The World’s Worst Airline Award: Viet/Thai VietJet Air



Delay Again

Excess Baggage weight? Wait, but you didn’t say “excess” in Da Lat? Only HCMC?

Welcome to an airline that no human being should ever take. This is pathetic on a grand scale. Let me give you the story.

I get to the airport in Da Lat three hours before. While I was there, I saw VietJet Air (domestic) takeoff. I saw JetStar Pacific also takeoff. All of a sudden, the flight had been cancelled? Now, the plane wasn’t at the gate, meaning it could’ve potentially tried landing until the pilots chickened out — for whatever reason (I’m saying that in a derogatory way because the pilots for the domestic Viet flight and international JetStar didn’t delay).

For a cancellation to happen, there has to be something significantly wrong (perhaps underlying) at the airport or with the airline in general. Volcanic Ash? Understandable. Hurricane, Tornado, horrible weather in general? Couldn’t agree more. Light rain at an airport that saw two landings and a takeoff? Questionable.

I kindly helped the airline staff with everything because Thai people were trying to make sense of all of it, but because the airport is 30km away, it’s difficult to get in there without paying a substantial amount of money.

Bad weather plagued somewhat the trip, but I still had an amazing time. However, airlines can really fuck everything up….and so he told everyone “same time tomorrow.”

Thai girl: “and what are the chances of the plane leaving tomorrow?”

VietJet Air staff: “I don’t know.”

So basically it would be a gamble to stay an additional day…with you guys cancelling the flight again and having us wait 1, 2, 3 days? You fucking forreal?

I told my friend, “hey, I’m going to HCMC. Good weather and they probably won’t cancel.” — LOL

September 6th – Delay

After arriving to HCMC a bit late, I told myself, “immigration must be terrible. Lines must be long. I won’t make it.”

After seeing what happened this morning, I was right. Flight had been bumped 1.5 hours to 9:55am.

Nonetheless, I got to the airport this morning and it was a zoo. Makes sense. No big deal. Lines at VietJet Air were STUPID LONG. A staff member was so ignorant and walked up to passengers saying this: “would you like to check in the priority line? We will charge you 5-10$”. Doesn’t sound like a priority to me. Even if I had done that, they still would’ve charged me for EXCESS BAGGAGE.

Da Lat Baggage – Ho Chi Minh Baggage

Let’s put it simple. Da Lat didn’t charge me, nor did Thailand. Ho Chi Minh? YES.

So your policies are very fucked up, aren’t they? If one Vietnamese airport doesn’t charge and another does, we got ourselves a problem, don’t we?

All in all, this airline lacks all cores out of Stephen Covey’s book; from lacking integrity at both airports, to not proving their capabilities by cancelling and delaying flights with no transportation/accommodation offerings.

If you decide to travel to Vietnam, PAY THE EXTRA BUCK!

Questions & Answers: Friendship Woes

Ahhh, thank you for asking the question and hopefully I have the answer!  A listener from Iraq asked me, “my friend and I have been friends for years, but after a miscommunication, we stopped talking for several months.  I tried reaching out to her and she never responds; however, she posts daily on social media.”

Well, I’ll try putting myself into your shoes, but at this very moment I’m going through the same problem.

If you haven’t heard the story already, I’m suppose to currently be in America.  As a matter of fact, today is suppose to be the day that I stay at the snowboarding fields in Flagstaff, Arizona.  However, because I had a gut-feeling about having a bad trip, I bailed.  This was the friendship “detonator.”

See, if I had gone out there and the trip was sour, I would’ve never seen her again.  If I cancelled, I might’ve been able to salvage the friendship.

Instead, the plan backfired on me.  2 months – not a word.  I was the big man yesterday and messaged my friend a beautiful, long message, wishing her a Merry Christmas.  Response? Absolutely not.

So, what do we have here? We have someone who doesn’t give a damn (your friend and my friend) and you’re wanting to know what to do next.

Waiting Game But In Your Mind You Move On

Honestly, other than wasting your time trying to get in touch with her, act as if she’s already gone.  That there is no more of her.  When you come into acceptance of that, you’re not longer using your available attention units, waiting on her to respond.  That will just clog everything that’s trying to come in your life and your life, will come to a grinding halt.  Friendships have to go two-ways.  If you have a friend that develops the “I’m 16-years-old and I’m angry at my dad” syndrome, you’re better off just cutting your losses and moving on.  I’ve had this happen SO many times on so many different occasions.  Friends just go completely silent for two weeks and I just say, “ahhh f*** it.”  I go silent, too.

For instance, a few recent friends I’ve befriended went silent so I uninstalled an app (since it was the only app I used to talk to them), and just went cold.  Later, I got an email probably two days ago from them, shockingly.  I was upfront and said, “well, you didn’t speak, so I didn’t talk to you.” I then reinstalled the app and I realized that not only her, but the other friend tried contacting me.  Not only that, she cared much more than the other who messaged me about 4 days ago.  But if we talk through a different pair of lens, I was ‘ok’ if they never came back into my life ever again.  Why? I made it up in my mind. What’s the worse that can happen? You can’t change people and force them to go back to their historical self.  People change for what we perceive to be the ‘good’ or ‘bad.’

So, in your case, and the case of my best friend, it’s time to move on.  You’ve done all the messaging.  Put your friend on a restricted profile, make sure they’re not in your Newsfeed on any form of social media (but don’t block them just yet), and just move on with your life.

Meet New Friends

I went through this phase in October/November when I met the Indonesia, Indian and Thai.  Two of them are not in my life anymore and the Indonesia caught onto my hook that I threw into the deep-sea.  I meant to do that to see if she really cared, and she does.  My best friend, on the other hand, doesn’t give a damn.  So, that’s the end of that.  All the best!  At the same time, there are plenty worthier “friends” that are much more deserving.

And as I was typing the above paragraph, guess who messaged me? The Indian.  This is the universe we live in.  What you speak about and talk about — you bring about.  Always remember that!

Use an app.  I mean you’re a woman, so it’s incredibly difficult to meet nice men in the world who aren’t after you for the sacred nectar.  On the other hand, I don’t meet women in Thailand because it’s always a one-way street and dead-end most of the time.  I use different apps and go to exotic countries to get new perspectives.  On top of that, start writing down the goals and things you’re trying to achieve in the New Year!


One Year Ago & What Reshaped & Changed The Trajectory of My Life

I was having some Spicy Basil Chicken and vegetables before someone walked into my room and brought something up about my podcast.  I was aghast; like being bludgeoned to near death – just because I knew what was possibly going to happen.

He told me that I inferred/implicated people on my podcast who I was working with.  Implicating and inferring is completely different from name-dropping, but it was pretty comical going back to those podcasts (a year later) and cringing to everything I said.  Arsenio, you so bad.  (LOL)

I was so thrown off by the entire ordeal, so I cancelled class and went HAM…..I MEAN HAM on a podcast (I should post the podcast here, but it’s not necessary); expressing extreme discontent about the ‘snake’ who was nipping at the heels of my feet, trying to find any detail that can give him more work and get me fired.  Again, envy and jealous – two of the deadly horsemen that rides in the mind of humanity.

However, over the next two weeks, one shot himself in his own foot and relieved himself, shutting the door on a door that should’ve been shut a year before.  *forehead wiping*

Did this fix any of the relationships I had with the other teachers? Nope.  One-by-one, every relationship began failing.  The first one was because of a senseless berate of me being in a classroom that he should’ve been in….actually, make that two (teachers) of them.  So long!

Others ranged from “Arsenio is too loud and has too much fun in class,” to “Arsenio is inexperienced and gets too much work.”  You name it, you say it, I’ve heard it.

What I didn’t do was quit the podcast.  Going forward in my unfolding journey, I’ve learned how to persevere and not quit.  Sure, a bunch of foolish fools have seemingly stopped talking to me; hell, I haven’t talked with some people I walk by everyday for 2 years (LOL).

What culminated from a near firing was me inspiring thousands of people in more than 60 countries.  Can you imagine if I gave up then? Lives wouldn’t have been changed today.  Just because some people don’t accept what you say….doesn’t mean other will be standing around waiting and needing a dose of inspiration.


Conditioning The Mind

“The mind doesn’t know anything about age, your subconscious mind knows nothing about time and space.  And so, I am hanging around young people all the time and I operate like they do.  I don’t think of myself as being old.” – Bob Proctor

That’s how powerful the mind is.  I want you think way back when people had to take ships from one continent to another.  The Berlin Olympics was a prime example of how far the athlete had to go physically to obtain rewards.  Now, or just in the last couple of decades, the Concorde was developed, which was an aircraft that can get from New York to London in three hours.  The mind created that.  You can go so far to say, “oh, well academics created that.” Well, we created academics.  What was before schooling?

Let’s think about conditioning the mind.  If you say, “I’m getting fatter, shorter, older, uglier.” You feel all of those feelings that relate to those comparative adjectives, right? Feeling of depression, stress, sadness – you name it.

Conversely, if you say the opposite and think the opposite by reaffirming positive thoughts, you will believe it.  You will believe anything you feed your subconscious mind.

I told myself that I was “black” my entire life because society labeled me that way.  Coming over here to Thailand, where labelling is taken to the extreme, I started to feel 10x worse here than I did in America until I did away with the societal perception.

I can go back to when I first watched the secret in 2007 and tell you that I started to believe that I can control my life.  Yes, I can control what was going on outside of me.  When the experimental stages were ongoing, I realized that I can save money, go on trips, see beautiful countries and stop using my childhood blueprint of “not having enough” as an excuse.

A lot of people would say, “what about the poor people in Africa? Bangladesh? Parts of Southeast Asia? What about those paces.”  Well, when you’re born into poverty, you don’t know what life is outside of it.  You’re born into the “not-enoughedness.” You don’t have the resources (not educationally speaking, either), to escape that lifestyle because you don’t know anything beyond those barriers.”

Look at the Southside of Chicago, for instance.  This is a place of desolation and hooliganism, killing each other nightly. Where at? AMERICA! African American children not knowing the difference between right and wrong.  Why? Their minds were conditioned at the very beginning when they were born into those impoverished neighborhoods.  Mom & dad were out participating in the worst of activities while they were getting bullied at school until that one day….someone came to rescue.  Someone who is/was gang affiliated.  There’s no other reality.  The outlook is as drab as it gets….but how come Serena & Venus Williams were born in the heart of Compton whereas they had to jump on the Tennis courts, ducking bullets that were being shot by rival gangs?

It’s all about conditioning the mind.