Coaching Session #001: Figuring Out Where Your Depression is Coming From

It was a coaching session like no other; in fact it was with a significant language barrier in between the both of us.

I first received a message from one of the girls that works at a place I’m part-timing at. She said she wanted to talk to me about something serious, so I immediately thought  something went bad — AGAIN — at work in regards to a student.

However, that wasn’t the case.  Previously i had coached one of my colleagues to snap out of her depression, and it worked.  So, the second staff member approached me and it was time to be the coach.

I made her do the “Wheel of Life” podcast and she became aware of what was going on in her life.  On a scale 1-10, and rating 8 categories, her highest mark was seven, which didn’t make any sense.  So her outer feelings and what is going on in her life is very apparent.  Here’s what she had.

Health – 5 – low blood pressure, dizzy, tired quickly

Wealth – 3 – no car, home, business, can’t take care of mother,

Career – 1 – absent-minded, indecision

Personal Development – 0 – cannot create happiness

Physical Environment – 3 – high competition, selfishness

Fun & Hobbies – 0 – no time or money

Family & Friends 7 – friends are there but not all

Physical Environment – 4

Romantic Relationships – 4 – lots of negative feelings towards love (6 entries)

So, here is what she wrote down (via google translate), and as you scan see, it focuses primarily on what she doesn’t have.  There’s conditioning happening here, which is not unusual, but she’s holding onto a lot of past things that aren’t suitable anymore.

Health revolves around her personal development.  Tired quickly, gets dizzy, etc….there could be a massive deficiency on so many levels in terms of vitamins, nutrients, minerals — but remember — it’s not what you see on the surface.  It’s much deeper than that.

Wealth is a fixed mindset.  She focuses on things she doesn’t have that I don’t have.  I don’t have a car or own a home, either.  It all depends on preferences, and because she believes success relates to materialistic things, she thinks she’s a failure for not having these things.

Physical Environment, in a place where competition is very high and ignorance amongst her colleagues, of course she’s going to hate it.  Little money? Of course! But why do you continue doing something that gives you no ROI? Is she happy doing the job? No way.

What to do?

What are her beliefs? What negative beliefs does she have on the subjects above? She needs to write them down and then write down something outrageously opposite from her belief.  This is when it begins to change.  You have to get rid of all the “have nots and don’t haves” and turn them into positive, reassuring statements because the subconscious doesn’t know what’s right from wrong.  It just takes in everything you feel, and in her case, she feels like complete s***.

Put one good food into her diet a day. There are plenty of mood-boosting foods out there in the world.

Career is a toss-up.  I can’t ask her what she does, but she definitely needs to do the “how to find your life purpose” questionnaire to get somewhat guidance.

Hate your job? Time to change it.  Hate something else? Drop it.  I’m a super advocate for taking out negativity.  My workplace has become an unbearable environment to be in over the last couple of weeks because of petty stuff.  What have I done? Start looking for new work.  That’s the basis.  Is it long-term where you’re working? Ok, you need to pay the bills….keep doing that, but never take ignorant bosses berating you over your sanity.  If that happens, goodbye.  Trust me, you will find something when you stop a herd of negativity from coming into your life.

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Questions & Answers With Celina Celeste: Putting In The Work!

Guys, unbelievably happy and grateful for bringing a massive ball of energy back onto my podcast.  Celina, who’s been on my podcast before, makes way on again to talk about putting in the work in what was a very free-flowing podcast.  Enjoy!

Get in touch with Celina Celeste

– Q&A with Celina Celeste about Putting in The Work.




Things we discussed:

  • Introduction by Arsenio Buck.
  • Number one problem with ‘work’.
  • Execute and keep working.
  • Feel guilty without doing any work.
  • Our stories on life.
  • Commitment is important.
  • Talking about instant gratification. Putting the work doesn’t guarantee swift success.
  • Building for reasons.
  • The Compound Effect.
  • Nurturing is the key.
  • Don’t worry about anything and have a go.
  • How to start taking steps.
  • Commitment is the key.
  • Build a firm foundation and drive.
  • Make a mindset shift.
  • Learn from failure.
  • Need a system and be consistent.
  • How to do a side hustle?
  • Meditating, studying successful people, executing your plans and goals.
  • Be consistent with your dreams.
  • Clarity is important.
  • Lifestyle is key.
  • A growth mindset can be addicted.
  • Audit your friends.
  • Surround yourself with winners.
  • Positive people who support and compliment you.
  • Being happy doesn’t means being reliant to somebody.
  • Getting extra ahead is important.
  • Sharing about hate and forgiveness.
  • Don’t seek outside for fulfilment because it begins from internally. Learn how to cultivate positively, happiness and momentum internally.



Thank you for listening!

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Positive Mental Attitude: Season 2 – Episode 22 – Quotient Analysis – Part C

Here we go! This is the last part of the quotient analysis!  If you haven’t already done Part A or Part B, I suggest you hit the links on the left and do them before the last part.

13. Learning from defeat
(a) Does defeat cause you to stop trying?

_____ _____
(b) If you fail in a given effort, do you keep trying?

_____ _____
(c) Is temporary defeat the same as failure?

_____ _____
(d) Have you learned any lessons from defeat?

_____ _____
(e) Do you know how defeat can be converted into an asset that will lead to success?

_____ _____
14. Creative vision
(a) Do you use your imagination constructively?

_____ _____
(b) Do you make your own decisions?

_____ _____
(c) Is the man who only follows instructions always worth more than the man who also creates new ideas?”

(d) Are you inventive?

_____ _____
(e) Do you create practical ideas in connection with your work?

_____ _____
(f) When desirable, do you seek sound advice?”


15. Budgeting time and money
(a) Do you save a fixed percentage of your income?

_____ _____
(b) Do you spend money without regard to your future source of income?

_____ _____
(c) Do you get sufficient sleep each night?

_____ _____
(d) Is it your habit to employ spare time studying self-improvement books?”


16. Maintenance of sound health
(a) Do you know five essential factors of sound health?

_____ _____
(b) Do you know where sound health begins?

_____ _____
(c) Are you aware of the relation of relaxation to sound health?

_____ _____
(d) Do you know the four important factors necessary for the proper balancing of sound health?

_____ _____
(e) Do you know the meaning of “hypochondria” and “psychosomatic illness”?

_____ _____
17. Using cosmic habit force as it pertains to your personal habits
(a) Do you have habits which you feel you cannot control?

_____ _____
(b) Have you recently eliminated undesirable habits?

_____ _____
(c) Have you recently developed any new, desirable habits?”

Rating System

Here’s how to rate your answers. All the following questions should have been answered NO: 3c – 3d – 4b – 5b – 5c – 5e – 6b – 6c – 8a – 8d – 9b – 9d- 10c – 11b – 11c – 12c – 13a – 13c – 14c – 15b – 17a. All other questions should have been answered YES. Your score would have been 300 if all the questions had been answered “No” or “Yes” as shown above. This is a perfect score and very few people have ever made such a score. Now let’s see what your score was.”

Number of “Yes” answers instead of “No”:
——x 4 =——
If you answered “No” to any of the meaning questions that should have been answered “Yes,” deduct four points for each one:
Number of “No” answers instead of “Yes”:
——x 4 =——
Add the subtotals together, and subtract from 300. This will be your score.
Number of “Yes” answers instead of “No”: 3 x 4 = 12
Number of “No” answers instead of “Yes”: 2 x 4 = 8
Total Number of Wrong Answers __________ 20
Perfect Score ____________________ 300
Minus Total Number of Wrong Answers __________ 20
Your Score ____________________ 280


300 points _____ Perfect (Very Rare)
275 to 299 points _____ Good (Above Average)
200 to 274 points _____ Fair (Average)
100 to 199 points _____ Poor (Below Average)
Below 100 points _____ Unsatisfactory

You have now taken an important step to success and happiness.”




Questions & Answers: International Schools vs. Solopreneur (In Thailand)

Government schools, private schools, international schools….you name it.  It’s all part of the “system” here in Thailand.  One of my students recently asked me “why don’t you work at an international school and get better pay?”  Well, let me break down the reasons WHY.

1) Freedom to Accept & Deflect

When I was working at a job recently (3.5 years and hated the last 1.5 years of it), I was being forced to teach at bad projects.  I told the “head” teacher that one place was racist as hell, but he didn’t care and forced it down my throat by saying: “we expect to be the number one priority.” Guys, when you’re a solopreneur, you don’t have to be stressed to the max.  I had a project at a bank during this time and he was telling me to “do this or go part-time” instead of compromising and saying, “ok, you don’t want to do it because of this.  I understand.”  That’s just historical thinking and it’s no wonder the place is completely collapsing to this day.

Just think about it.  If I told my part-time banking job “no” at the time, I wouldn’t have gotten the dozens of other projects I have today.  There’s always a ripple effect.  I would’ve been doing for other assholes rather than achieving and gaining projects by myself.  ALWAYS look out FOR you!

What I learned is you have to rebel.  If a boss, coordinator or any other jackass starts to threaten you in the beginning stages, walk out.  There’s absolutely no need to stay.  I recall the most EVIL BOSS IN THE WORLD saying “I shouldn’t even give you a work permit or visa!”  Like, I was an idiot to stay after being verbally insulted like that.

And what happened next was simply me going home, looking for another job — and found one.  Left without telling them a god damn thing, too.  That’s how I roll.

Freedom to Call the Shots

When you’re a solopreneur, you don’t have to report to a manager who has a 3-decade old perception of life.  I don’t have to create grades for a soul.  I’m calling my own shots and that’s the best thing to do.  When someone comes to you and says, “I need this, I need that, this is the due date.”  Ummm, f*** you….babe.  I have my own due dates.  That’s a BEAUTIFUL thing.

Freedom to Travel

Working at an international school in Thailand entails that you can only take holidays on specific periods.  Ummm, no.  I’m going to take a holiday whenever I want.  When I come back, I better still have my job.

At my first language center job, I took holidays whenever I wanted until an OLD BRIT wanted to gain that control over me.  Ummm, again, f*** you.  I don’t give a damn how old you are.  If you don’t respect my goals in life, bye.  That feels SO GOOD.  Never have I EVER had a job in the world that I can say, “hey, I won’t be here next week…I’m going to Cairo.”  No way.  In America, you get fired in the matter of seconds.  Hell, in America you don’t even get a holiday.  If you get a holiday….it’s going to be a permanent one.  You’re just a number.

Freedom to Make Your Own Assets

If you want x amount for this month, done.  If you want to work real hard this month, ok.  If I want to teach online in the evening and call off the next day….perfection.  Also, you don’t have middle-men/women.  Most language centers in Thailand are corrupted.  Their CEO’S try hosing the majority of the teachers.  My last job made 90% and I made 10% working at a completely discombobulated company called Toshiba.  Is that fair?

How about 20-25%?

Do you think that’s fair?

50%? Not bad, but now I’m 30 and I want my own projects.

So I’ll do 100% because at least the student knows where there money is going.

Here’s my Podcast and YouTube video down below to break it down in micro.




The Myth of Hardwork Is Bullshit

Gary Vee said “every time I hear passive income, I throw up in my mouth.”

Grand Cardone says, “success is HARDWORK!”

Valuetainment’s Patrick Bet-David used a video of him walking out of a big house before going into a lambo to attract fools into watching his content.

I see and hear so many things all the time.  It’s hard to really accept one’s opinion on such a controversial topic, but I’ll have to side with MindValley’s Vishen Lakhiana on this one.

It’s a bullshit myth.

If you look at the labor workers from Dubai, to child slavery across Africa, crop growers in both Thailand and Mexico, and we can go on and on and on.  These are the hardest working folks, yet they make the least amount of money.

Bob Proctor said, “you know working is the worst way you can earn money.”

People have been working their ass off for ages.  You have Chinese who are severely underpaid working in slave factories in China — brought to you by Apple and Nike.

You have Americans working dead-end jobs at clothing stores, wal-mart, and other minimum wage retailers.

All of these people, to a certain extent, work remarkably hard for…..nothing.


Thinking With A Clear Mind

Boy, back-to-back emails changed the trajectory of staying in Thailand.

Now, were these two important jobs? One was a blessing in disguise and my EGOISM took control of my thoughts.  The second one was beyond infuriating with ignorant ass women demeaning me for the third straight time, resulting in a FULL RESIGNATION of all services with them.  I mean you can only tolerate so much, right? And for someone to continue to say “oh, this won’t work” when I put in so much work, I can no longer work with assholes like that.  Period.

Sometimes we make hasty decisions and stuff.  There are times that thinking impulsively can ultimately doom everything you’ve ever worked for, but money isn’t even worth the headaches I’ve experienced with suck ass contracts and uppity banks.  It just isn’t. Remember the 80/20 rule with Tim Ferriss? Which job is costing you 80% of your unhappiness? I’ve got a bunch of different jobs, and one of them, which was a babysitting jobs, was unacceptable.  To have little kids sitting on their phones, disrupting the class, and two other individuals completely out of their minds on the other end…it’s not worth 40$.  It just isn’t.

However, that same job and class said the like the new teacher.  I laughed, because my ego got the best of me.  I always believe that I’m better than the sex tourists…and I still believe that today.  Then again, when I heard students liked someone else more than me, I took it personal, as I always have in the past.

This could’ve been the biggest and best blessing in disguise, but I still took it personal.

Then, there’s the email that I was demeaned for the um-teenth time by women.  One woman, who hasn’t spoken to me in three months, said, “you had those games last time. You need to create new games.”  One, that’s a lie.  All the games are new.  Two, you haven’t spoken to me in three months because you’re still acting like a petulant child.  When I saw that…I said, “enough is enough. I’m so under-valued by these women and I just can’t take it anymore.”  I literally sent a resignation message and blocked her.

So, was I overreacting with this? Not necessarily.  I’ve actually been wanting to do that for a while.  Now, it comes down to just one job.  There’s a lone job that’s “probably” going to offer me a position, but the chances of it happening and plummeted significantly.  The second full-time job is the same job where the women completely took me out of three classes.  THREE!  “This student wants to learn with a Thai teacher; these students are happy because they like this pedaphile of a teacher; and these two students want another teacher.”  I mean, this happened at New Education World (the dog house of a language center) a few times in one year (and that was extremely high).  This happened to me within a 4 day period.  Does that show that this potential full-time suitor of a language center has sustainability? Absolutely NOT.  It’s basically given at anytime, they would remove me from teaching a class and give it to another teacher.  These are two (and was) 400 baht an hour (13$ an hour) jobs.  Jobs that pay more don’t have the ridiculous shenanigans take place like that.

Gary Vee’s Infamous – And Then?

Well, am I thinking clearly? No.  Today I suffered a massive failure, so the best way to make any decisions is by first relaxing and then ironing out the details of each specific situation.

Is it really that bad? Well, depends.  It could get ugly.  I will never work at the place that has taken my classes from me ever again. If I don’t, will the 2nd full-time potential suitor give me a full-time job? Probably not.  So that’s gone.

So basically there’s one job.  That job which I’m doing all the paper work for has come to through or I’m absolutely FINISHED with Thailand – and I say that with a great smile.

Second Day & What I Did To Overcome It In The Podcast Down Below

Face What Isn’t Working: Part II – Graphic Designer Woes

I love doing these redo’s as a way of showing you guys how to deal with scoundrels.

So, as I’ve mentioned in a few podcasts before, I’ve had problems/issues with this specific individual in the past.  What’s even more head-scratching is that I used to work with her.  Yes.  Everyday I used to see her, and she was very snappy at the beginning.  She would have a condescending tone to her voice and she was pretty rude at times.  Nonetheless, I was looking at taking my business to the next level so I used her.  What should’ve been three weeks quickly turned into four months.  At one time, I even blocked her because I thought she was just lying continuously.

However, three weeks ago she mentioned again that she was almost done with a PDF that had taken more than 4 months to do.  ALMOST = key word.

Finally, after another two weeks and just yesterday, she said “your PDF is done now.  Can I receive the payment first?”  Now, with all do respect, I’ll send the payment, but it’s also a general principle to give what’s the clients to him.  Simple procedure and doesn’t take a mad scientist to complete such a process.

I sent the payment of $225 dollars to her and she was gone for twelve hours.  No reading of my messages and no responses.  I then messaged her with a stern tone, “ummmm excuse me, could I please have my PDF and everything that was agreed upon?”

Her being a snappy human being said, “oh, a little patience would be nice. What I did for you people normally have to pay upfront.”

“Yes.  Understand that.  However, payments are through and everything is done.  I just want what’s mine.”

What scared me a bit was that I had to send the payment to a dutch name in New Zealand’s account.  That’s scary as hell, given the fact that the first payment was sent to her account and the second was sent to an account overseas.  That’s just NOT good.

So I woke up this morning feeling a bit anxious.  Do I know where she is? Yes, at the shit house where I used to work. So given the fact how nasty she is, she knows that I would never go there to try and collect my belongings.

Anywho, the responses came in and she began to blah blah blah.  So, this is a really good sign because I’m more than likely going to get my business cards and PDF at all costs.

On the other hand, what was learned? How can I help you, the reader, understand this process?

  1. NEVER WORK WITH SNAPPY INDIVIDUALS. If you see that someone is very rude, condescending, and just nasty in general…..cut your losses and find someone else.
  2. Written contracts are a must!  She mentioned it in the beginning but it never followed through, unfortunately.  Now, if I had made that payment and she ran away, I would be out of money and everything.
  3. Outline the time-frame of your work.  Four months to complete jobs that can be done in a week is absurd.  Her answers, or maybe other people’s answers were/will be, “oh, I was busy. I had to push your work back.  Sorry.”  Those are all unacceptable.  In the contract should be “if the creator fails to deliver the work on the date, all work will be forfeited.”  You need to have a legitimate timeline, or else they will constantly shove your work aside.
  4. Intuition! I knew she was a rude girl from the beginning.  She said things that were very ignorant at times and made me question her ability.  If you take a look at my logos, although they’re somewhat nice (and I’m grateful for it), it’s not a $450 dollar job and it came with too much baggage.
  5. Be assertive and address the problem from the beginning. The moment they say they can’t get it done in the given timeframe, be very frank and tell them, “look, either you’re going to do this on this timeframe or I’m forfeiting the entire project.”

You’re Either Positive; Or You’re Negative


After going through a journey back home to America in 2012, meeting some of the most magnificent people in Thailand, Japan, and Hawaii, you could imagine how high I was on Cloud 9.  I felt like I had conquered everything.  I was really unsure of my whereabouts over the ensuing months, but I was still elated at the fact that I went to a wild Bangkok/Phuket and I touched down in Japan.

The moment I got home, my mother picked me up at the airport and took me back to that “neighborhood.”  I was in limbo and still in vacation mode, but then slowly I smelled (marijuana) in the neighborhood and in my house – nothing had changed.  For one year I was gone, my family was still circling around in that wheel of life many people fall victim too.

I was lecturing my sister that evening about my travels to Japan, what was happening in my life, meeting people at a bar not too far from my house, and of course, the girl racial comment I got was from an anglo woman making fun of the Japanese Kanji lettering on my t-shirt.  Welcome back to Las Vegas.

My brother had a cluster of bumps on his back and ultimately needed surgery; my oldest sister was going through a TERRIBLE breakup and kept bitching about her BF, and my youngest sister, cleverly, tucked herself away in the bedroom.

Look, either you’re going to be positive or negative.  I didn’t know anywhere near as much as I do now, but I knew that complaining about reality and circumstances were going to get me nowhere.  My mom lost her job because of poor decisions, and I don’t ever recall my mom getting a job until I left (9-10 month period).  So, my brother and I had to pay the bills and it was competition.  If I paid 20$, he paid 30$ and told me I wasn’t doing much for mom.  Every time he came around me, he was always upset and wanting to bitch about something.  I could feel the energy when he walked by, and luckily, just days before my departure, the eruption didn’t happen.  I felt it festering because I wasn’t talking to my family AT ALL, but thankfully nothing ridiculous happened before I left.

Some things I will just never understand I suppose.

Teacher Ray

47-year-old Irishman who I worked with at my first, and worst job (of my life) back in Chanthaburi Thailand, which is located about 3 hours southeast from Bangkok.  Now that I look back at this particular individual, I realize that he’s the epitome of what’s wrong with foreigners in Thailand – and now he’s trapped with a child the government has taken away from him.

He had a wife that barely knew any English, and one of the most wonderful daughters one could ever imagine.  She was delightful and had a contagious laugh; also calling me “Uncle Buck.”

However, Ray would talk about his past life heaps for some odd reason.  There was a particular character he worked with and he just couldn’t let the stories go.  I’m guessing this is what he ended up running away in general.  He would go to bars, have sex with women between 18-30 years of age (in Thailand it’s extremely easy when you’re of a fair complexion), and cheat on his wife continuously.  Every time I was around him, he complained about the world and all the politics.  He never smiled or laughed about anything – just full on rants.  Last time I heard two years ago that his life left him, taking the child.  He began dating someone at the school we worked at and then broke up (super awkward situation).  He then started spewing a lot of hate at staff and then POOF! Just like that…he up and left.  Most foreign men over 40-45 years of age in Thailand suffer from the same thing.

Last Job

40-45 year olds complaining, bitching, having sex with the staff behind their wives’ backs, pointing fingers, saying their students are dumb, alcoholics, drug addicts, whore buyers.  You name it.  This was my workplace.  All of them? Well, about 75% of them.  The other ones I just couldn’t figure out.  In 2016 and after reading Jack Canfield’s book, I realized that being around life-sucking animals was stumping my growth, so I started ignoring everyone and then the “taddle-telling” began.

You had a teacher who was 72 and had a 40-year-old wife, insulting her on a continuous basis and spewing hateful rhetoric about muslims at work.  You had one of the most despicable human beings who was 50 and had a 18-year-old girlfriend.  Apparently he was a neighborhood drunk and constantly argued and beat her, all while smashing bottles out on the streets.  Another one, who was actually the worst teacher and had the worst complaints, had sex with staff, and on a nightly basis, he drove to 7-11, chugged down 3 beers, and went home.  Another one was jacked up on drugs.

I mean, why am I telling you these stories.  One, be grateful.  Be grateful that you’re not trapped in a country you absolutely hate (well, most of us).  Realize that everything you’re putting out is going to ultimately come back.  If you’re a negative, newly divorced old man, southeast Asia isn’t for you because you could be part of the jumping men, which are men who hurl themselves over balconies in Pattaya, Thailand, killing themselves.

If you move to a country because you think women are submissive and you think it’s an easy life, you’re going to find yourself hating that country because you will attract to you the bottom-of-the-food-chain-women who will milk you of all your savings.  I used to see this everyday in Pathumthani, a province north of Bangkok.  On weekends, the play was overflowing with pedaphiles trying to solicit young girls and boys to sex, but of course police did NOTHING because they were “white,” through the eyes of the dumb-beholders.  Seeing this everyday — working at a job where the British head teacher, too, was a wife-tourist — was disheartening and infuriating.

I wanted to be happy.  That area was slum-filled with the worst of mindsets.  So, how I had to infer and look at my life through a strangers eyes.  I was unhappy, terrible health (lots of pollution around there), racism, removed from company, lack of hours and money.


I was either going to be on the offense, or be defensive. I was either going to surround myself with writers, business owners, trainers, and successful people – or be around men who escaped the past.  It was one way or the other.  I chose to go right.

Resignation In

For the snakes in Bangkok (just for a month or so) who might read this and might try to take action, I’m forewarning you to be careful what you wish for.

Teachers back in 2016 googling my name and listening to my podcasts to see if I implicated them; was told “you’re too black for the job” from the HR executive; removed from a Japanese company based on racial prejudices; I was told that I’m too charismatic; too loud, laugh too much; and above all, I was told “you’re not academic enough.” LOL

Some people can’t take the truth.  You always have to face what isn’t working, and I’ve never faced it until it backfired me in the most vicious way.

If you see the above comments, I should’ve given that resignation back in

I’ve been through hell and back with this place.  We are, as human beings, quick to judge and point out the negatives in a particular workplace, so I must be grateful, too.

I’m so unbelievably grateful that management gave an African American a full-time job at this particular language center in Bangkok, Thailand – the first ever in the company.  I was the Jesse Owens of the company.  The first “colored” man ever working there, just as Jesse was the first African American ever to run for the Ohio State University (fiends!).  I mean, it’s a special privilege.  There were times, like now, which I had/have no work because people simply don’t “like me.”  After I showed how great I was, I was considered a threat by many teachers.  You had the teachers, between 40-80 years old, who didn’t like me because I was too young, well-dressed, and always made my students laugh — compared to their historical style teaching.  I stood out, but didn’t know what my true self-worth was.  I recall being as dry as ever with work in December, and especially these last couple of months until I started telling myself, “Arsenio, enough is enough.  Face the fear of not getting a job — NOW!”

I got removed from two companies in a years time because they wanted a “white” teacher, and this is the ever-growing problem in terms of racial discrimination in the “slummy areas” of Thailand.  However, it was that moment that I told myself, “no, I’m not going to teach a class at this particular time on this particular day because I’m going to do what’s in the best interested of me.”

THAT MOMENT! Oh, that’s what landed me a half-dozen projects teaching executives and millionaires.  That moment is what I call “bread crumbs.”

Look, guys….this is nothing you’ve never seen before.  This isn’t a pity party, but this is that moment when I can run up those steps, just as Rocky did, and claim my title.


I overcame practically some of the worst bigotry from Englishmen, Americans, Dutch, and of course, the Thais, throughout this process.  All of these moments were life-defying, but they were also moments of “how bad do you actually want it, Arsenio?”   I’m not academic?

Over the last few days, my associates have told me to teach some of the most difficult test prep courses for a 60% increase.  These people believe in me.  That other place….didn’t.  It’s like the moment in the Great Debaters when Denzel Washington said, “when I’m at home and company comes over, they tell me to go into the kitchen and I laugh.”  Yeah, it was that moment about three years ago when the “white” man was walking down the hall with someone else from the infamous RMIT University in Australia when the lady scooted me inside of a room, closing the door while they walked past.

“Don’t show the nigga.  The nigga doesn’t make us look good.”

I laughed.  I’m grateful.  I never gave up until I said, “Arsenio, come on.  There are places both online and in-house, begging for your services just about everywhere.  Look elsewhere, set yourself up and get the hell out of that slumville.”

I did, universe.  I most certainly did.

And….What Now?

Ok, all stories and ranting is done.  History is over.  What is now?

The magic happens now.

Oh, the online business whereas my TOEIC, IELTS and TOEFL students can purchase courses and PDF’s off my website; my podcast that’s booming and going to land me huge speaking engagements; the people I’m bring into my life and on my podcast who are remarkably influential; the project that literally can change my pockets forever that’s launching next month; the part-time jobs and gigs that are coming in that will ultimately create an outstanding brand here in Thailand.

OH, YES! I can now breathe.  I’m no longer being strangled and trapped in a guillotine with the clamps tightening as everyday goes on.

Yeah, it’s that moment in your life where you took out the trash and now it’s a free-flowing of love, beauty, and harmonious prosperity flowing into your life.  That blockage is paralyzing people all around the world.  They’re waking up going to jobs that they absolutely HATE.  Well, not I!

And neither should you.

Take that leap.  Strap that helmet on and bulldoze through the mental barrier that’s keeping you in cement.  Please.

My Podcast Platforms

There’s been some confusion for some of my listeners to how and where to listen to my podcast.  For example, people in England download my episodes from iTunes; on the other hand, people in California listen to it on their iPhone and iPod.

I’m going to throw a list and links down so you guys can follow me on which ever platform you choose.

  1. Youtube
  2. AppleCoreMedia iPhone
  3. Spreaker, Website
  4. iTunes
  5. AppleCoreMedia iPod
  6. iHeartRadio
  7. CastBox
  9. AppleCoreMedia iPad
  10. Spreaker, iPhone
  11. (have no idea what this is)
  12. Spreaker, Android
  13. Generic Android App
  14. iVoox
  15. Twitter
  17. Chrome
  18. Podcast Addict
  19. Stitcher

Here are the media platforms from the top-to-bottom that my podcast is on.  Here are some links, too.