Some people believe that creating a mantra is like what you hear during religious ceremonies here in Thailand — monks chanting and reciting a sacred utterance. However, it’s not. This is something you can create on your own….and this is exactly what Mira and I create in this video for you in a step-by-step process.

Meditation & Yoga Benefits | Mindfulness Course

We’re back with Part II of this amazing course, and today we’re going to be diving into the benefits of meditation and yoga. Since I started doing yoga religiously, I now have no problems falling asleep. Two years ago, on the other hand, would be very difficult for me because I wasn’t able to control my thoughts. That’s one of the man benefits yoga has; on top of the boosting of the immune system. Listen to Mira break this down.

Mindfulness through Meditation & Yoga | Mira Butler | Introduction

BEYOND excited about this! Mira Butler and I have put together another mindfulness course for you guys! In this course, you’re going to learn about the benefits of mindfulness through yoga and meditation, developing a routine, the different things both her and I experienced, the environment, developing your mantra, a meditation video and a conclusion. This one is going to hit home for a lot of you and everything will be readily available online for you guys on my links down below. So, with that being said, let’s dive into this! Here’s a short introduction of the course and video. First lesson kicks off a day later!


Interviewee #10: Dana & Dennis of Wodbudsuds

I had the absolute special privilege of interviewing an amazing up and becoming health and wellness business called Wodbudsuds – a business that creates soap. Not only that, but hearing the stories of both Dennis and Dana was remarkably inspiring.

The 9-5, the drab job that continues to torment the majority of the world, had gotten a hold of them. Working for 8-11 years, respectively, in their chosen fields of work, they just simply wanted more.

It brings me back to the story of my personal development journey. When I was making a mere $600 USD a month, I asked myself, “if I had any dignity, I would just quit right now.” Two weeks later – I did. This was the beginning of my fear-filled journey that had lots of traps, holes, and setbacks.

With Dana being a Yoga instructor and Dennis being a crossfitter/manager, all while caring for their son, they knew enough was enough.

Turning a kitchenette into a full-on business in the basement of their home, they converted and began making soap, which took 6 months to complete.

One year on and an amazing lifestyle later…here’s there story.