the Gambian president saying “if you want sex, go to Thailand,” to Thai citizens retorting in the most disgusting fashion with racial hatred.  All of this: colorism, racism, fanaticism, religionism, culturalism, fascism, and all other ‘isms,’ is what’s separating not only the countries of the world from each other, but our daily lives.

Remember the reference I made to a colleague that didn’t see life through my eyes?  I, being from Las Vegas, was completely gutted after the terrorist attack that happened last October.  I erupted in front of my students because they giggled about it.  That next month, the “head teacher” tried putting blame on me to why it happened.  I was appalled.  That same individual, within the matter of minutes, began to say that racism doesn’t exist at these companies, although I’ve talked about it a plentiful of times for years.  This is the problem with the very old generations, especially from England and especially wife-tourists.  The bulk of the racism in Thailand comes from anglos; and also in China, too.  When we fail to have empathy for one another, conflict happens.

As you learn to listen deeply to other people, you will discover tremendous differences in perception.  You will also begin to appreciate the impact that these differences can have as people try to work together.

You see the young woman; I see the old lady.  And both of us can be right.

You may look at the world through spouse-centered glasses; I see it through the money-centered lens of economic concern.

You may be scripted in the abundance mentality; I may be scripted in the scarcity mentality.

You may approach problems from a highly visual, intuitive, holistic approach right brain paradigm; I may be very left brain, very sequential, analytical, and verbal in my approach.

Our perceptions can be vastly different.  And yet we both have lived with out paradigms for years, thinking they are “facts” and questioning the character or the mental competence of anyone who can’t “see the facts.”

One time I got unbelievably frustrated at work about 8 years ago because I wasn’t getting any help from everyone.  The practice manager immediately called me in and sat me down.  We (me and the new assistant) didn’t understand our roles in the practice.  It was becoming more confusing as the days went on, so this hearttalk and having the practice manager see what I was going through – through my eyes – made him understand the situation.