Stephen Covey’s Levels of Communication: Low, Trust, High

Levels of communication.  Yes.  This is extremely important on so many levels.  If you look at the chart I've created, you can probably indicate not only what category you fall into, but everyone else you know. Let's do a breakdown of the three levels. Lowest Communication Low-trust situations, period.  If you're in a relationship where... Continue Reading →


Stephen Covey’s Four Dimensions of Renewal – Physical Dimension – Stop Being Lazy (Physically)

How can you preserve and enhance the great asset you have? Physical: Exercise, Nutrition, Stress Management Social/Emotional: Service, Empathy, Synergy, Intrinsic Security Mental: Reading, Visualizing, Planning, Writing Spiritual: Value Clarification & Commitment, Study & Meditation George Sheehan, the running guru, describes four roles: being a good animal (physical), a good craftsman (mental), a good friend... Continue Reading →

Stephen Covey – Empathic Listening

"Seek first to understand." We're always the first ones that want to be heard first, instead of listening to others first. Michael Bernard Beckwith said on a recent video, "you know sometimes we're always right.  We're never wrong."  However, this could hurt relationships along the way if you don't become an active listener. Sometimes when... Continue Reading →

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