Singapore Airlines + Ambassador Transit Hotel = Heaven!

Well, let’s minus out the Singapore Airlines.  Man, I’ve never seen an angry flight attendant(s) in my life until yesterday.  It’s amazing how they can switch emotions and actually care for the passengers even more.  Bizarre? Let’s dive in!

I saw this slender woman barreling through my aisle, wearing a Singaporean Flight Stewardess dress, and I thought something had happened; given the fact that she was mumbling stuff in her own language.  (LOL #1) It wasn’t just that time, she was snatching warm face towels out of the hands of passengers and cocked an attitude with a passenger before apologizing. I mean, the moon had to be out!

The second time was another older flight attendant getting VISUALLY upset.  The male flight attendant asked her for napkins and she literally slammed her foot down on the food trolley before scampering away.  Doing what? Speaking in her native language and pissed as hell. (LOL #2)

The tall and slender lady told a Thai (wadaya know!) passenger to put her bag under the seat. Let’s just say she didn’t comply.  Stress level is raging at this point.

She came to me and I was scared.  I thought she was going to throw a flurry of madness at me with her fists, but I maintained my cool before stumbling over my words (orange juice) before she made fun of me and had a laugh.  That was the moment where I said, “she switched from angry as hell – to happy.”  Ummm…this is bizarre.

She also took a passengers bag out of the stowage, gave it to him so he could take his ticket out, and then placed it overhead (again).  I mean, that’s supreme service!

I don’t know what that flight was about, but it was definitely bumpy and I think nerves were raging, especially given the fact it was so late.

Transit Hotel

Oh. My. GOODNESS!  Ambassador Transit Hotel is a marvel.  Just checking in, paying, and walking down these cozy hallways before reaching your room and being introduced to a massive breeze of cold air.  The comfortability, rain shower, beautiful bathroom, wall lighting, and serenity inside was pretty remarkable.  Why? There are planes flying overhead all night, but I didn’t hear a DAMNNNN thang! Just impeccable.

Upon checking out, I gave my room key card and she said, “have a pleasant flight, sir.”  Fastest. Checkout.  EVER!

The facilities in Changi Airport, ranging from movie theatres, to massage chairs, to bowling alleys, are amazing.  Here are some pictures so you can visualize what I went through.




Do’s & Don’ts Suvarnabhumi Airport (Bangkok)

Seeing how terrible the weather was today, and with the peak traffic in the heart of the evening, I decided I needed to write something to alert travellers going or coming from Bangkok Airport.

Skytrain & Airport Link = BEST FRIEND

During weather inclement, traffic jams could last anywhere from 30 minutes to 8 hours.  Pertaining to today, I hesitated taking an elevated tollway into the city for a mere $3 USD; consequently, the storm came and the traffic got slammed.  Fortunately, for me, it was only 25 minutes docked off, which ultimately took away from my wonderful Mexican dinner at Siam Paragon (damnit!).  It’s better safe than sorry.  The Airport Link right into Bangkok Airport is just perfect and you don’t have to fight off those pesky drivers for deliberately making those non-stop, righthand turns.  The Sky Train, in the heart of the City, and Link to the airport runs on schedule and they don’t try overcharging you.  Period.

Lines Could Get Ridiculous

Is Thailand the most horrific airport in the world? (LAX….debatable for those who have traveled to King Abdulaziz in Saudi)…not necessarily.  However, I will admit that in the evening (those peak hours) there are a lot of clowns who don’t properly prepare paperwork and stuff up the lines.  Stand in your lines within 30 minutes before the 3 hour grace mark so you can be ensured you check-in exactly at the 3 hour mark.

Eat Before The Airport

This is just common sense, but a lot of people lack just that.  Again, referring to the peak hours…there won’t be any seats at restaurants and the problem is…all restaurants are before security and passport control.  After that, you got a bunch of candy and whiskey, and the last thing you want to do is get jacked up on sugar and whiskey before a flight.  Having something at your hotel or en route to the Airport Link (Phaya Thai Station has a lot of restaurants nearby) is your best bet.

The Further You Walk – The Better

This airport is massive, and that means the further you walk, the more services you have.  The early number gates (anything between 1-8 after check-in) are perfection because apparently there aren’t that many people around and you can even sit at a charging station to charge up all your essentials.  On the other hand, if you sit close to the duty free shops, the less likely you get proper customer service and a seat.

It’s Not The Worst – But I Fly Premium Airlines 

For comfortability, safety, and fearful reasons – I fly with Singapore, or at least equivalent.  Since I’m heading to America, I would PAY an extra 200-300$ USD to fly with my own in-flight entertainment compared to the despicable American Airlines, which only have a TV per cabin.  There’s nothing like flying for 12-15 hours, staring at the back of a seat.  Worst.  Decision.  Ever.

Save a couple extra pay checks and try flying Korean Air, Japan Airlines, ANA, Singapore, Emirates or others because America has stopped progressing in the aviation category for almost two decades.

Those are my tips!  Add any if you’d like!






Taking A Leap Can Transform Your Life

Chanthaburi, Thailand was a place that left me exasperated by the end of everyday because of the mistreatment not only at my school, but also around the entire town.  The grotesque stares from Thai people which was soul-crushing, the boss who threatened to fire me at any given time because she was power hungry, the colleague who made up stories of him being with university students to make me jealous (46 year old irishman with 3 teeth) among so many other things that culminated over the 5 month period.

There was a lady by the name of Tina in the deep south of Thailand who told me, “hey, I’ve been seeing your Facebook posts lately about not liking your job.  You should come down here! There are plenty of jobs!”  Thailand 4 years ago was just slightly acceptable to accepting African Americans as teachers versus the next-to-none nowadays.

So, one day I booked a minivan trip (3 hour ride with strangers) to Bangkok and took a flight from there to Nakhon Si Thammarat.  My friend, who I met for the first time, was at the airport to pick me up.  After getting settled in, we visited a man who apparently was the one with all the “power” in the province.  He greeted me with open arms and said, “So AJ (nickname), you need a job? Ok.”  He got on his phone and made a call to his wife who I later spoke to.

The conversation was put like this, “ok, when can you move here? October 10th? We will see you then.”


I had to tip-toe my way out of the school and Chanthaburi because the parents plead for me to stay there long term.

I wouldn’t have gotten paid for 60 days and my savings account was depleting.  I wanted to do traveling but I had only 1000$ USD left in my name, so I needed to hurry and get out of the school who paid me 66$ less because I was African American versus the two other caucasian teachers (from America and Ireland).

After experiencing the large increase in the new province in terms of salary, I was content, but then the racism began to burrow down on me like a 100 lb weight. When I was approaching the last months of Nakhon Si Thammarat, I hit rock bottom in courage, self-esteem, and self confidence.

I recall applying for 60 jobs one morning and got one reply from a gentleman who’s school was in a remote town near the historical Ayutthaya.  Well, I took another leap.

The school, being right in the middle of a marsh, had some of the worst energy I’ve ever experienced in my life.  By that time, I knew what was good and what wasn’t in this country; therefore, after 3 job interviews that plummeted viciously whereas I walked out of one because they didn’t call my name.  Conversely, whilst enduring all that pain, I continued to fight and ultimately got a job in Bangkok.

4 years on…my life has changed completely after the transgressions.  That leap of faith.  A lot of people would say on twitter, “why are you still here then?” Ignore senseless questions like that.  These people, just like some of the colleagues I’ve worked with in the present and past, will try demoralize you and make you believe that you’re just a speck in the world.

I’m not here for a wife, a girlfriend, or to retire….I’m here to become the best version of myself and changed the lives of thousands all over the world.

Look what has happened to me in spite of the rejections, the no’s, the people not talking to me, the racial comments, the job prospects asking if I’m black… was I able to change it around?

After taking all those leaps, I reached a plateau in which I was very content with my life, but still didn’t have a life purpose statement.  I was shooting blanks in life hoping to hit something, but wasn’t.

Then I picked up a book that changed my life.  I’m telling you to take that leap.  To do research.  Find out the life purpose and what you’re really after.  What legacy do you want to leave in life?

It all comes with taking the gigantic leap.








Bali, Indonesia + Tough Mudder + Singapore Airlines = Trip of a Lifetime!

I was on a treadmill with one of my colleagues thinking about the Bali bombings and trying to conjure up an excuse NOT TO GO to Bali.  Given the events that took place a decade and a half ago –  a person, such as myself, would be terrified of heading to a resort island because of extremist groups.

“What? Are you seriously afraid of something that hasn’t happened in 15 years? Are you just making excuses? Stop it.  You sound ridiculous. Just go!” he said.

The next couple of weeks of pondering lead to me finally booking a ticket of course on Singapore Airlines (the fear of flying disintegrates when you fly with 5 star airlines).

I’m going to Bali!

The Lead Up


Booking a hotel at the famous Baiyoke Sky in Bangkok was essential in terms of traveling to the airport  in the morning.  Is the area around the hotel legitimate? Not necessarily.  A bit dodgy once you step downstairs to be honest, but it was quiet and good enough for traveling instead of hauling from the outer suburbs while trying to beat the traffic.  Not worth it.



Bangkok Airport, which is still technically new to the area, has it’s own nice perks.  Over the last four years, massive renovations have taken place to whereas you can charge your phone at stand-alone-kiosks! Yeah, Americans….I know.  Delta Airlines provides passengers at Sky Harbour International Airport in Arizona this for free, but Thailand is a completely different place.  When I saw some of the flight attendants and airport personnel setting up shop for the flight from Bangkok to Singapore, I bursted into excitement before the gorgeous Singapore Airlines A320 (smaller version) came roaring into the gate.  Ahhhh…alas! Here’s the beginning of my crazed trip!

Changi International Airport – Singapore

I was extremely critical of Changi the last time around because at the wee hours of the morning, there isn’t anything open.  Given the fact that skytrax and other award giving websites deemed this to be the #1 airline in the world, I expect there to be currency exchange counters open and at least trains running through the terminals. NOPE!

However, during the day…it’s wonderful.  I still believe that the signage is just too much at times.  Too overwhelming and very hard to figure out what to do.  For those traveling to Changi, be sure to figure out exactly what you’re going to do upon arrival or you’ll just be running in circles.

Bali, Indonesia

Gorgeously amazing flight attendants with caramel skin (Balinese I’m guessing) doing a last run of assisting passengers before the descent.  Unfortunately, it was nearing 9pm at night, which takes away the gorgeous daytime view of the island, Mt. bromo, and a few other places. I recall seeing some lights in the distance outside my window, but the terrifying part about it was the glare coming from the ocean. We were literally 100m from the water with no airport in sight.  FINALLY (which seemed like forever) the landing came and I took a huge breather.  Wow, as an African American, being from the neighborhood I’m from…..I’ve arrived to Indonesia, which is my first time arrival and 11th country. CHECK!

From immigration officers telling Chinese people to go away, from them not even checking my bags or suspecting anything suspicious of me.  Thank you, Bali.  First time here and there isn’t any racial profile going on.  Once I walk outside the terminal, my hotel (Sintesa Jimbaran) and private driver greeted me.  He took my luggage, went to the car, and then spoke about Bali in FLUENT ENGLISH about the language on the island, people, religion, and just about everything else.  The most important part of the trip…..why? I felt there was a connection.  He was talking from the soul, unlike most Thai taxi drivers who sound overly friendly and make the wrong left turn to make more money on the meter.  This gentleman spoke with genuinty and such truthfulness that’s even indescribable.  When this happened, I then knew that these were going to be some amazing people.

Sintesa Jimbaran Hotel




This hotel was the definition of sheer beauty.  I arrived and was greeted by smiles; men who were wearing these large, gown like robes and accommodating everything about me.  They already knew who I was and greeted me by name, too.  After getting to the hotel around 10:00pm, the concierge opened my door and I walked into an ice cold room (just the way I like it) and saw just how massive it was.  Spa in the tub? Rain shower? Enormous bed and jazz music playing?

I sat down.  I cried.  “Arsenio, I’m so proud of you.  What you’ve done these last several years overcoming immense obstacles in Thailand – look where you are now.  Look around! If you would’ve asked yourself back in the summer of 2012, hearing your family complain about not having 10$… you think you would be here four years later.”  I held my hands up to my face and let out a “YESSSSSSS! I’m so happy and grateful for everything I’ve achieved!”

Is this happiness?

The Morning After – and I’m not talking about remorse, either.





Sunrise, greenery, cloud formations, wonderful breakfast, 5 star concierge greeting me and talking to me as if I’m part of their family, running beachside, impeccable breakfast.  Should I say more?  I recall staring with a large grin at my face at the water coming onto the beach.  The sounds of the waves crashing.  Surfers from Spain laughing while trying to catch some low-tide waves, wife sitting in awe with her chin to the sky – breathing deeply.

My goodness.

This is what happiness is.

Night Safari







Since living in Thailand and reading up on famous authors, I’ve grown to love animals much more than before, and cherish everything about these gentle giants.  Having a tiger, sniffing away on top of a caged truck, was pretty terrifying to say the absolute least.  The brown cows that have horns whereas if you cut their horns off, they would bleed to death.  The infamously famous komodos that lay as if they’re dead in pure darkness and a stand-alone elephant (very ominous) just waving his trunk in pure darkness. HA! Damn, I love animals!

Met one of the most lovely Australian families EVER during the trip.  The little boy, who was five, felt like a son.  He asked me so many questions and I felt as if I was his teacher.  The daughter was like, “omg my name is shanequa and I want to go to New York!” A 12 year old utterly infatuated with America and parents telling me, “hey, you’re young! Don’t worry about getting married right now!” HAHA! What an incredible night safari.  Oh, and temple run? The game that took the world by storm a little over 5 years ago? Yeah…I found out where that tradition comes from. RIGHT HERE! The girls…..phew, lets just leave it at that.  I proposed. THERE! I SAID IT!

Tough Mudder – The Monster From Hell


And the reason I came to Bali to begin with.  To push myself not only mentally and psychologically, but physically.  The hellish course (what it was suppose to be) turned into one of the funnest events I’ve ever done in my life.  The variety of cultures from the Singaporeans who flew in from Singapore, to some of the people in the picture above who work for a newspaper in Jakarta, Indonesia, to some of the finest women I’ve seen in my life from other parts of Indonesia.  Oh, man….WHAT A DAY!

Yeah….Bali was another mental barrier that was crushed.  The mental barrier thinking I was going to get blown to pieces because of events that took place at the dawn of the new century.  See, these things that we see on TV can drive us to insanity.  I met some of the most wonderfully wonderful muslims on top of that, too.  The banjo playing band at the airport whom was singing, “la bamba” almost brought me to tears because their symphonic rhythm while playing in such a harmonious way…..these people were….happy.  Very happy.  I felt something on this island that I’ve never felt anywhere else on this planet, including Hawaii.

I felt serenity.

I felt bliss.

And getting aboard an absolutely gorgeous A777-300ER, I set off back to Singapore-Bangkok with a completely different mindset about my Balinese.

Thank you so much.




Mount Bromo says HI!

Bali Podcasts 

Arrival –

Day 2 – excursion

Day 3 – Tough Mudder

Day 4 – Tough Mudder Conquered

The end of Bali –

The Main Reason Why People Don’t Travel

If you look at your bank account right now, and you don’t have the funds to buy a flight + hotel + plane ticket, you wouldn’t think twice about traveling, right?

This is probably the main reason why people just don’t travel.

Let me put this more into perspective…..I’m going back to America for the first time in April.  So, at the beginning of January, did I have ALL THE MONEY NEEDED for the travel in April? Probably not, but anticipating salaries and savings was one of the first things I did.  At the beginning of January, I bought a Singapore Airlines Ticket (BKK-SIN-TOKYO-LAX) and the RT was included; ticket was cheaper than all USA Airlines (such as as United, Delta, and American) at just under 900$ USD.

Now, did I buy the plane ticket from LAX-PHX? No.  I waited.  I knew I was getting paid again in February; however, I bought the RT ticket a few weeks later just to clear all flights.

If I had to stay in a hotel (which I will because I have a 9 hour layover in Singapore), I can book the hotel in February instead of January, right? You don’t have to book everything at one time, people.  Book slowly leading up to the travel.

You’re going to have to set aside a budget.  I talk about this a lot in my podcast how I save 66% of my salary by wire transferring to my American bank account.

Living here in Thailand, no more than 30000 baht (equivalent to 1000$ USD without the crazy currencies happening) is needed.  This also restricts me from going out (I don’t like spending money on nightlife here in Thailand).  Therefore, I save between 1000-2000$ USD minimum from my priority job A MONTH.

Now a lot of my American friends and colleagues understand why living in Thailand is wonderful.  If you’re able to save that much per month and take rampant trips throughout the year, would you? Rather than spending 1000-1500$ a bills and only having a fraction of your money left?

This year, I have a monster trip (probably the biggest trip of the year) heading back to America in April.  I have a small, three day trip for a competition in Singapore in May.  I have Hawaii/Fiji in July, Malaysia/Bali in September or October and Melbourne, Australia  for Christmas & New Years Eve.  Now, do I have enough money for hotels, flights and spending money for all of the trips right now? Obviously not (although next year will be a massive change), but I book little-by-little over time.  I know when I come back from America, I can buy my Singapore Airlines ticket and two-night hotel for Singapore instantly.  I know my Hawaiian/Fijian plan ticket will be booked in May, and the smaller trips leading up to the end of the year can be booked on the go.

See, not too bad, right? Book slowly overtime.  Having the full money now may be impossible for a lot of people out there, but if you book little-by-little over the course of three months, you can hit off the travels!

2006 – From Being Stuck Atop 1,000m Plus Mountain, To A Rescue Helicopter Flying In To Save Us. (Long read)

Oh, yes, it was a cold and sunny December 22nd, 2006 morning – this was the day that a rescue helicopter had to fly steeply to the main summit of Sunrise Mountain in Las Vegas, Nevada to collect my two friends and I in which was one of the funniest and most terrifying moments of my life.

This hike – this hike turned rescued mission featured the most daunting task of my life.


  1. The belief that we could actually scale the top of the mountain.
  2. The mountainous gorges that were hidden within the mountain.
  3. The lonesome Mexican lady that was our disguised blessing before we went up any further.

At the end of the day, there was a crowd of 20 people at the base of the mountain saying, “what the hell happened up there?” I, in disbelief, smiled creepily and retorted, “well, we were fighting time and had to get down the mountain as soon as possible, but we didn’t have any equipment or anything.”  Nonetheless, when I got back home, I was bombarded by some of the angriest family members one could ever imagine, hurling expletives at me in sheer frustration about getting stuck.  Oh, why did I call my mom from the top of the mountain.  Damnit!

Lights were turning on, footsteps were echoing around the house, and chatter was breaking out.  I look at the neon light clock and it was 6:30 am, the time that we all said we were going to wake up.  There wasn’t nervousness whatsoever setting in, but the thought of going to one of the highest peaks in west coast United States did rescind within me.  However, we were excited.  Perfectly prepared breakfast, lunch, and even what we were wearing.  We did have a harness, climbing shoes, ropes, or any survival pack equipment because we thought were would be back down before nightfall at 5pm….

And, so, the journey began.  We walked down the street and made a turn onto a street that lead up to the dirty base of the mountain where there weren’t any people around for about a 2-mile radius.  There weren’t any proper trails, either, so we needed to just navigate our way through an ugly cluster of bushes and cacti to get to the base.

For about forty-five minutes, we still couldn’t believe that we were yet to break the ascent to the top of the mountain; until one of us finally turned around and realized we were pretty high up already.  “WOW! LOOK AT THAT!” The excitement reverberated within our group until we saw a figure hidden away in the mountain. “What the fuck is that?” My friend said…

“It’s a person!”  After watching movies such as Hills Have Eyes and Jason, us African Americans aren’t accustomed to seeing another individual on a mountain with no city, nor person, in sight for miles.  As we approached, my best friend, Andre, was in front of the pack because he felt like he had to be the big man.  We approached this individual pretty fast and realize it was a woman.  My friend said, “hola!” The lady smiled (her being Mexican) before the conversations commenced between him and her.


She was in her lonesome just going up to the mid-section of the mountain, as she does daily, apparently.  She was aghast when she found out about us going to the top.  My friend said, “hey, she said don’t go to the top.” She began heading down, terrified at us.  The further away she walked, the more I second guessed going up further.  When we got to about the 60% mark, that’s when the climb began.  Unstable rocks, gorgeous, no ropes, things falling down, us having to push each other up and maneuver around the not-so-safe areas we were climbing.  Then, when we were almost at the peak, which didn’t take too fast to get to, that’s when I realized our will was on the line.  I immediately knew then that we couldn’t go down in the same direction.  If we did, we could die.  Period.  So, we were climbing one under another in the last push…..and when we finally got to the top, it was magnificent.

As a backstory, me and my housemates back at Central Arizona College in Coolidge, Arizona would climb a mountain just in the back of our dormitories routinely throughout the month.  This is what established my journey-filled fever within me.

The view was beyond spectacular.  The air was thin….the 360 view and even the ferocious back drop on the back side of the mountain facing Utah was jaw-dropping and nerve-racking at the same time.  I then knew, something wasn’t right.  “Andre, how are we gonna get down? We can die going down that way.”  Andre started looking while his girlfriend calmly opened saran wrap with a sandwich enclosed.  “Ummmm, your sense of urgency just isn’t here.  What the fuck? What the fuck is going on out here?”  Andre, with his hand on his chin, retorted, “I’m thinking.”  I threw my hands in the air incredulously and said, “Andre, that’s ridiculous. This is ridiculous.”

The angry conversations ensued, but just prior to reaching the summit, we saw a helicopter come and drop off a gentleman at the top where’s there’s a huge power-box.  “Well, worst case scenario is we can call a helicopter to save us!” Laughter filled the air….

….and then thoughts of that particular moment came back. “Andre, I gotta call 911 man. There’s no way of getting down.” He looked at me, stomped his feet and said, “whatever.  Fuck it. Call them. That’s on you.”  My breathing was shallow and I said, “mother fucker we gonna die up here if we don’t!”  Meanwhile, his girlfriend was still eating her doritos with no sense of urgency.

Phone rings……woman answers….”911 – state your emergency”

“Yes, hello. There are three of us and we are stuck on the south tower of sunrise mountain.”

“I’m sorry?” the woman replied.

“We are stuck on the south side of the peak on sunrise mountain which has the big electrical box.  My friends and I don’t have any climbing gear and anyway of getting down because there are massive, vertical drops everywhere.”

The conversation continued until she said, “Ok, we’re sending a rescue helicopter up to get you but please, don’t stand on the indicated “H” on the top of the mountain.”

5 minutes later, the helicopter made its way up.

Rusty, old, red-faced metropolitan officer with a sarcastic grin on his face, shades and a wobbly walk made his way on over to us in a very angry way.

“What the hell is going on?” He said.

I explained the situation before he showed us the trail to the next mountain.  OOPS!

“But we don’t have time. It’s 4:15 and we don’t have flashlights.”

I can’t remember much of the conversation, but he wasn’t thrilled at all about us.  He said, “normally this flight would cost a thousand dollars, but you’re lucky because taxpayers will pay for it.”

Sorry mom!

He took the sandwich eating freak of a girlfriend down first.

I was second.  WOW! This is a helicopter!?

“If you don’t hang onto this railing, you’re going to fallout and die.”

I gripped the rail with my life before landing safely and seeing the crowd of people.

Yeah, it was a terrifying experience, but one of the most memorable experience one could ever imagine because if it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t be half the man I am today. Why?

The leap of faith.

Traveling Abroad? Not Sure Where To Start? Here It Is!

From taking low-budget airlines to extend a budget, to saving up inch by inch for your first ever travel to Hawaii.  It’s much easier than you think.

Back in 2009, I had just under 2000$ USD in my bank account and I told myself that I was LONG overdue for a trip.  I wasn’t thinking of a domestic trip, either.  I wanted an international one; and already having a friend stationed in Australia, I realized it was now or never.

How was I able to save up for this? Well, without evening having to read Napoleon Hill’s ‘Habit of Saving,’ I was just a saver in general.  Since I got my first job back in 2007, I saved the majority of my salary.

If we look at it this way, take the west coast folks of the United States, for instance, who makes up excuses up about having never gone to Hawaii.  Plane tickets to Hawaii are between 400-600 USD.  If you could save 50-100$ USD a month and cut back on the bar nights, shopping escapades, and fancy dinners, you could easily achieve this goal.

After that, it’s all about hotels, whereas you could find the cheapest at before visiting the hotels main website to check for cheaper offers.  Expect to pay at least 100$ for  a hotel (in Hawaii) at less you’re one to stay in a hostel with 10 other people (not my cup of tea).

If you’re a big time shopper, you’re going to have to set aside a spending stipend.  If you’re just a casual traveler looking for a decent time while doing some tours, 100$ a day (maybe a bit higher in places like England, Aussie and Japan) would suffice.

See, having already read the options above, you’re now glued into the fact that traveling, even just to that gorgeous island in the pacific, is possible.

Checking flights on to get a good idea of what flights go to countries is perfect. for hotels and some of the hotels don’t even require payment at the time of booking.  You could book when you stay, which saves you even more money at the time of booking.

Asian Travelers

Air Asia, which is a low-budget Malaysian Airlines, has the most insane flight deals anyone could ever imagine.  I’m talking if you go on right now. and looks for flights 6 months in advance, they would be priced at a staggering 10-20$ USD.  You could go from buying a 100-200$ flight from Thailand-Tokyo, to buying another flight for cheaper to head back further south to Singapore.  If you’re flying domestically in a place like Thailand, some flights could bottom out at 5$ USD LITERALLY for a  one-way ticket.

European Travelers

With the infamously famous Ryan Air and trains connecting practically every country within Europe, no excuses.  I know Europeans do a good amount of traveling, so this is intended for you.  However, if you want to travel to different places, especially in Australasia, you have options in terms of airline tickets.


With gorgeous Bali nearby (and having gone there just last October), I understand why the vast majority of you all books flights to that utterly blissful island.  On the other hand, having the French Polynesian which consists of Vanuatu, American Samoa, Fiji, Tuvalu and the Cooks just 3 hours flight away is just an enticing.  Oh, yeah, again….check a variety of websites and see what flights are accommodating.

FYI – I’m not a touristy , sightseeing type of traveler – I like to dive into the midst with the locals and breathe the same air as they do (hypothetically speaking).  If you guys want to hear an audio of everything I just mentioned, my podcast is down below!

Podcast –

Lisa Nichols – The Process of Asking Giving & Receiving

Step 1: Asking

I’ve talked in the past about your life purpose statement, visualization, meditation, making affirmations among so many other things so you can figure out what exactly you want.  Be very clear about what you want.

When you do your affirmations, add color, sound, emotions, and other sensory impressions to the pictures you see in your mind. What would you be seeing, hearing, doing, and feeling as you are living your desired outcome?

For instance, I saw in Jack Canfield’s ‘Success Principles’ book about visualizing doing a tedx.  If you follow some of the guided meditations as I’ve recommended in my past blogs, they (Glen Harold in particular) has downloadable podcasts for meditation which could help you relieve the fear of public speaking, to even visualizing being at an even.t

“If your dream is to inspire millions via mass media, for example, see yourself walking onstage amid the bright lights of the studio. Hear your audience welcoming you. Visualize yourself wearing the latest fashions, interviewing intriguing guests, then working with your production team afterward, preparing for the next show. Focus frequently on these images throughout the day so you repeatedly transmit your desires to the Universe.
But don’t focus on how your goal will show up. Let the Universe do the heavy lifting and align the necessary people, resources, and circumstances for you. Remember I said in Chapter 1 to have 100% intention, but 0% concern about the mechanism? That rule allows The Law of Attraction to do its work. Also remember that as the how shows up, you then must get in action.”

Excerpt From: Lisa Nichols & Janet Switzer. “Abundance Now.”

Step 2: Believe

This is where the non-believers get stuck almost all the time.  People expect things to show up instantly, but that’s not how it works.  If you keep putting the emotional feelings out there that you have it, and visualizing every night before you go to bed and when you wake up, it will eventually show up.  It has for me.

I’m visualizing a lot of things or I have been for that matter.  Walking on the beach in Bali (achieved), going to Hawaii (achieved twice), Japan (achieved), Mongolia, snowfields in Hokkaido, Fiji + Samoa (what I’m visualizing now).  You have to mimic exactly how you would feel when you’re there.

Step 3: Receive

Lisa Nichols – “Of course, the quickest and most effective way to receive what you want is to maintain a state of gratitude for what you have already received. When you are grateful—and actively transmit that gratitude to Source Energy—it recognizes that you’ll be grateful for the next gift, and the next. But more important, it keeps you focused on the gratitude you will be feeling when your stated desire enters your life—which is just one more way of attracting it in the first place.”

And last, but not least, how to activate future abundance now.  Those micro winds and macro winds I’ve talked about in the past? Let’s go over them and see how we can be grateful today.


If you’re focused on your health and fitness these days, why not set the intention to create micro wins in that area? For instance, could you do 30 minutes of stretching, breathing, or Pilates? Similarly, if your goal is to upgrade your physical environment, could you clear out the clutter in your closet and organize your shoes? If your macro win is to lead a jet-setter lifestyle, could you plan an amazing, breathtaking trip a year from now, then deposit your first $100 in a new savings account for that goal. Could you work on your vision board one hour a day until complete—including creating focused boards for specific categories such as your career or business, your love life, or your lifestyle? Could you nourish yourself through a really great book on spirituality or leadership? Could you take 30 minutes for a “spa moment” such as a facial mask, manicure, or sitting with your feet in your foot massager? How could you honor, celebrate, and love yourself?


With the time that you have, why not make a list of five people who you haven’t reached out to for a while—then text random love notes to them or make random phone calls to catch up? Could you write love notes (I write these to my mom)? Could you spend 30 minutes finding like-minded groups to join in order to expand your social circle? Could you write a love letter filled with just love and gratitude to your children, partner, sibling, or parent?


What micro wins could you create in your career or your business? One I recommend is creating a work environment that inspires you, so why not spend an hour each day creating organization, putting systems in place, or framing and hanging photos of you in successful situations? If you’re a business owner, you could take time to invest in relationships with your team. Or you could set goals that drive you—even if no one else will ever know about them (they’re your goals, after all!).”


Why not write a budget, organize your bills, file your documents, or take an hour to identify additional revenue streams? An hour spent three days a week creating a bigger income for yourself would go a long way toward the macro win of an upgraded lifestyle, if that is your goal.

Excerpt From: Lisa Nichols & Janet Switzer. “Abundance Now.

Here is how to get started today.  I talk about this a lot in the Tim Ferris blog + podcast so be sure to stay tuned for that and if you want to listen to my podcast on this particular blog, the link is directly below this!

Podcast –

Tim Ferris: Questions & Actions: Monday

1. What would you do if there were no way you could fail? If you were 10 times smarter than the rest of the world?

Create two timelines—6 months and 12 months—and list up to five things you dream of having (including houses, cars, clothing), being fluent in Spanish, visiting Samoa, in that order. If you have difficulty identifying what you want in some categories, as most will, consider what you hate or fear in each and write down the opposite. Do not limit yourself, and do not concern yourself with how these things will be accomplished. For now, it’s unimportant. This is an exercise in reversing repression.

2. Drawing a blank?

No excuses to why you’re being held back from your dream. NONE!

If this is the case, even if you’ve ran into a mental roadblock, consider these questions:

a. What would you do, day to day, if you had $100 million in the bank?

b. What would make you most excited to wake up in the morning to another day?

Don’t rush—think about it for a few minutes. If still blocked, fill in the five “doing” spots with the following:

one place to visit
one thing to do before you die (a memory of a lifetime)
one thing to do daily
one thing to do weekly
one thing you’ve always wanted to learn”

3. What does “being” entail doing?

Convert each “being” into a “doing” to make it actionable. Identify an action that would characterize this state of being or a task that would mean you had achieved it. People find it easier to brainstorm “being” first, but this column is just a temporary holding spot for “doing” actions.

Great cook —->make Christmas dinner without help
Fluent in Spanish——> have a five-minute conversation with a Spanish speaking co-worker”

4. What are the four dreams that could change it all….

I’m talking about myself coming here to Thailand.  If it wasn’t for coming here, I wouldn’t be in a remarkably primed position where I’m at today (because the story of teaching here and hardships I’ve overcome).  Pick four dreams that could reshape your life forever.  Period.

5. Target Monthly Income

Read carefully since I actually made it much more complicated in my podcast.  Target Monthly Income is how much you’re going to need to finance your goal (car, plane ticket, train ticket around Europe, etc).   With that being said, take a Hawaiian Airlines RT ticket from Los Angeles for example.

Hawaii Airlines ticket July 3rd, 2017 = 682.10$

I’ve found the ticket for you, although there are other tickets 50$ cheaper but involve you doing multiple stops (makes no sense doing multiple stops when you’re already at LAX).

So, look at your finances.  Another example would be if you make 1500$ USD a month, how much are your monthly expenses and utilities?  How much can you actually save? Ok…lets say you can save a hundred a month.  In 7 months, you have a plane ticket.  Cut back a little bit and you might possibly have a plane ticket in 6 months.

Get the drift?

So, in 6 months…you have money for the plane ticket and hotel per night is probably around 100$ (could pay much cheaper for hostels but wouldn’t recommend it).  In one year, you have the hotel and plane ticket money for that absolute dream trip to the most gorgeous state and America and one of the most beautiful islands on the planet.

No excuses.  Start calculating!

Here’s an example from Tim Ferris’ book which he had written down.



Q & A: When, Why, & How Did I Start Traveling?

From being an interested boy in the mid-90’s, to meeting my first every Japanese friend on Myspace 10 years later, to traveling to Australia where an idea was born. Here it is!

The Backstory 

I woke up in the morning to see that an earthquake had taken place in Japan – a country which I described as a “red dot in the middle of a white piece of paper.”  Coming from a predominantly Caucasian and African American neighborhood, I was unaware of the way they looked.  I only recall seeing seeing the flag in another occasion such as Street Fighter on Super Nintendo.

I asked my mom, “mom, where is this?”

She replied, “Japan, boy!”

I said, “what dat mean?”

She retorted abruptly, “boy, don’t make me smack you in the mouth.”

And there that goes.

Myspace – 2006

At the conclusion of high school, my mom bought desktop computer for our household and once the internet got hooked up, I immediately got on myspace as any captivated teenager would; and shortly after, I found myself in the Japanese forums trying to meet people in Japan.

That moment back in the 90’s rescinded within me to the point I was so enthused about meeting people there – thousands of miles across the pond. And, so I did.

Satomi Nakagawa.  She was my first ever foreign friend; however, her English was very limited at the time.  Over the course of a year or so, and me being at college in Arizona, we kept in touch (since she was attending university in Miami) leading up to 2008.  After a massive argument with my brother that resulted in the police coming to my house and me making the decision to move out of my mom’s house, I moved into a bachelor’s pad apartment with my best friend.  It all culminated into a text message from Satomi saying she bought a RT ticket from Kyoto-Las Vegas and she ended up coming to Vegas that August.

When this happened, my life changed forever – it wasn’t necessarily the wondrous Satomi, but the idea was born. The idea whereas satomi dropped on her knees a day before leaving and sobbed before saying, “I’m never going to see you again, am I?

I replied, “I’ll come to see you.  I promise.”

And when this happened, I literally made an oath to myself that I would see her again, even if it was the last time.

Early May Morning – 2009

Email to Satomi: “Satomi, you’re in Australia going to school, right? I’m thinking of traveling this summer and would love to come see you, only if I could stay at your duplex with you friend for the two days and not pay hotel. HA!”

I went from being at a moped shop the day before and almost giving up 1500$ for one of them, to going to Australia on July 22nd, 2009.

Life is a game of inches, as Al Pacino once said. Why? If I had bought that shiny blue moped, I would’ve never gone to Australia – resulting in a cubicle job for the next ten years.

Yes, I met a girl named Satomi, and I did fall in love with her.  Well, that’s what I originally thought, but it wasn’t her… was the idea of going abroad for the first time and seeing how much of a magnificent world I lived in.

8 countries, lots of experience, and a compelling story later….HERE I AM!

Thank you, Satomi.  Regardless of the fallout, it was the idea in our short-story that got me to where I am today.