Helping a suicidal student

I wrote this on my 101 goals list about 5 years ago: “help someone NOT commit suicide and get them out of a dark place.” I don’t know why it felt good at the time, but the opportunity had presented itself.

Years ago I met a student who was on fire. She was insecure at the age of 15, but with her level of speaking capabilities, I told her she couldn’t stay here in Thailand because ALL universities don’t know what to do with her level passion. She ended up moving to Singapore to go to school and ended up building an online business at the age of 17. The last time I had seen her in 2018, she was so excited and driven. She carried herself like a 30-year-old business professional.

Well, we lost touch and finally spoke again through video a couple weeks ago — to my shock, she completely changed: tone, facial expressions, discontent, and now suffering from severe depression. She went from Singapore back to Bangkok and now she’s around people who AREN’T driven.

While she was telling me these horrifying thoughts she was having, I was glancing to my left and thought of one person that could absolutely help her….and so the introduction was given and now the ball is on her side of the course — but I’m asking everyone out there that you should NEVER be AFRAID to ASK for help.

Full podcast down below!

Traveling Podcast: Episode 012 – Marina Bay, S.E.A Aquarium, Good Vibes

As promised, I told you guys that I would do another podcast and blog, and here it is! It’s a shame that I stayed just a few days. It has seemed to me that the last few times I’ve come here, even on those 24-hour layovers — to the 3-night trip, is not enough. However, I’m super grateful because it all started with the Aquarium.


Just spectacular! First, the journey there is so convenient and easy. You can buy one ticket that goes all the way to the destination with very easy interchanges in between (Chinatown and the final stop — Harborfront). After that, I met my friend right in front of the connect shopping center and we went up a few escalators to the tram across the body of water and to Sentosa Island.

Little did I know there was a Universal Studios there. The aquarium was magnificent. To see those creatures of all kinds living in their habitats and coexisting with one another is truly remarkable. Having the opportunity to see the blue poison frog from Brazil was pretty amazing, too! They’re beyond tiny, but they can kill in minutes.

After the aquarium, a red wine bottle was bought and hours of conversation proceeded. Just an all around great time.

Marina Bay Sands

A magnificent structure. Being up close, and in a green area, was just captivating. What’s even more amazing is the way the structure is built inside. The hotel rooms are one door away from being in the lobby. It’s sooooo….odd. Lol. Here I am looking down both corridors and seeing the hotels on each side. Just don’t know how much the hotel can offer, but with a steep price tag of $500 USD a night, it better provide more than what I saw!

The gardens, water, birds, everything on the backside, was tranquil. The amount of green area, beautiful gardens towering over everyone and the feeling of peace is truly remarkable. That’s what i’ve been wanting to see for a long time.


It was a magnificent journey and I’m so grateful for having the opportunity to finally stay there past 24 hours (lol). Now it’s finish and I’m officially heading back to Thailand. This will for sure be a culture shock.


Traveling Podcast: Episode 012 – Cathay Pacific A350 Review, Changi T4, Hotel G

When I saw the aircraft arrive an hour early, the thought that it would be delay for 25 minutes didn’t cross my mind. However, I was more preoccupied with that unbelievably rambunctious Chinese tour group that was around me.

Yes, this is a growing problem in the traveling scape. Are they the younger generation? No. Sorry, Gen B’s. However, I knew that once we sat down, those wild n’ crazy kids would fall asleep. I WAS RIGHT!

Sweating, looking up, scratching my head, past 12pm….maybe this is just a Bangkok thing. Oh, we were only 2 planes back, so that’s like a 2 minute delay…not a problem. However, we sat at our gate well past 12pm. Why? Have no idea, but it’s not the end of the world.


My goodness! We took off, lifted the front wheel up, and it was the sexiest, calmest ascent to 30k feet ever! Guys, I must say that the pilots and brand new aircraft is spectacular. I love it! I’m grateful for it! However, that’s all you get with Cathay Pacific. 6 of the 10 flight attendants I saw looked depressed. Fake “thank yous” and hey…well that’s every airline in general. Last time I had a wonderful flight attendant was 6 years ago flying Singapore Airlines from Japan to Singapore. Again, will I continue flying Cathay? Most definitely. In-flight entertainment, wide seats, beautiful carpet, gorgeous plane, competent pilots — I LOVE IT. I just have to be careful about rude passengers.

Changi Airport – Terminal 4 – DON’T GO!

Man, I’ve never had this happened. A very long walk, which happens, to immigration. Not a problem. However, when I got to immigration, there were long lines. I’m scratching my head like, “yo, come on. This is Changi Airport! The G.O.A.T!” Well, not this time. In fact, T4 is disconnected from everything, including Jewel. The only way to get a train or get to the other terminals is by waiting 10-15 minutes for a bus. From there, then you can access civility. To be honest, I’m scared to go there for departures because they might not have anything compared to the other three terminals.

Keep in mind, it just recently opened.

People were in the way and then a friend told me, “why are you taking the train? Just a taxi.”

If that’s not the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. That’s the most unnecessary expense EVER. Singapore has the best transportation system in the world, but I should take a taxi? You know what that means? Well let’s just say I was suppose to meet this friend for dinner and realized that she goes to expensive places. Ahhh…she’s a “hi-so” type.

Dropped. Sorry!

Hotel G in Bencoolen in the podcast!


The Ramble of Positivity: Episode 031 – Singapore, I’m COMING!

Excited, jubilated, in harmony, bliss, serenity. Baby, I’m going to Singapore. Cathay Pacific right into the new Terminal 4 which houses that new magnificent Jewel? Oh, I’m definitely NOT complaining.

Excited, jubilated, in harmony, bliss, serenity. Baby, I’m going to Singapore. Cathay Pacific right into the new Terminal 4 which houses that new magnificent Jewel? Oh, I’m definitely NOT complaining.

Land, catch the magnificent train to my hotel, check in, and have my friend pick me up for some Malay/Singaporean food? CHECK! Friend to meet for drinks after? Aquarium on Saturday?

I’m grateful. I’m excited. This is my first “real” holiday since last August. I had Laos in November of last year, topping off the most FORGETTABLE trip of the last 10 years. Malaysia, which was just below average, continued the soar trend.

So I’m going to buck this trend by heading to my favorite country in Southeast Asia.

Heavy Breathing In The Morning

Anytime I go to the airport, I always think worse case scenario, which is probably not a good thing to entertain in terms of having a though. After getting on an always-crowded-skytrain (in the morning — rush hour), I got to the airport link, had my ticket at hand already and got to the airport.

I followed a couple of students up the escalators before finally reaching Cathay Pacific. The guy at the counter looked new, and Chinese. not that the nationality mattered, but there was a guy overseeing what he was doing and of course, he kinda didn’t know what he was doing. After 4 minutes and without any questions, I received my ticket, went through an always-easy security check, and then to passport control.

This is the place I dread because the could be nasty….however, out of all the times I ever left this country, it was one foolish, old, racist lady that put her glasses on and went through my pages before I started laughing at her bigotry. New passport and guy? 1 minute, stamp, done. EASY!

So, all the heavy breathing, again, for NOTHING.

Going into the airport…some questions may come, but last time I came, there weren’t any. If they ask (and they don’t do so often), it’s because I write something ridiculous on my paper that raises a question. So, now I’m sitting here at the airport and waiting for my departure to an ultra-efficient country!


Next Holiday: Singapore! Oh, No Spartan Race, Either

Can I just enjoy a holiday without pushing my body to the limit? Just once?

When was the last time I did such a thing? Ahhh, when I went to Hong Kong, an unbelievably forgettable trip (sorry, my folks from HK who view my blog — lol).

It was a toss up between Hanoi, a place I haven’t traveled to yet; and of course Singapore, a place I’ve enjoyed…but not to its full potential.

Originally the plan was to go to Hanoi to see a friend that had some potential, but after she dropped the bomb on me (A-FUCKING-GAIN), for the second time, I diverted plans. Going to Vietnam is like Thailand but without proper infrastructure, security, and things to do. I would much rather go to a country that slightly above Thailand for a holiday.

No disrespect to my wonderful folks in Hanoi, but I’ve visited HCMC already and boy….what a TRIP that was! Vietnam is still unbelievably beautiful and has the most gorgeous islands on the planet….but for this trip, let me enjoy great transportation, clean streets and other perks.


So, when choosing a flight, you will see that most low-cost airlines have abominable flight times. Scoot, priced at $180 dollars, had a flight time of 8:35am from Bangkok Airport. That’s tough, because check-in opens at 5:35am; therefore, I can’t sleep at my condominium because I’m an hour away from the airport by taxi — who of course — won’t be fair and take me directly to the airport (welcome to Thailand). So what would I have to do? Trekk to Lat Krabang (basically the same area at the airport) and stay at a $20 hotel with free shuttle service. The catch? Walking on wet, muddy roads through slums, over broken bridges…etc.

I’m good…really. Next time.

Cathay Pacific leaves at 12:30pm! A perfect time to catch a plan. Yes, a bit wacky because that means I would have to get on the train either around 6am to workout from 6:45-7:45 with a trainer I don’t like. Or, get to the platform earlier and just hangout at the airport for several hours. Pain in the ass. Taking trains in BKK between 7am-9am is not the best thing to do….nor is taking the airport link.

Now that I’m writing this, I’m asking myself if I should even take this flight because the flight time is ridiculous (LOL).

Ok, so no Spartan. What will you do?

Zoo and Aquarium! My awareness has gone up about 500% percent since 2011 (when I first went). Animals that I see everywhere, including the homeless dogs and pigeons out on the street, are beautiful to me. I think I’m going to be amazed visiting a zoo and aquarium now because I know in one hundred years, the majority of these animals will be gone, unfortunately.

There are a few other things I’m trying to sort out, but also have a friend that lives there. This is my first ever Singaporean friend, so if all goes well, this could be a trip to remember!

Traveling Pod: Episode 9 – Singapore for The 6th!

Here we go! The 6th country of the year.  Boy, what the hell is going on.  To be honest, I’m in a transition phase right now with work, and have been seen the dawn of the New Year.

Because this phrase has been ongoing, it requires me to leave the country often because of visa complications.  However, now that I have a reputable agency working on my visa and documents, when I come back that following week, I’ll be getting my one year visa and I won’t have to travel for the rest of the year (I think 6 times is enough).

So, why Singapore again, Arsenio? My happy ass got excited with jumping over a pond to Hong Kong and ended up having the most FORGETTABLE trip of my life.  Hong Kong is everything I didn’t WANT it to be, from the stereotypical immigration officers, to a wack ass hotel.  Sure, I met a nice individual there, but it was still….BLAH.

Should I go to Cambodia? Terrified.

Singapore is a safe trip and allows me to go to the main airport in Bangkok, (versus the dog house called Don Meung).  The main airport is connected with transportation that goes all the way to my condominium. I like my chances.

Singapore is going to be a trip of ME! Last time I went there I saw one of my ex-students, and now that she has grown up and forgot about her teacher (happens with youngsters, lol), I’ll go there to enjoy time by MYSELF and Vlog at the amazing Marina Bay Sands, a hotel I’ve always dreamed of seeing.

Now with having the ability to get outside the hotel and the area I’m living in, this could be a much more enjoyable trip compared to the last one.

Stay tuned for a variety of vlogs, instagram videos and other things that will be making their way here! Oh, and of course, a Ramble of Positivity!

Wheel of Life – May Edition: The New Beginning — Again

Whew! So much noise, so many things happening, so many decisions to be made.  On the cusp of what might possibly be a new job, another one emerged.  I’m trying to check and see if these are breadcrumbs and I’m also evaluating every step…but it’s hard to determine.  Moving onto the next one, part-time jobs and madness happened in the Physical Environment side of everything; meanwhile, Fun & Hobbies skyrocketed.

There’s lots to be said, so let’s break this down category by category!

Wealth – 7

This is what happens when you’re a “freelance” teacher.  This is what happens when part-time jobs don’t come through and your monthly earnings take a significant hit.  I guess this leads me to say “this is why I need a full-time job” that guarantees me money.  I can no longer try to make fools happy.  I’ve gone through so many problems, opinions and ignorance with one part-time job, cutting my losses completely and making the decision never to work for ungrateful ass Gen B’s ever again.  Things are becoming now, but as long as I made my monthly expenses and rent for the month, I’m ok until I accept the new job in the coming week.

Career – 10

Hands down…it’s vastly climbing.  I’m going to try and break this down individually.

  • Thailand
  • United States
  • Brazil
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • Singapore
  • Iran, Islamic Republic of
  • Canada
  • Morocco
  • Ukraine

These are plays on my ESL podcast in the last five episodes.  Remember, it only shows the top 10, there’s no telling what other countries are tuned into my crazy ass ESL podcasts (excited — so excited to see!).

  • 🇺🇸

    United States


  • 2

    Czech Republic


  • 3

    United Kingdom


  • 4



  • 5



  • 6



  • 7



  • 8



  • 9



  • 10



  • 11


    Here are just a handful of countries listening to my personal development podcasts on Soundcloud (third-party hosting site).  My main website is obviously ApplePodcasts, iTunes and other sites that bring in a lot of listeners.  Again, this goes to show how diverse the community is.



Marketing survey is going to be launched (or has already been launched) today for my ESL students who are listening to me from all over the world.  I’m creating plugins for my WordPress website so my students can get downloadable ESL resources and I’m working on getting a monthly subscription going for my website, too.  Email list is coming to send free resources to learners around the globe.

I’m also developing an online course and going to attach some of Napoleon Hill’s Creeds’ to my website so people can recite useful affirmations aloud everyday.  There’s a lot that’s happening in general, and it’s an exciting time to be alive!

Personal Development – 10

Without any doubt in my mind, I’ve realized that I needed to get back on track after my Spartan Race performance.  How did I do that? Ok, I woke up and listened to Terry Crews Advice. “I don’t look at my phone until after my workout and routine.”

Guys, to be honest, I normally wake up and look at my phone right off the back.  because of a horrendous Saturday, I turned off all my notifications and put the apps in different areas.  I leave only the important apps on the main interface.  Everything else I needed to shove aside.  So, on Monday, i woke up and listened to an inspiring video + affirmations.  I wasn’t able to workout because I had business in the morning, but I was still able to bang out a podcast for my personal development and ESL networks.  Wildly successful morning before 6:45am.

On top of that, I’m listening to Bob Proctors “How To Stop Negative Thinking” on a daily basis.  I’ve also been diving into some of Lewis Howes’ podcasts with Jack Canfield because Jack has a lot of useful things to say.  Les Brown for inspiration and of course another YouTube channel to get me going in the morning.  Yes, I still do some reading (because I always write blogs), but I’m making sure I learn as much as possible now.

Health – 7

After a catastrophic failure at my race, I made it up by going on a sugar/candy purge.  I’m not touching sugar for the next XXX amount of days.  As of Sunday, I had a chicken caesar salad and a spicy wrap for breakfast.  Lunch I had Subway – and for dinner I had some rice, chicken, vegetables and an egg.  I’m not playing around anymore.  My weight and what I’m eating reminds of those Australia — eat a blueberry muffin and a bag of candy for breakfast — days.

Fun & Hobbies – 8

I don’t know. I still feel a bit out of touch with fulfilling my fun and hobbies.  Sure, I wen to Singapore, I workout, I do go running and do all of these things I consider living, but I really need to travel on a 4-8 weeks basis.  There’s one job that’s going to provide me that opportunity and the other one won’t.  Decisions, decision.

Romantic Relationships – You Already Know


Friends & Family – 3

Same story….but boy I need reliable and long-lasting relationships. Hard to create them, but then again, if I evaluate if I’m looking in the right neighborhood or not…I’m far from it.

Physical Environment – 10

Now, at the time of writing this, it was a 7.5. However, after going through with the job interview and seeing that my career changed happened just a week after my 30th birthday, I’m fully content with my physical environment.




Travel Pod: Episode 3 – The Big 30 At Changi International Airport!

Wow.  What a journey.  I can’t be grateful enough for everything that has happened in my life.  Honestly, going back to where I was 10 years ago?! In a dying relationship, moving into a new apartment, but three months later, a girl by the name of Satomi Nakagawa came into my life — urging me to travel.  Life was never the same after that.

I’m here in Singapore International, taking in the sights and just so grateful for everything and everyone around me.  Fast train ride here led me to some funny conversations at immigration and a super cool check-in.  This is the fourth country I’ve woken up in on my birthday morning, so I just can’t be grateful enough for the process!

If I look at all areas of my life in terms of personal development, physical environment, health, wealth, romantic relationships, friends and family, fun and hobbies and career….they’ve all sustained themselves.  Sure, I’ve had my pitfalls with physical environment, and that’s why I left the garbage job I was at because I knew I was too good to be there.  So, cheers to my birthday!

Travel Pod: Episode 2 – Singapore Is Here! Funny Shorts, Wonderful Plane, Stout Airline & More!

Let’s point out the obvious, first.  It’s not the end of the world since the chargers were forgotten.  I’ve already bought an essential traveling charger for both Thailand and traveling, so I think I’m saved.

And with that being said, SINGAPORE IS HERE! I woke up excited as hell this morning, but also nervous.  Are you always the one who feels anxious before traveling? Like you think of those worse case scenarios (of course – I got hit with the charger situation – which is actually super funny)? I’m not sure what it is, but it could be the “sorry, sir.  We don’t have a booking under your name” to “ahhhhhh you have to pay me for overstay!”  Of course one of those would never happen (the overstay) because I’m not an idiot, but the “what if” situation about the booking scares the hell out of me.

No lines, no problems, and Bangkok Airport has achieved ONCE AGAIN.

Can I tell you  something hilarious? Ok, I was on the escalator, I looked up and this girl had on shorts that were showing her ass cheeks.  I kid YOU NOT! Like her ass was hanging out! I couldn’t believe it!  I laughed and told myself, “come on, man!  This ain’t America!”


Anyways, I always manage to see something crazy as hell.  I love living, loving, and laughing.  She looked behind her with a smirk on her face. I said, “too desperate for my liking, babe.”

Anywho, some Pizza for breakfast, short wait and then the boarding.

While I was sitting on the plane, I felt a couple of taps on my shoulder.  I looked up and there was a vague recognition kinda thing going on.  He said, “are you the guy that goes to The Lab?”  I laughed out loud and responded, “ahhh the man from Philadelphia! Evan! What’s up, man?”  The conversation ensued about jobs, visas, and the Philadelphia 76ers.

Remarkably the plane was on time.  This plane, which was a cool ass A320, took off and it sounded like heaven.  Something about those engines makes the plane feel sexier (seats were excellent); in addition, I’m giving a big shout out to JetStar Asia!

The toilets, however, were abysmal because of the Chinese tourists.  There was crap (literally) all over the toilet.  It’s like they went inside the lavoratory and squeezed at will in any direction. Just horrendous beyond comprehension.

And shortly after, big shout out to my main man Abshek (probably butchered the spelling) who was sitting right next to me on the plane and spoke only after descending (lol).  Awesome native Singaporean who talked Ubers closure (bought out by Grab and an Indonesian taxi service), traveling to BKK, and LinkedIn.  He’s a Gary Vee listener, too!  Could you believe that?!

We landed, I bid my farewells to my samaritans, and I made way to immigration and the rail line that ultimately took me to this hotel right here.

All I want to do is say I’m grateful! There’s a lot more that’s coming soon, so you better brace yourself!


Emergency Vacation: Singapore!

Yes, you read it right! Because of ridiculous rules at immigration and me just simply not wanting to inject anymore of my hard-earned money into this economy, I decided to take (literally) a one-day trip to Singapore.

As you probably already know, I’ve had several layovers in Singapore because I had to switch to a bigger plane before heading to LAX via Narita Airport in Japan.  What I loved so much about Singapore was the service, transit hotel, and being able to take a shower for $9 USD.

Well, this is finally the time I’m going to step outside the airport and see what the rest of the country has to offer.  With a hotel stationed just right outside a line that heads directly into the airport, and with one of my favorite people in the world (student who studies at MDIS in Singapore) waiting for me there with maybe a couple other friends, this will make for an interestingly short trip.  I booked a hotel I might not be at for long.  I might go sightseeing and head to Sentosa Island, but there are a variety of different things that will be coming up.