Napoleon Hill – The Law of Success – Revamped Lessons

I’m bringing to everyone the book that seemingly began to change my life at the beginning of 2016.

Having already read the secret, my life still wasn’t changing.  The change ultimately happened after a completely failed trip to Singapore for New Years Eve in 2015 (last time I will ever travel with friends), and the lightbulb went off in my head, “what is it that’s trying to emerge in my life right now?”

Something guided me to one of the biggest book stores in Bangkok at Siam Paragon and there it was: Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success sitting on a shelf, untouched, and still wrapped.

I bought the book  which ultimately lead to my first ever podcasts which aren’t available on YouTube, so I decided to make blogs, remake the podcasts, and launch this.

If you’re looking for a starting point in your life, here it is.  I’m going to go lesson by less, including podcasts alongside each one, about the fifteen Laws of Success.  Here they are as followed…

  1. A Definite Chief Aim will teach you how to save wasted effort which the majority of people expend in trying to find their life-work.  This lesson will show you how to do away forever with aimlessness and fix your heart and hand upon some definite, well conceived purpose as a life-work.
  2. Self-Confidence will help you master the six basic fears with which every person is cursed – the fear of Poverty, the fear of Ill Health, the fear of Old Age, the fear of Criticism, the fear of Loss of Love of Someone and the fear of Death.  It will teach you the difference between egotism and real self-confidence which is based upon definite, usable knowledge.
  3. The Habit of Saving will teach you how to distribute your income systematically so that a definite percentage of it will steadily accumulate, thus forming one of the greatest known sources of personal power.  No one may succeed in life without saving money.  There is no exception to this rule, and no one may escape it.
  4. Initiative and Leadership will show you how to become a leader instead of a follower in your chosen field of endeavour.  It will develop in you the instinct for leadership which will cause you gradually to gravitate to the top in all undertakings in which you participate.
  5. Imagination will stimulate your mind so that you will conceive new ideas and develop new plans which will help you in attaining the object of your Definite Chief Aim.  This lesson will teach you how to “build new houses out of old stones,” so to speak.  It will show you how to create new ideas out of old, well know concepts, and how to put old ideas to new uses.  This one lesson, alone, is the equivalent of a ver practical course in salesmanship, and it is sure to prove a veritable gold mind of knowledge to the person who is in earnest.
  6. Enthusiasm will enable you to “saturate” all with whom you come in contact with interest in you and in your ideas.  Enthusiasm is the foundation of a Pleasing Personality and you must have such a personality in order to influence others to co-operate with you.
  7. Self-Control is the “balance wheel” with which you control your enthusiasm and direct it where you wish it to carry you.  This lesson will teach you, in a most practical manner, to become “the master of your fate, the Captain of your Soul.”
  8. The Habit of Doing More Than Paid For is one of the most important lessons in the Law of Success course.  It will teach you how to make advantage of the Law of Increasing Returns, which will eventually insure you a return in money far out of proportion to the service you render.  No one may become a real leader in any walk of life without practicing the habit of doing more work and better work than that for which he/she is paid.
  9. Pleasing Personality is the “fulcrum” on which you must place the “crow-bar” of your efforts, and when so placed, with intelligence, it will enable you to remove mountains of obstacles.  This one lesson, alone, has made scores of Master Salesmen.  It has developed leaders over night.  It will teach you how to transform your personality so that you may adapt yourself to any environment, or to any other personality, in such a manner that you may easily dominate.
  10. Accurate Thought is one of the important foundation stones of all enduring success.  This lesson teaches you how to separate “facts” from mere “information.”  It teaches you how to organise known facts into two classes: the “important” and the “unimportant.”  It reaches you how to determine what is an “important” fact.  It teaches you how to build definite working plans, in the pursuit of any calling, out of FACTS.
  11. Concentration teaches you how to focus your attention upon one subject at a time until you have worked out practical loans for mastering that subject.  It will teach you how to ally yourself with others in such a manner that you may have the use of their entire knowledge to back you up in your own plans and purposes.  It will give you a practical working knowledge of the forces around you, and show you how to harness and use there forces in furthering your own interests.
  12. Co-Operation will teach you the value of team-work in all you do.  In this lesson, you will be taught how to apply the law of the “mastermind” described in this Introduction and in Lesson One of this course.  This lesson will show you how to co-ordinate your own efforts with those of others, in such a manner that friction, jealousy, strife, envy, and cupidity will be eliminated.  You will learn how to make use of all that other people have learned about the work in which you are engaged.
  13. Profiting by FAILURE will teach you how to make stepping stones out of all of your past and future mistakes and failures.  It will teach you the difference between “failure” and “temporary defeat,” a difference which is very great and very important.  It will teach you how to profit by your own failures and by the failures of other people.
  14. Tolerance will teach you how to avoid the disastrous effects of racial and religious prejudices which mean defeat for millions of people who permit themselves to become entangled in foolish argument over these subjects, thereby poisoning their now minds and closing the door to reason and investigation.  This lesson is the twin sister of one on Accurate Thoughts, for the reason that no one may become an Accurate Thinker without practicing tolerance.  Intolerance closes the book of Knowledge and writes the cover, “Finis! I have learned it all!” Intolerance makes enemies of those who should be friends.  It destroys opportunity and fills the mind with doubt, mistrust, and prejudice.
  15. Practicing The Golden Rule will teach you how to make use of this great Universal Law of human conduct in such a manner that you may easily get harmonious co-operation from any individual or group of individuals.  Lack of understanding of the law upon which the Golden Rule philosophy is based is one of the major causes of failure of millions of people who remain in misery, poverty and want all their lives. This lesson has nothing whatsoever to do with religion in any form, nor with sectarianism, nor have any of the other lessons of this course on the Law of Success.

When you have mastered these Fifteen Laws and made them your own, as you may do within a period of from fifteen to thirty weeks, you will be ready to develop sufficient personal power to insure the attainment of your Definite Chief Aim.

With all of these being said, and how this has drastically changed the outcome over a one year period, join me on this journey.

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Tools of Titans: The Morning Routine of Tony Robbins – THE BURN OF TONY ROBBINS

RE-EDITED January 25, 2020

Over the past several months, I had received not one, but two emails from someone who is apparently from Tony Robbins “team.”

The audacity and privilege of these idiots living in America are beyond comprehension. First email was “could you please add Tony Robbins links on your post so your viewers can get to know him better?”


Free fucking advertising, you mean? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Has Tony Robbins ever said anything to me? Done anything for me?

I just shrugged it off until I got the second email days ago, and that blew me over the top. So, I decided to revert this into a TONY BURN blog, the first of its kind on my blog.

The privilege of the “uber-rich,” is unbelievable. Tony Robbins went from helping people, to apparently “feeding a billion mouths a year” (absolute bullshit because one meal doesn’t do a GOD DAMN thing to the subconscious mind), and now posting a ridiculous amount of podcasts and photos of him with “superstars.” Back in 2017, when GSW won the NBA championship, Tony tried uploading a video of “why did the Warriors win?” And he showed the players meditating.

This was all the build his sham ass business to begin with. Yeah, because Tony Robbins, the GSW won the NBA championship. Infuriating and ignorance at its finest.

He doesn’t help people like “us.” He boasts that he has helped people, followed by the “NOW THEY’RE MAKING 10 BILLION IN SALES” type of comments, back-to-back-to-back.

Stating in his Money:Master The Game bs book saying “don’t attach your identity with money,” only for him to boast about how he has helped people achieve their financial goals.

If You’re in Personal Development, there’s room for you!

Most people say “well I can never be like Tony, so why would I be a coach?” Well, you for one don’t wanna be like Tony because he’s not what he used to be. He used to actually help people without a ticket price, but now he’s untouchable. You’d be lucky to get a picture with the fool because his ego is through the fucking roof. The fuckers at the top: Dalio, Bezos, Robbins, and the other ignorant souls of the computer industry world…..don’t give a shit about you and never will….and this is why people like you are needed for personal development to help “NORMAL PEOPLE.”

And that’s it for this burn. This was because I’ve been slightly harassed by an ignorant soul who’s on an egotistical team and believes they’re privileged enough to fucking demand shit without not only showing a face, but not GIVING WHATSOEVER.

So, big fuck you, Tony — and your shitty team.

Jack Canfield – To Spend More, First Make More

“Whatever may be said in praise of poverty, the fact remains that it is not possible to live a really complete or successful life unless one is rich.” – Wallace D. Wattles

I don’t know about you guys, but I would rather make more and have more to spend than to always be denying myself things I want for some distant future gain.

The first step to making more money is to decide how much more you want to make.  I’ve talked about using the power of affirmations and visualisation to see yourself as already in the possession of that money.  The super rich have used these methods and daily habits to bring more abundance into their lives.

The second step is to ask yourself, “what product, service, or additional value can I deliver to generate that money?”

What does the world, your employer, your community, fellow businesspeople, fellow students, or customers need that you could provide?

More Money Idea #1 – Become An Entrepreneur – Perhaps your work group is so good at managing projects, its members have extra time that they could “hire out” to other departments for extra pay.  You can create a plan to turn this asset into cash and approach your employer with a proposal to work on the asset-maziming project off-hours for extra pay. Sounds sexy?

More Money Idea #2 – Find A Need And Fill It

Whether it’s starting a website for a particular group of collectors or providing a unique education for people who need rare or unusual schools.  On the other hand, how about inventing something for a particular area that’s without electricity such as an entrepreneur in the Philippines? Here’s the video –

More Money Idea #3 – Think Outside The Box

When Dave Linger, founder and CEO of RE/MAX, was a successful young real estate agent, he went from “renting a desk” for 500$ a month to having 90,000 agents and 6,000 offices in more than 90 countries worldwide.  I’ll have the story in a podcast soon.

More Money Idea #4 – Start A Business On The Internet

If you set up your own Web site and subscribe to a shopping cart service, you can sell and accept credit cards for payment at your own site.  This is where your expertise becomes valuable – selling e-books, audio courses, training materials, specialised reports or directories, how-to information, and other knowledge products that are downloadable – meaning you never have to ship a single box or send an envelope.

More Money Idea #5 – Join A Network Marketing Company

There are more than 1,500 companies who sell their products and services through network marketing – certainly one or more you can get passionate about.

Here are a few podcasts….

Part 1 –

Part 2 –





Jack Canfield – Pay Yourself First

“You have a divine right to abundance, and if you are anything less than a millionaire, you haven’t had your fair share.” – Stuart Wilde

Hmmmm…..back in 2007 when I began working as a work-study student at college, I use to save EVERYTHING.  When I needed to move out of my apartment due to family transgressions, NO PROBLEM!

When I had emergencies, NO PROBLEM!

When I had the idea at just past 12am on a very early May morning in 2009 to fly to Australia, I checked my bank account and realized I had enough money for the plane ticket, and 100$ spending money per day.

But….WHAT IF I wasn’t an aggressive saver?

Some of you reading this right now are also thinking about your future in terms of saving and where to go next with ROTH IRA’s and 401k’s.

You’re going to have to learn to pay yourself first.

Jack Canfield wrote in his book about George Clason who wrote a book  called “The Richest Man In Babylon” – one of the great success classics of all time.  It’s basically a fabled story of a man named Arkad, just a simple kid who convinced his client, a money lender, to teach him the secrets of money.

The first principle the money lender tAught the kid was “a part of all you earn bus the yours to keep.”  He goes on to explain that by first putting aside at least 10% of his earnings – and making that money INACCESSIBLE for expenses – Arkad would see this amount build over time.

Many people have built their fortunes by paying themselves first.  It’s as true and effective today as it was in 1926.

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Stephen Covey – At The Center: Who Are You?

In order to write a personal mission statement, we have to begin at the Circle of Influence, that center that’s compiled of our most basic paradigms.

Whatever is at the centre of our life will be the source of our security, guidance, wisdom, and power.

Remember, security represents our self worth, self-esteem, and our basic personal strength or lack of it.

Guidance represents the source of direction and decision-making in our lives.

Wisdom is our perspective on life and sense of balance.

Last but not least, power is the faculty or capacity to act.

When these four factors are present together, they create a noble personality, a balanced character, and a beautifully integrated individual.

You’re probably asking yourself, “where do I stand?” Well, that’s what this next chart will indicate for you to find out your influence.  You can trace it back to the centre, the genesis and figure out if it’s actually holding you back.

For example, if you’re friend centered, you are highly dependent on the opinions of others.   You’re also easily embarrassed by other people and you see the world through a social lens.

The best way I can describe Thai society is definitely self-centred.  Everything revolves around, “if it feels good, what I want, what I need, what’s in it for me.”  The view of 80% of the lives of people living within these borders revolves around how decisions, events and circumstances affect you.

Most foreigners who visit Thailand is pleasure centered.  You feel secure only when you’re on a pleasure “high.”  You make decisions based on what will give you the most pleasure.  You only see the world for what’s in it for you.  Security is also short lived.

If you want to know about every category, tune into my podcast down below.

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Stephen Covey – Begin With The End In Mind: Personal Mission Statement

People, we need to come up with a personal mission statement, as what Stephen Covey has posted in his book that’s based around a philosophy or creed in which you will abide by.

Stephen Covey – Because each individual is unique, a personal mission statement will reflect that uniqueness, both in content and form.

Here’s an example of one….

  • Succeed at home first.
  • Seek and merit divine help.
  • Never compromise with honesty.
  • Remember the people involved.
  • Hear both sides before judging.
  • Obtain counsel of others.
  • Defend those who are absent.
  • Be sincere yet decisive.
  • Develop one new proficiency a year.
  • Plan tomorrow’s work today.
  • Hustle while you wait.
  • Maintain a positive attitude.

This is like what I’ve seen in Napoleon Hill’s book in terms of signing each law at the end of his chapter, saying you will abide by the rules that you would have read.

So, what’s your creed? If you want to understand this blog more, I suggest listening to my podcast down below.


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Jack Canfield – Mastermind Your Way To Success

“When two or more people coordinate in a spirit of harmony and work toward a definite objective or purpose, they place themselves in position, through the alliance, to absorb power directly from the great storehouse of Infinite Intelligence.” – Napoleon Hill

He wrote that in his book “the law of success” and I still remember the exact page and time when i read it.  Why? Two heads are always better than one, right?  When it comes to problem solving or creating a result.

This process is called masterminding.

Napoleon Hill wrote about this in 1937 about the world’s richest industrialists who harnessed their power together to former a mastermind group.

Andrew Carnegie had a mastermind group.

Harris Ford did, too. Ford would actually mastermind with other brilliant thinkers such as Thomas Edison and Harvey Firestone at their winter mansions in Fort Myers, Florida.

It’s the universal power.  The infinite intelligence.  When a mastermind group, of any sort, is working in perfect harmony, the vibrational frequency is unmatched.  This actually happened to me the for the first time just speaking with a samaritan at 24-hour fitness in Las Vegas.  Eli and I were talking exactly about the laws of the universe, and after the conversation, I remember driving home electrified.  The energy within me probably could’ve been seen illuminating and I’ve never had that overwhelming feeling of joy and bliss before at that time.  I knew then that something special had taken place.

The basic philosophy of this is basically anything that could be achieved in less time.  These people would come together weekly, biweekly, or monthly – to share ideas, thoughts, information, feedback, contact, and resources.

This group can be composed of people all drawn from your own profession, or composed of people from a variety of walks of life.  It could be a focus on business issues or personal issues, or even both.

In my podcast, I talk more about how to assemble a mastermind group, what the ideal size is, and conducting a mastermind meeting – not to mention having an accountability partner. So, if you’re interested in forming this specific group, listen to my podcast down below.

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Jack Canfield – Hire A Personal Coach

I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum capabilities.” – Bob Nardelli.

You wouldn’t expect Lebron James to be the athlete he is today without the help of mentors or personal coaches, right? You wouldn’t expect an American football team to enter a stadium without it’s coach, right?

A good coach would help you clarify things and even put you in the right direction of where you’re going.

Back in 2004, I joined track and field at my high school.  I thought I was going to be one of the top people on the team, but I ended up being the bottom 5%.

One day at practice, my coach pulled me aside and a childhood friend and said, “here, Arsenio. I want you to get over these sticks.” Those sticks were hurdles. He knew that I didn’t have the amount of strength in my legs to run the breakneck 100m or 200m runs, so he decided me to put me on hurdles.

What a decision that was!

I made it to the sunrise regional championships three straight years and lettered each year. Coaches always know best.

Why Coaching Works

  • Determine your values, vision, mission, purpose, and goals
  • Determine specific action steps to help you achieve those goals
  • Sort through opportunities
  • Maintain focus on your top priorities
  • Achieve greater balance in your life while still accomplishing your business or career goals

The end goal is learning how to coach others.  If you know the basic steps and skills of coaching, it will make you a better parent, spouse, teacher, manager, network, marketer, athletic coach, and even a better friend.

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Jack Canfield – Become A Leader Worth Following

The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born – that there is a genetic factor to leadership. That’s nonsense; in fact, the opposite is true.  Leaders are made rather than born. – Warren Bennis

You need to enroll others to achieve the success you want, regardless if you teach at a school, own a small business, coach an athletic team, etc.

Our success, doesn’t matter what you do, requires the help of others.  The most successful people in the world know how to communicate their vision in exciting and compelling terms.

In the process of leading, great leaders also transform their followers, right?

Not just team based, like Michael Jordan, but look at the hundreds of millions of lives changed simply by non-profit organizations?

Lisa Nichols is an epitome of that, too.  She has transformed the lives of thousands of women in terms of health because she ended up taking control of the health aspect of her life and produced a transformation herself.

When you become a leader, it gives you the opportunity to magnify your impact of the world. Also, knowing how to be an effective one will make you more successful – whether you are climbing the corporate ladder, building a network marketing downline, working as a social change agent, or even coaching a basketball team.

Behaviour #1: Know Your Own Strengths & Weaknesses

It’s kind of like in my podcast in terms of proactive language vs. reactive language.  Understand yourself.  Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses also helps you keep your emotion in check during times of intense pressure or crisis, right? If a problem is announced on the plane in terms of engine failure, are you going to get up and scream when your family needs you to be at your peak? Or, be the one who keeps everyone in check?

Behavior #2: Hold Yourself Accountable…and others, too.

When you consistently take 100% responsibility and follow through on your commitments, you develop a trust between other people. Do you arrive to meetings on time? Deliver your part of the projects? Abide by promises? Consider new opportunities in light goals?

I was give a task to create a conversation curriculum at my present job.  My boss completely delegated the task to me and gave me the deadline – I delivered. Not only did I deliver, but I enabled my specific branch to earn the highest amount in a calendar year because my dedication to this new curriculum for English Language Learners.  Since then, that trust has been cemented in and now we’re locked in for the future.

When you’re give a task, small or life-altering, take 100% responsibility and write it down in black ink because if you fail to deliver, trust ultimately subsides.

Behavior #3: Inspire Your Team With A Clear, Compelling, Continuous Vision

You need to have a compelling vision for the future to inspire others.  What will you and your team ultimately achieve? By when? What will everyone gain when the goal is reached?

To get other people’s buy-in, you’ll also need to articulate who your team will become as they learn and grow.  Believing in this vision must be unshakable.  That means that you must believe it’s not only possible – but also desirable, essential, and inevitable.

When I first started the development of my curriculum, I had the end goal in mind at the very beginning. People began saying, “it looks like you put a lot of work into this. Can you give me a presentation?” Bill gates had a vision of a “personal computer in every home and on every desk.”

Behavior #4: Listen For Possibility

A great leader will listen to his team – not only to hear their thoughts and input but also to make sure they feel heard.  Effective listening is a very powerful and essential skill for leaders.

Jack Canfield – “In a meeting, when you’re talking, you’re merely repeating or reporting what you already know; nothing new is created. But when you listen intently, you can co=create new approaches, new outcomes, and new benefits from the ideas that you hear.”

Behavior #5: Coach Others To Take A Leadership Role

Coaching Questions:

  1. What is a difficult or troubling situation you are dealing with?
  2. How are you creating or allowing it to happen?
  3. what are you pretending not to know?
  4. What is the payoff for keeping it like this?
  5. What would you rather be experiencing?
  6. What actions will you take to create that?
  7. By when will you take the action?


  1. Everyone seems to always come late to the meetings I run.
  2. I have not made it clear that it is important to start on time. I usually wait for the people who are late to arrive so that the people who are there on time don’t see any reason to be on time, and so they start coming late, too.
  3. That people are not going to take the starting time seriously if I don’t.
  4. I don’t have to confront anyone about being late.  I get to complain about how it’s their fault.
  5. Getting the meeting started on time with a lot of positive energy.
  6. Send a memo stating that from now on – the meeting will start on time.
  7. Find a way to reward people for being on time by showing a funny video from YouTube, drawing for money at the beginning of the meeting.
  8. I’ll write the memory today and have a drawing for a 500 baht bill at the end of the next meeting (or 20-50$USD).

Behavior #6: Maintain An Attitude Of Gratitude

Everyone needs to be acknowledge for what they do.  Positive reinforcement. Numerous studies have showed that 80% of employees work harder when their employers show appreciation.

Schedule time and build in systems and rituals to appreciate people more often and consistently!

Jack Canfield – Redefine Time


The world is entering a new time zone, and one of the most difficult adjustments people must make is in their fundamental concepts and beliefs about the management of time. – Dan Sullivan

I love this picture in Jack Canfield’s book because this just about paints the picture of what happened to me last year.  After  making a podcast, I was pulled aside for saying things that “probably” provoked other people and some people weren’t happy.  I was told to stop doing the podcast and I retorted, “absolutely not.  If so, I want everyone to stop having a life.”

See what I did there?

I’m a teacher and an occasional entrepreneur (soon to be full-time this year), so time for me amongst work, meeting friends, and recreation could be very thin at times. I talked about this on my last blog in terms of coming up with a unique planning system that structures our time and drop the “new years resolution” parody. So, lets talk about how to structure.

Focus Day

A Focus Day, in Jack Canfield’s book, is a day in which you spend at least 80% of your time operating in your core genius, or primary area of expertise – that goes with interacting with people or processes that give you the highest payoffs for the time you invest.

Example, my focus day would be creating podcasts, editing my blog, focus on my website, creating templates for my website, or coaching someone to achieve a greater level of success.

Buffer Day 

A Buffer Day is a day when you prepare and plan for a Focus or Free Day – either by learning a new skill, locating a new resource, training a support team, delegating tasks and projects to others, or traveling to a work site.  Buffer Days ensures that Focus Days are productive as possible, as Jack Canfield puts it.

Free Days

  • No work-related activity of any kind
  • Free of business meetings, emails, conferences, documents
  • Not available to your staff, clients, students
  • Emergencies ONLY!!

Also, use your vacation time! The Travel Industry Association of america says the average vacation time taken in 2012 was 4.3 days.  What’s even more alarming is that most Americans didn’t even USE their vacation time. Why are the afraid? In the past, my employer even told me if I took a vacation, my job might not be available when I get back. 


Time To Start Scheduling

  1. List three best Focus Days you have ever had.  Write down any common elements. This will give you valuable clues as to how to create more perfect Focus Days. Plan for them.
  2. Meet with your boss, staff, and coworkers on how to create more Focus Days.
  3. Meet with your friends and family to discuss how to create more true Free Days in your life.


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