Expat in Thailand | Questions & Answers

I recently had seen a blog featuring some really good questions about life in Thailand since the dawn of the pandemic, so I decided that I wanted to take a crack at it and answer some of these questions to put perspective on it.

In general, how do you think Thailand has handled the pandemic up to now?

Thailand shut down for 3.5 months last year with a mere 30-100 cases a day (nationwide) and applied strict measures on everything. However, the second shut down they were far less lax without any control measures, and the third shut down being from the governors themselves going to brothel bars in Sukhumvit, saying they pussy-footed this one would be a severe understatement. What’s happening now is there’s total chaos in this country and it almost feels like what America did last year — which was NOTHING.

If you were put in charge of things right now, what would be the first rules or things you would change?

We need to know WHERE the virus is. They push numbers but no locations. The majority of the cases are coming from Migrant/Construction camps, but yet they’re completely annihilating the food and beverage sector of Thailand. Restaurants need to be open at at least 50% capacity with distancing. All other businesses should also be open, except bars, nightclubs and where COVID had originated from.

Let’s talk about you personally. What is the most regrettable thing that the pandemic has robbed you of or changed about your life?

My Vietnam trips. I have no reason to travel to America for the next decade plus, but being able to visit the likes of Singapore and try something new is a thing of the past.

From a work point of view, how has your situation changed (if indeed it has) and has there been any significant financial impact?

When it comes to significant financial impact, COVID has made me finally bet on myself rather than working these dead-end, part-time jobs which never looked out for my well-being. Trying new things in Korat last year before I squashed the last-past business associates free’d myself from the shackles of dependency. Now, independency is here. With clients coming in from the podcast, I realized YouTube, Instagram and others are directing so many potential new clients my way. Also, now that classes are online, what’s the point of a middleman? Especially a middleman that boosts his prices and only takes work away from you? I’m fully capable of making my own money now and I will never have to rely on a tutor to do anything for me anymore.

Has the pandemic had any positive impacts on your life?

The pandemic allowed me to do a transformation program, healing sessions and life-coaching. After that, it was developing in a variety of ways through personal development. If the pandemic didn’t happen, I would still be the same, jealous, limiting belief possessing teacher who was going nowhere but in circles. When the pandemic is over, that’s when the real takeover begins!

When do you predict the world will return to some sort of normality and we will be able to travel abroad and maybe get to remove these damn face-masks, etc?

Oh, America took a hard 600k deaths, but they’re back to normal. Also, Europe is back to normal, as you see in the football matches. There’s definitely a glimmer of hope, but most Asian countries, except for the virus-origin-country, are now going through what the European countries went through. The problem with this is most SE Asian countries are not financially stable to combat it, and now it could be an egregious slow burn for many of them, including the Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia especially.

When we get to the light at the end of this long tunnel, have you promised yourself to make lifestyle changes or do some things differently?

No promises needed. I took action from March last year until now so that when the pandemic does finish, I’ll be ready to start flying around the world for business coaching and presentations. I’m not a dabbler. I’m not someone who says “ok, when the time comes, I’ll do it then.” There’s no such thing as a “when the time comes,”….it’s always now.

For someone who doesn’t know how to get through the days and is perhaps suffering mentally, what would be your advice?

Trash in, trash out. Your head is not a trash can, so stop treating it like one. At the dawn of the pandemic, USA ran rampant with conspiracy theories in which their beloved #45 pushed around so often. However, in Thailand, the fear is still constantly pumped out with insufficient vaccine totals, the thousands of cases everyday, and of course, the occasional racial hatred towards specific groups of people that will get you angry and depressed at the same time. The world is just fine, but those who have power and make poor decisions are the problem. CONTROL YOU. There’s a quasi lockdown currently and I wouldn’t know because it has nothing to do with me. I’m executing my plan, setting up deadlines for my courses, doing podcasts, connecting with individuals from around the world, and dedicating time to my other half. Medication and personal development (learning) and establishing my morning mindset, evening journal, monthly review and weekly review has really put everything into perspective.

The Desire Map | Essential Qualities

If your Core Desired Feeling was a character in your play . . .


Let’s bring more colour and texture to each of your CDFs. The more dimensional and vibrant each word is, the easier it will be to access as a feeling. You want to KNOW and call on that Core Desired Feeling like you would turn to a beloved friend.

What are the ESSENTIAL QUALITIES of each of your Core Desired Feelings?

Essential Qualities are the characteristics or the traits of that feeling—how it expresses itself in the world. Naming just a few qualities can help you root into your CDF.


Grounded = gets 8 hours of sleep. Doesn’t overschedule. Eats organic. Makes decisions with ease. Is deliberate. Surrounds oneself with nourishing people. Loves plants. Hikes. Simplifies.

Vitality = fresh water. Comedy shows. Prana breathing. New bright pillows. Sunday service. Functional medicine. Monthly support group. SMILES, hugs, leans in.

Or! You can write your CDF’s characteristics in a poetic and descriptive way:


Connection . . . is present and open. She’s a good friend. He looks for what’s lovable in everyone. Connection’s favourite word is “resonance.” She shares intimately and deeply—when she feels there is harmony and receptivity. Connection keeps in touch, plans celebrations, makes eye contact. Connection references its body for signals of the truth. He prays. She forms community. Connection plays. Connection thrives with some stillness and silence.

Sacred Feminine . . . is receptive and nourishing. Sacred Feminine receives like a trusting daughter and a graceful Queen. She loves to give her love. She/he is gentle. She is fierce and discerning. She gets to the heart of the matter. Sacred Feminine protects her loved ones. She dances a lot, eats flowers, upholds human dignity. She celebrates her pleasure. She stays close to nature, listens deeply, breathes through the heart. Sacred Feminine is a possibility thinker, feeling deeply, acting with loving kindness.

Ease . . . is the cousin of simplicity. Ease can let it go. Ease chooses the easiest way without compromising its standards. She can be very forgiving. He trusts that life is guiding him. Ease doesn’t give into time pressure—she can be brisk or she can languish, it depends on what feels easy in the moment. Ease is about being close to LIFE, and removing obstacles to that vitality.


The Desire Map | Our Inner Selves: Your Inner Child

This is the critical exercise that ended up changing my life as of last year. Our Inner Child is basically the deeply sensitive part of us. This stems from childhood. If you’re unable to have difficult conversations, don’t have values, and people often walk all over you….it’s because your inner child doesn’t have a choice.

I actually gave an example of this last year by talking about my inner child being tucked away in a corner, crying, in a fetus position. This is how I had been for such a long time; and it would be so hard for me to stand up for me…because that inner child was abused verbally for such a long time.

Through meditative practice and so many other practices, I began giving that child a voice. A voice that was needed and a voice that needed to come together with my verbato self. To have both of these together was life-transforming to the point that I had quit so many jobs, terminated relationships that had me pinned down for such a long time, and that’s when I went into an entire new level of consciousness and life in general.

Here’s the practice.

Ask your Inner Child how they NEED to feel in every LIFE AREA. Their answers are likely simple and pure. Add those feelings to your lists.

My core desired feelings in these areas. Alive and sacred. These are two critical words that I mentioned in my previous podcast. Alive because I as if he was in the corner, and sacred because this is a part of us that needs to be treated in absolute wholesome and with care.

Your Inner Superhero: Every day is your best day ever. You have superpowers and are undefeatable. You are full of confidence and make no hesitations. You assume victory.

Here are my core desired feelings in this specific area. Dynamic, Gaia, Majestic, Holistic, Cosmic, Rapture. These are all the words that I had written down. These are also superpowers of some superheroes in the world. So for me to unconsciously pick some of these words and do this exercise…it all makes sense!.

Ask your Inner Superhero how they INTEND to feel in every LIFE AREA. Add those feelings to your lists.

Here are my core desired feelings in this area. Now, given the life areas and the words I have above, I would love to feel Dynamic in my career, Rapture with my mental health, holistic in relationships, erotic in s** (gonna keep in PG13), but you get the picture!

Your Future Self: You don’t need to see the specifics, but let’s say in three to ten years from now, you’re doing something incredible with your life. You’re deeply well, you’re where you belong with people who feel like home, you’re full of Love.

Ask your Future Self how they are ALREADY FEELING in every LIFE AREA. You’re getting their perspective from the future that has unfolded. These core desired feelings will again, pop up in my future self. My foundational work will be especially important holistically. I would love to give bliss as well as feel it with what I do.


Reignite Your Life | How to Generate Happiness

Man, when it comes to happiness, people believe it’s always a pursuit. But to be honest, it’s generated. There’s not a tangible object that will make you completely fulfilled, it’s you and the appreciation for what’s now, the nostalgic positivity towards the past, and the enthusiasm of the future.

In today’s podcast down below, I’ll talk about how happy people always generate memories of fondness. Plus, connection and increasing your appreciation. In saying that, hit the link down below!

How to Generate More Happiness

Wheel of Life | November 2020 Edition | The Self-Renewal Journey = Achieved!

A day before Thanksgiving, I can honestly say that I’m more level-headed than I’ve ever been in my life. In harmony. In oneness. In a space that I’ve never been before with complete contentment and acceptance. This has been the wildest year of my life, and I honestly believe that now I’m vibrationally ready for when everything returns back to normal.

In this podcast, you will rate yourself on a scale 1-10, 1 being negligient and 10 being completely fulfilled — in the following categories.

  • Personal development
  • physical environment
  • health
  • wealth
  • career
  • family and friends
  • fun and hobbies
  • romantic relationships


Topic: Are Podcast Stats Everything?

So, a video had come out on Buzzsprout talking about “podcast stats” and are they truly meaningful.

Now, most of you already know that my podcast, which had originated back in January of 2016, has been stagnant forEVER. But do I care? No. That was a passion-project and still is today. Although a very small amount of listeners listen a day (anywhere between possibly 4-30 plays on a given day), I still do it. Why? Because I simply don’t give a fuck about plays. Straight up.

Now, in the podcast down below (I was doing it around July 23rd), I talked about how my stats had exploded (and ultimately topped off at about 12k plays in a month) for my ESL podcast. The stats are absolutely BOOMING, and over the past few weeks, the least amount of plays in one day was 156, but I average around 400 and topped out at 1,200 in a day.

If you look at the trend, the month of July had a 50% overall increased compared to the month prior, and that month was a record, too, by about 200 plays.

Would I continue doing my podcast regardless of less plays? Well, look at my personal development podcast and you would know that I don’t give a damn — and neither should you!

STEPHEN COVEY’S 8TH HABIT | SEASON 6 – EPISODE 6 | The Pain –The Problem — The Solution

When we talk about pain in the workforce, I’ve related how we/I’ve felt throughout the process. This happens on all levels; from the security guard at the bank, to the executives working under the CEO. The purpose of this book and why I’m doing it is to get you from identifying the pain you suffer from to true fulfillment, relevance, contribution and significance in today’s world.

“In short, it will lead you to find your voice. If you so choose, it will also lead you to greatly expand your influence regardless of your position—inspiring others you care about, your team and your organization to find their voices and increase manyfold their effectiveness, growth and impact. You will discover that such influence and leadership comes by choice, not from position or rank.
The best and often only way to break through pain to a lasting solution is to first understand the fundamental problem causing the pain. In this case, much of the problem lies in behavior that flows out of an incomplete or deeply flawed paradigm or view of human nature—one that undermines people’s sense of worth and straitjackets their talents and potential.”

Excerpt From: Stephen R. Covey. “The 8th Habit.”

This is exactly what happened to me with the transformation program. I had to find that deep-rooted pain, and I knew it revolved around me not thinking I was enough because of circumstances throughout my life involving my skin tone.

“The solution to the problem is like most significant breakthroughs in human history—it comes from a fundamental break with old ways of thinking. The promise of this book is that if you will be patient and pay the price of understanding the root problem and then set a course of living the timeless, universal principles embodied in the solution outlined in this book, your influence will steadily grow from the inside-out; you will find your voice and will inspire your team and organization to find theirs in a dramatically changed world.”

Excerpt From: Stephen R. Covey. “The 8th Habit.”

This is a perfect follow-up for me in terms of the transformation course because I had my breakthrough and destroyed my old ways of thinking while I was at it. I set my universal principles and I grew inside — then out. I then changed the world around me because i changed my inner world. Here’s a rundown of what we’ll be covering.

  • Chapter 1 has briefly touched on the painful reality.
  • Chapter 2 identifies the core problem. Understanding this deeply entrenched problem will shed a profound light on the challenges we face personally, in our family and work relationships and in the organizations in which we spend much of our lives. It will require some mental effort—twelve pages’ worth. But the investment of delving into the human side of what has happened in organizations over the last century will give you the key paradigm for the rest of the book and will begin to give you wisdom, guidance and power in dealing with many of the most significant personal and relationship challenges and opportunities you face. So hang in there; it will be worth it.
  • Chapter 3 provides an overview of the 8th Habit solution that unfolds in the remainder of the book and a brief section on how to get the most out of this book.”

Topic: Stick With Those Who Were There For You

A podcast from a few days back. People, throughout these crazy times, look around you. Take a good look around you to see who’s there for you.

Now, look at pre-COVID and see who was there for you. See how many individuals had dropped out of the race of “giving a fuck.” Now, when post-COVID comes, and it will — don’t allow those ass-clowns from before to come back in your life. Period.

Topic: Don’t Settle for Less!

We’ve got a LONG PODCAST today! DON’T SETTLE FOR LESS, PEOPLE! I was talking to a teacher from Swaziland yesterday and she made a very important point when we were giving our stories. I told her, “there was nothing else left for me in that area of life but I kept giving myself false hope due to complacency.”

She said, “that was the turning point. You needed to take that massive leap to up-level yourself because you had finished the last chapter long ago.”

Right now some of you are literally working at jobs that you finished years ago.

That’s the truth.

10 Ways to make your dream come true

1. Be Yourself

SOME people might say you’re too fat, you’re too short, too straight, too gay. Whatever your sexual preference is, color of your skin, perception of life, values…just know that there will never be another YOU on this planet. In order to make your dreams come true, you have to be 100% authentic about who you are. If you’re even just slightly off, that could have a catastrophic effect on your passion.