TOEFL iTP | Written Expression | Wrong Choice of Another or Other

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Nonetheless, here’s another great blog on Another and Other.

Used as an adjectiveAnother + singular
(Have another sandwich.)
Other + plural noun
(I wonder if there is life on other planets)
Determiner + other + noun
(There may be life on some other planets)
Used as a pronounAnother
(Thanks. I’ll have another.)
Determiner + other
(“I have one book.”
“I have the other.”)

Another means “one more, an additional one.” It can be used as an adjective before a singular noun or alone as a pronoun.

He needs another piece of paper.

I have one class in that building, and another in the building across the yard.

Other is used as an adjective before a plural noun. It is also used as an adjective before a singular noun when preceded by a determiner such as the, some, any, one, or no. It can also be used alone as a pronoun when preceded by a determiner.

There are other matters I’d like to discuss with you.

One of the books was a novel; the other was a collection of essays.

There’s no other place I’d rather visit.

Sample Items

Willa Cather is known for My Antonia and another novels of the American frontier.

An understudy is an actor who can substitute for other actor in case of an emergency.


TOEFL iTP | Reading | Federal Express

We’re back with another intermediate reading! In this podcast/video, I’ll be breaking down the Federal Express. I’m excited about the amazing TOEFL iTP Course that will debut soon! Stay tuned and make sure you sign up to my email list!

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Federal Express is a company that specializes in rapid overnight delivery of high-priority packages. The first company of its type, Federal Express was founded by the youthful Fred Smith in 1971, when he was only 28 years old. Smith had actually developed the idea for the rapid delivery service in a term paper for an economics class when he was a student at Yale University. the term paper reputedly received a less-than-stellar grade because of the infeasibility of the project that smith had outlined. The model that Smith proposed had never been tried; it was a model that was efficient to operate but at the same time was very difficult to institute.

Smith achieved efficiency in his model by designing a system that was separate from the passenger system and could, therefore, focus on how to deliver packages most efficiently. His strategy was to own his own planes so that he could create his own schedules and to ship all packages through the hub city of Memphis, a set-up that resembles the spokes on the wheel of a bicycle. With this combination of his own planes and hub set-up, he could get packages anywhere in the United States overnight.

What made Smith’s idea difficult to institute was the fact that the entire system had to be created before the company could begin operations. He needed a fleet of aircraft to collect packages from airports every night and deliver them to Memphis, where they were immediately sorted and flown out to their new destinations; he needed a fleet of trucks to deliver packages to and from the various airports; he needed facilities and trained staff all in place to handle the operation. Smith had a $4 million inheritance from his father, and he managed to raise an additional $91 million dollars from venture capitalists to get the company operating.

When Federal Express began service in 1973 in 25 cities, the company was not an immediate success, but success did come within a relatively short period of time. The company lost $29 million in the first 26 months of operations. However, the tide was to turn relatively quickly. By late 1976, Federal Express was carrying an average of 19,000 packages per night and had made a profit of $3.6 million.

  1. The most appropriate title for this passage is
  • The problems and Frustrations of a Business Student
  • The Importance of Business Studies
  • The Capitalization of Federal Express
  • The Implementation of a Success Business

2. The word “developed” in line 3 could best be replaced by

  • come up with
  • come about
  • come across
  • come into

3. What is stated in the passage about Smith’s term paper?

  • Smith submitted through a delivery service.
  • It was written by a student of Smith’s.
  • Its grade was mediocre
  • The professor thought it had great potential.

4. What was a key idea of Smith’s?

  • That he should focus on passenger service
  • That package delivery should be separate from passenger service
  • That packages could be delivered on other companies’ planes
  • That passenger service had to be efficient

5. A “hub city” in line 11 is

  • a large city with small cities as destinations
  • a city that is the final destination for many routes
  • a city where many bicycles routes begin
  • a centralized city with destinations emanating from it

6. It can be inferred from the passage that Smith selected Memphis as his hub city because it

  • was near the middle of the country
  • had a large number of passenger aircraft
  • already had a large package delivery service
  • was a favorite passenger airport

7. The pronoun “they” in line 16 refers to

  • aircraft
  • packages
  • airports
  • destinations

8. It is NOT mentioned in the passage that, in order to set up his company, Smith needed

  • airplanes
  • trucks
  • personnel
  • faculty

9. How long did it take Federal Express to become profitable?

  • two months
  • one year
  • three years
  • six years

10. Which paragraph explain WHAT made Smith’s model effective?

  • the first paragraph
  • second
  • third
  • fourth



Answers on second page

{Patreon Special} Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 6: Episode 37 | Is The Internet Bad?

Because of big tech companies and social media giants, all of which are clamping down on disinformation, older generations are pointing fingers at why the internet is so bad. Conspiracy theory-pushing YouTube channels have a free-flowing cesspool of comments stating, “I got off social media 3 months ago; best decision I’ve ever made.” Yet, you’re still on social media, on YouTube, commenting and sharing your opinion?

There are two sides of a talisman that you must pick up every day — PMA and NMA. One is being positive and the other one is being negative. The ample amount of opportunity that’s readily available to everyone who knows a specific skill online — is something we’ve never had in our past.

If you could fully utilize and use the inter, social media platforms and other pieces of technology to help better humanity, then you wouldn’t be part of the pity party.


TOEFL iTP | Written Expression | Wrong Choice of So, Such, Too & As

We’re back with a wonderful special! In today’s podcast/video/blog, I’ll be diving into the wrong choices of the words mentioned above! Super excited about this one because it will be going live first on my IGTV. So, make sure you’re following me in the link down below!


The words so, such, and too are used in the following patterns:

so + adjective + that clause

These boxes are so heavy that we can’t lift them.

(So is also used with many….that and much….that.)

There were so many people in the auditorium that we could barely get in the front door.

Such + adjective + noun phrase + that clause

It was such a pretty view that he took a photograph.

Too + adjective + infinitive

It’s too cold to go swimming today.

Notice that so and such are both followed by that clauses, but too is followed by an infinitive.

The words as and so are also sometimes confused:

Jane did so well as I did on the economics exam. (INCORRECT)

The coffee was as hot that I couldn’t drink it. (INCORRECT

Check podcast and YouTube for explanation!



  1. The sun is so bright to look at directly.

Correct pattern too + adjective + infinitive

2. In much of Alaska, the growing season is as short that crops can’t be raised.

The correct pattern is so + adjective + that clause.

3. The giant squid is so an elusive animal that at one time it was believed to be purely mythical.

Before an adjective + noun + that clause, the word such should be used.

4. The mineral grains in basalt are so much small that they cannot be seen with the unaided eye.

The phrase should read so small rather than so much small.

TOEFL iBT | Speaking | 1 on 1 Coaching | Question 3 | Group Think

Another fantastic podcast with some GREAT advice in regards to repetition and a few other things. Groupthink is one of the part 3 questions that is pretty difficult, so I wanted to see what details my student (during the consultation) would pick out of it. The details she got made up about 20% of what was said, and it was contradictory to what was said. Here’s some advice on how to stay away from potentially contradicting information.

TOEFL iBT | Speaking | 1 on 1 Coaching | Question 1 | Do You Prefer to Study Alone?

Welcome to another TOEFL iBT Coaching podcast! If you’re seeing this way in advance, consider yourself LUCKY. This is debuting April 13th but being uploaded months before. In today’s podcast, I have a wonderful Filipina nurse who wanted a consultation, so over the next three podcasts, you’re going to hear the question, followed by her response and then my breakdown. Tune in to this speaking question!

TOEFL iBT | Speaking Part 1 | Group Coaching | Full Session

Man, after this specific coaching session with two of my Brazilian nurses, I asked them if I could use some of this audio to share with you guys because I honestly believe with the amount of advice given and received in this podcast, it could be life-changing for a lot of you who have difficulty in the speaking question 1. We did 2-3 speaking question 1s per student, along with some sound advice towards the end. One of the nurses had excellent points of encouragement for her friend — and she was also able to identify the areas of need very quickly and fix them within just 20 minutes. Just a PHENOMENAL job. With that being said, let’s get into this jam session!

TOEFL iTP | Structure & Written Expression | Like or Alike and Like or As

Lots to be covered in today’s blog/podcast! It was hard to put it in the title to make it make sense, but I can assure you that like/alike is ABSOLUTELY going to be on your TOEFL test when you take it, and too has a very high chance. So let’s dive into these basics!

The word alike is incorrectly used in place of like, or like is used in place of alike. This is what you’ll see on the test. So, to identify these words, memorize the following patterns.

Like A,…… | Like birds, mammals are warm-blooded.

A, like B, …. | Birds, like mammals, are warm-blooded.

A is like ……. | Birds are like mammals in that they are both warm-blooded.

A and B are alike | Birds and mammals are alike in that they are both warm-blooded.

Whenever you see the words alike or like underlined, you should suspect a word-choice error.

The word like is also sometimes confused with the word as. When like is used in a comparison, it is followed by a noun or pronoun. When as is used in comparison, it is followed by a clause containing a subject and a verb.

I did my experiment just as Paul did.

My results were much like Paul’s.

The word as is also used before nouns when it means in place of or in the role of. This is particularly common after certain verbs: serve, function, and use, among others.

The Vice-President served as President when the President was sick.

  1. Alike their close relative the frogs, toads, are amphibians.

Choice (A) doesn’t follow the pattern Like A, B….

2. Asters, as most perennial plants, bloom once a year.

The word like should be used in place of the word as before a noun phrase (most perennial plants).


TOEFL iBT | Independent Essay | Evaluating an Essay #6 | How to Get a 24

Here it is, people! The last Independent Essay from my previous student who ended up achieving a 24 on her writing, giving her a grand total of 100 for her test.

So, in this video/podcast, this is what a 23/24 essay would look like, but the amount of things she could have done better is staggering. Nonetheless, hear me break down each paragraph, try drawing conclusions of the 2nd body paragraph, and see if everything correlates — which it doesn’t.  This is a great learning lesson for most of you out there, and she made a quantum leap to get that 24, which I’m absolutely so happy about.

Here’s the essay topic.

People learn things better from those at their own levels—such as fellow students or co-workers—than from those at a higher level, such as teachers or supervisors.