TOEFL iBT | Speaking Q2 | 1 on 1 Coaching | New Study Area

We’re back with a FANTASTIC breakdown of the speaking question 2. Some of you are still confused about how to take reading notes. I’ve heard a Thai student, who you will hear next month, state conflicting information. In this episode, I break down the reading, and we go really deep in detail about the others. Let’s dive into it!

TOEFL iTP | Structure | Mini-test #3

We’re back with another superb mini-test! This one is difficult, and a lot of the skills revolve around what I taught in my courses. So, if you’re interested in my courses, make sure you hit the links down below. And in saying that, let’s dive into this monster mini-test!

Written Expression



  1. The planet Mercury _______ rotations during every two trips around the Sun.
  • three complete
  • completes three
  • the completion of three
  • completing three of the

2. In prehistoric _____ of western Utah was covered by Lake Bonneville.

  • times, a large part
  • times, there was a large part
  • part of the time
  • for large parts of time

3. The helicopter is able to hover in _______ powered rotors produce lift even at zero forward speed.

  • flight because of the
  • flying the
  • the flying of the
  • flight because the

4. The upper levels of the Sun’s atmosphere are of very low _______ heats the gases there to very high temperatures.

  • dense and solar
  • density, solar activity
  • density, but solar activity
  • density and activity of the Sun is

5. Lapis lazuli, ______ stone, has been valued for ornamental purposes for more than 6,000 years.

  • an opaque deep blue
  • is an opaque deep blue
  • it is an opaque deep blue
  • that is an opaque deep blue

6. Mountaineers _______ climb Mount Everest must take reservations to do so, often up to seven years in advance.

  • want to
  • they want to
  • who want
  • wanting to

7. Created by the dissolution of limestone, the underground cave system _____ Mammoth Cave is noted for its stalactites and stalagmites.

  • is known as
  • it is known to be
  • known as
  • to be known

8. Most slang terms are simply old words ______ additional new meanings.

  • give
  • given
  • are given
  • they are given

9. North Carolina’s Outer Banks are a chain of low, narrow islands _____ the mainland from the frequent Atlantic storms in the area.

  • they buffer
  • that buffer
  • to buffer them
  • that they buffer

10. It is at the age of approximately eighteen months _____ children begin to make combinations of two or three words.

  • when many
  • when are many
  • when do many
  • when have many of the

11. Story of a Bad Boy, a semi-autobiographical novel by Thomas Bail Aldrich, ranks high among books ____ have incorporated their boyhood experiences.

  • the American authors
  • which are American authors
  • in which American authors
  • are those which American authors

12. In the La Brea tar pits of Los Angeles ______ which have been preserved from the Pleistocene period.

  • thousands of animals are
  • thousands are animals
  • the thousands of animals
  • are thousands of animals

13. _______ provided a living for nearly 90 percent of the population of the American colonies.

  • Farming was what
  • what farming
  • Farming was
  • What was farming

14. Not only ______ more brittle than hard maples, but they are also less able to withstand high winds.

  • soft maples are
  • are soft maples
  • they are soft maples
  • fot maples

15. _______ become blocked so that heat and moisture could not escape, death would result.

  • were the skin’s pores to
  • The pores of the skin were to
  • The skin’s pores
  • if the pores of the skin

TOEFL iBT | Speaking | 1 on 1 Coaching | Questions 1-3: Her Road to a 28 In Speaking!

So, I decided to chop up a coaching session with my student who had recently gotten a 28 on the speaking section of TOEFL. My editing isn’t the best, but in this video, you’re going to hear a tremendous amount of feedback, as well as her answers to everything and those “moments of clarity.” She invested in 8 hours of coaching and got the mark of 28, and this is coaching session #3 so hear how I break everything down!

TOEFL iBT | Independent Essay | Evaluating an Essay | Progress Achieved!

So grateful to have seen the growth of one of my students.  The amazing dentist from Venezuela now understands exactly how to execute a cohesive essay.  I’m grateful that she went through with the coaching and now we’re just waiting on her result!

TOEFL iTP | Written Expression | Errors in Word Order

I can guarantee you this, there will be at least two questions involving word order where it’s in reversed form, whether it’s a noun trying to modify an adjective or a verb trying to modify a preposition. In this wonderful snippet, you’re going to understand the formulas, go over some sample items, and on my course, you’ll have additional exercises.

TOEFL iBT | Reading | Webinar Preview (This Weekend)

It’s Monday, and it’s another week for a wonderful webinar! In this week’s webinar, I will be covering TOEFL iBT (Reading). On my membership, I have blogs/exercises in which I use techniques to find the answer.  In the upcoming webinar this weekend, we will apply all of the techniques to a specific reading passage and see how everyone does! The seating is unlimited and the buy-in is just $5. After the webinar, you will have the video uploaded onto the link (for a lifetime), and the membership will be at a 5% discount, as well as the additional coaching hours (33% discount) because you bought the webinar, to begin with. 

Let me know if you’re interested in some reading techniques!

I will debut a full reading lesson later today, so stay tuned!


TOEFL iTP | Reading | Full Course Preview | All Questions

We’re here! A day after and you are now getting the full preview of my TOEFL iTP Reading Course! Seriously, this is going to take a while to put together, so this is why it’s going to take 45 days. Understand, though, that the presale is available. If requested, I will publish it and upload it as the days go along. So, in saying that, here are all the questions! The video/podcast down below has the explanation!

TOEFL Reading Course

TOEFL Structure Course

TOEFL Written Expression

Recognizing distractors in main idea/main topic/main purpose questions.

S – Too specific

G – Too general

X – Incorrect

I – Irrelevant

C – Correct

There are two main types of cell division. Most cells are produced by a process called mitosis.  In mitosis, a cell divides and forms two identical daughter cells, each with an identical number of celled plants and animals. Sex cells, however, are formed in a special type of cell division called meiosis. This process reduces the number of chromosomes in a sex cell to half the number found in other kinds of cells. Then, when sex cells unite, they produce a single cell with the original number of chromosomes.

  1. What is the main topic of this passage?

S)   A. The method by which one-celled organisms reproduce

C)   B. A comparison between mitosis and meiosis

X)   C. Meiosis, the process by which identical cells are produced

Overview questions

American folk music originated with ordinary people at a time when the rural population was isolated and music was not yet spread by radio, audios, compact disks, or music DVDs. It was transmitted by oral tradition and is noted for its energy, humor, and emotional impact. The major source of early American folk songs was music from the British Isles, but songs from Africa as well as songs of the American Indians have a significant part in its heritage. Later settlers from other countries also contributed songs. In the nineteenth century, composer Stephen Foster wrote some of the most enduringly popular of all American songs, which soon became part of folk tradition. Beginning in the 1930’s, Woody Guthrie gained great popularity by adapting traditional melodies and lyrics and supplying new ones as well. In the 1950’s and 1960’s, singer-composers such as Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, and Joan Baez continued this tradition by creating “urban” folk music. Many of these songs dealt with important social issues, such as racial integration and the war in Vietnam.

  1. The primary purpose of this passage is to
  1. Trace the development of American folk music
  2. Explain the oral tradition
  3. Contrast the styles of folk musicians
  • Point out the influence of social issues on “urban” folk music

Negative Factual Questions

Inference Questions

A star very similar to the Sun is one of the nearest stars to Earth. That star is Alpha Centauri, just 4.3 light-years away. Other than our own Sun, the nearest star to the Earth is a tiny red star, not visible without a telescope, called Proxima Centauri.

It can be inferred from this passage that….

  1. Proxima Centauri is similar to the Earth’s Sun.
  2. Proxima Centauri is the closest star to the Earth.
  3. Alpha Centauri is invisible from the Earth.
  4. Proxima Centauri is less than 4.3 light-years from the Earth.

Recognizing inferences based on longer passages

Vocabulary-in-context Questions

The planet Mercury is visible to the naked eye but is not the easiest planet to spot.

  1. Unclothed
  2. Unaided
  3. Unarmed

Every atlas has its own legend.

  1. Mythical story
  2. Famous person
  3. Explanation of symbols

Reference Questions

There is a poisonous, plant-like animal called the anemone that lives among coral reefs. When small fish venture too close to the tentacles of these “living flowers,” they are stung and eaten. For unknown reasons, the anemone makes an exception of the clownfish, which swims through its deadly tentacles in safety. When in danger, the clownfish dashes among the anemone’s tentacles where other fish are afraid to follow. The clownfish even builds its nest where the anemone can protect it.

  1. The word “they” in line 2 refers to
  1. Coral reefs
  2. Small fish
  3. Tentacles
  4. Flowers
  • The word “it” in line 4 is a reference to the
  1. Clownfish
  2. Nest
  3. Anemone
  4. Exception

TOEFL iTP | Reading | Lucy Maud Montgomery | Reading Course Preview

I’m back with the good stuff! Today is the first day that I’m introducing the pre-sale to the reading course, and in doing that, I’m going to review a pretty difficult read down below. These are difficult from the readings I’ve done before because this is far more advanced, so you better brace yourself for this because it’s going to get UGLY. Check me on IG

Reading Course Presale

Structure Course

Written Expression Course

To date, Canada has produced only one classic children’s tale in rank with Alice’s Adventures in wonderland and the works of Mark Twain; this was Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables. Lucy Maud Montgomery was born in Clinton, Prince Edward Island. Her mother died soon after her birth, and when her father went to Saksachewan to assume a business position, she moved in with her grandparents in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island. There she went to school, and later qualified to be a teacher.

Montgomery wrote the Anne books while living in Cavendish and helping her grandmother at the post office. The first of the books, Anne of Green Gables, was published in 1908, and in the next three years she wrote two sequels. Like Montgomery, the heroine of the book is taken in by an elderly couple who live in the fictional town of Avonlea, and Montgomery incorporated many events from her life in Cavendish into the Anne books.

In 1911, Montgomery married Ewan MacDonald, and the couple soon moved to Ontario, where she wrote many other books. However, it was her first efforts that secured her prominence, and the Anne books are still read all around the world. Her novels have helped create a warm picture of Prince Edward Island’s special character. Several movies, a television series, and a musical play have been based on her tales, and today visitors scour the island for locations described in the book.

Bruce Rogers
  1. The main purpose of this passage is to
  1. Introduce Montgomery and her Anne books
  2. Contrast Canadian children’s literature with that of other countries
  3. Provide a brief introduction to Prince Edward Island
  4. Show the similarities between Montgomery’s life and that of her fictional character Anne
  • The word ‘this’ in line 2 refers to
  1. Canada
  2. The work of Mark Twain
  3. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
  4. A Canadian children’s classic
  • According to the passage, Montgomery was raised primarily
  1. In an orphanage
  2. By her grandparents
  3. By her mother
  4. By her father
  • Approximately when did Lucy Maud Montgomery write the two sequels to her book Anne of Green Gables?
  1. From 1874 to 1908
  2. From 1908 to 1911
  3. From 1911 to 1913
  4. From 1913 to 1918
  • The word ‘elderly’ in line is closest in meaning to
  1. Kindly
  2. Old
  3. Friendly
  4. Sly
  • In the Anne books, the main character lives in
  1. The town of Cavendish
  2. Saskatchewan
  3. The town of Avonlea
  4. Ontario
  • Which of the following can be concluded from the passage about the Anne books?
  1. They were at least partially autobiographical
  2. They were influenced by the works of Mark Twain
  3. They were not as successful as Montgomery’s later works
  4. They were not popular until after Montgomery had died
  • The word “prominence” in line 10 is closest in meaning to
  1. Reputation
  2. Excellence
  3. Effort
  4. Permanence
  • Which of the following is closest in meaning to the word “character” in line 11?
  1. A person in a novel
  2. Nature
  3. A written symbol
  4. Location
  1. All of the following have been based on the Anne books EXCEPT
  1. A television series
  2. Movies
  3. A play
  4. A ballet
  1. In line 12, the word “scour” could be replaced by which of the following without changing the meaning of the sentence?
  1. Cleanse
  2. Admire
  3. Search
  4. Request


TOEFL iTP | Structure | Mini-test #2 & Course Preview

Hello to all! Today is a special! One of my students had asked me to do a review video for a mini-test within my course, so here it is! I wanted to share this with everyone to show you all what’s available within the course. This was the 4th exercise with 25 questions, and because she got about 8 questions wrong, I break each of them down for her. If you’re interested in buying the course, links are down below!



TOEFL iTP | Written Expression Course Debut!

The Written Expression is here and available! There have been many students asking me about Written Expression, and because I had originally set the debut for July 1st, it would’ve been too late for them. 

So, for $27 (up until July 1st), you can buy the course and get FULL ACCESS to ALL of the content. Each day, I will debut 3 videos (one for each module, so if you would like me to do one specifically, request it!). 

Because it’s still on presale, the videos will be uploaded throughout the month, leading to the official debut on July the 1st. 

29 lessons, answers, videos, comment section, messaging and more is available on my Online Education Store, so if you’re interested, the link is down below!